IN-HOM Breath Alcohol-Monitoring System

IN-HOM Breath Alcohol-Monitoring System

IN-HOM Breath Alcohol-Monitoring System Product Image

Addressing state legislators’ recent push toward stricter penalties for alcohol-related offenses, Smart Start, Inc. has broadened its mix of products and services with the introduction of “SMART START IN-HOM” breath alcohol-monitoring system. Proving its viability, more than 6,000 Smart Start IN-HOM units have been deployed in test markets of Texas and Michigan in the past year. IN-HOM devices are now available to jurisdictions and DUI/DWI programs nationwide.

Weighing less than 3 pounds, Smart Start’s IN-HOM device utilizes alcohol-specific fuel-cell technology to ensure testing accuracy. As an alternative to continuous alcohol monitoring, each device is programmable to accommodate up to 10 test windows per day as dictated by the monitoring authority. Each unit is camera equipped for positive photo identification.

IN-HOM is a more affordable, portable and less obtrusive alternative to other sobriety-monitoring options. No straps, ankle bracelets, phone lines or base stations are utilized. The device’s ease of use means minimal training is needed for either the monitoring authority or offender. As with all Smart Start products and services, IN-HOM is supported by an industry-leading 24/7 Customer Support Center staffed with knowledgeable, bilingual agents.

Easy to deploy and setup, IN-HOM units only require a standard electrical outlet to operate. They are single, self-contained devices. Neither a base station nor phone line is required. IN-HOM provides offenders with the utmost in flexibility in complying with court-ordered alcohol monitoring … whether at home, at work or on vacation.

Smart Start also announced the availability of its new cellular version of the device, “SMART START IN-HOM CELLULAR.” With cellular connectivity, alcohol breath test reports are automatically transmitted daily to the monitoring authority from any location that has a standard cell signal. There is no need for the offender to have a cell phone or landline telephone.

Smart Start’s IN-HOM alcohol monitoring devices have multiple anti-circumvention features. Offenders can easily conduct their daily routines while complying with scheduled breath tests from virtually any location. IN-HOM devices fit easily into a backpack or briefcase, allowing greater measures of portability, privacy and ease of use.

The daily cost of the IN-HOM Standard unit is less than $3.50 per day, while IN-HOM Cellular costs less than $5 per day. SMART START IN-HOM devices are clearly a cost-effective monitoring solution for offenders who:

  • Don’t own an automobile
  • Have a revoked or suspended license
  • Are on bond
  • Are on probation
  • Need an alternative to incarceration
  • Are under home arrest
  • Need a supplement to ignition interlock
  • Need a level of continuous monitoring that is less obtrusive than other available options

IN-HOM CELLULAR reports are automatically transmitted once daily from any location with a cellular signal. The IN-HOM STANDARD unit requires the end user to visit any of Smart Start’s 900 service centers to download data at intervals designated by the monitoring authority.

All reports are easy to read, customizable, provide alerts on violations, and include breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) test results, time and date of breath tests (including missed tests), and photos of the individual taking the test.

Well known since 1993 for its breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIIDs), Smart Start designs, engineers and manufacturers all of its devices in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas, area. Smart Start is an industry leader in alcohol monitoring technology in the U.S. and also serves clients in Europe and Australia.

Monitoring authorities, private probation, rehabilitation offices, offenders and attorneys can call 1-800-880-3394 for information and/or enrollment.

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