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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., announced the commercial introduction of GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant technology, a new laminate technology that offers an optimal combination of thermal / flashover burn protection, environmental protection, and comfort. GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant is a durably bonded laminate solution that allows manufacturers to integrate Flame Retardant (FR) performance into protective outerwear where traditional (non-FR) textiles, such as nylon and polyester, are used.

GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant offers highly efficient thermal protection per unit weight and demonstrates excellent flame and burn performance in Pyroman (ASTM F 1930) testing, and retains this feature, even after contamination of fuels, oils and lubricants. Garments made with GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant also exhibit best-in-class mechanical integrity after flashover exposure with very low shrinkage and no break-open.

GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant, when used in conjunction with nylon and polyester face fabrics (which are abrasion and pilling resistant), ensures durability and comfort while adding very little in terms of weight and water pickup. GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant can be constructed with a wide range of fabric options in a variety of camouflage prints and colors that are notably more colorfast to light and laundry (than most traditional FR face textiles).

The first commercial applications incorporating GORE PYRAD Flame Retardant are military outerwear and workwear such as in-weather protective clothing for oil & gas use. The technology is also currently being evaluated for use in handwear, footwear, tents/shelters and other applications, where fire retardation is essential.



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Defiant Plus Fire Retardant fabrics


First responders (the people who run into a burning building as you’re running out) have the job of keeping us safe... but, what keeps them safe? It’s usually EMT uniform manufacturer Gibson-Barnes, that has spent over 30 years studying and improving safety equipment and uniforms for those responders “on the front lines.” Today, Gibson-Barnes announces the release of uniforms and jackets featuring their revolutionary new Defiant Plus Fire Retardant fabrics.

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GloWear vest

Product From ERGODYNE

Ergodyne's GloWear 8356FRHL Class 3 Flame Resistant Modacrylic Vest employs 3M Scotchlite 8935 FR reflective material for superior on-the-job visibility and ASTM F1506-certified modacrylic mesh fabric for the highest degree of FR protection.

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The ANME is a buying show with vendors presenting product lines including:

  • Military, Industrial & Government Surplus
  • Camping & Outdoors Goods
  • Tactical / EMS
  • Law Enforcement
  • Workwear
  • Uniforms
  • Outerwear
  • Footwear
  • Airsoft & Paintball
  • Knives & Firearms
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INTERLOCK Dupont-Nomex blend fabric

Product From TRU-SPEC

TRU-SPEC jumped into the FR market aggressively with the introduction of a new line of fire resistant apparel manufactured from a remarkable new fabric dubbed "INTERLOCK", a DuPont Nomex blend.

TRU-SPEC 6.5-ounch INTERLOCK combines tried and true Nomex with cotton. The result is an affordable uniform that's comfortable, breathable, durable and contains excellent flame retardant properties to help protect against burns, a danger for today's tactical officers, uniform cops and aircraft personnel. In addition to the protection afforded by Nomex, the 80-percent cotton fabric is also chemically treated for additional fire resistance and the cotton helps ensure superior comfort. Superior moisture wicking, breathability and abrasion resistance are also INTERLOCK signature features. TRU-SPEC will offer INTERLOCK fabric in its popular Tactical Response Uniform (TRU) and in a CWU27-P Flight Suit. Five color offerings are available.

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OMT-Entry One- Clan Lab Vest

Product From OM TACTICAL

The OMT-CLAN LAB ENTRY VEST was developed through extensive research by the Drug Enforcement Administration Clan-Lab Academy and offers the tactical officer maximum protection from ballistic and flame related injury while operating in narcotic processing laboratory environments. This system is covered in NOMEX material and the ballistic panels are sonic welded to ensure a moisture-proof seam, protecting the internal armor package.

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Flame Resistant Fabric System

Product From Polartec

For years firefighters, EMS, utility workers and members of the armed forces have endured flame resistant apparel that is bulky, uncomfortable and even dangerous as performance deteriorates over time. The Polartec flame resistant system includes next-to-skin base layer fabrics that wick and dry quickly, mid layers with stretch, lightweight thermal insulation layers and weather protection outer layers, all optimized to work together as a system. Polartec offers durable, lightweight, breathable options that dry quickly and do not inhibit range of motion.

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5.11 Tactical Gear


5.11 Tactical offers a range of products for law enforcement professionals, including tactical gear, holsters, bags, training equipment, police, fire, security uniforms and more.

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5.11 Tactical Flash fire resistant clothing

Product From U.S. CAVALRY

U.S. Cavalry announces a line of fire-resistant clothing from 5.11 Tactical designed for military and law enforcement special task units. When the potential for flash fire becomes a reality, 5.11 Tactical Flash clothing provides protection where other brands fall short. Made from an industry exclusive blend of fire-resistant fibers, this clothing offers the breathable comfort of cotton with the added benefit of flash-fire protection. The 5.11 Tactical Flash shirts, pants and jumpsuits exceed the minimum standards of the National Fire Protection Association for after flame and no drip according to American Standard for Testing Materials D6413. The fire-resistant properties found in each article won't wash out or wear off, promising extended protection for many missions.

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PhaseCore Personal Cooling Products


PhaseCore is a non-toxic, non-flammable phase change material (PCM) made of a salt blend that is a sealed inside of an aluminum wrapper. It changes from solid to liquid and back again depending on the surrounding temperature. PhaseCore elements are  not effected by humidity and react to direct heat. Garments in a variety of styles and materials are designed to utilize the cooling effects of PhaseCore elements to reduce heat stress. Vests are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

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XGO flame resistant clothing line

Product From U.S. CAVALRY

U.S. Cavalry is introducing the new line of flame resistant clothing for military, tactical, or outdoor adventurer. XGO, the newest brand from Longworth Industries features clothing with Acclimate®F/R technology that helps protect the wearer against flash burn injuries in a combat situation. XGO flame resistant garments increase the protection degree for a short duration by staying intact when exposed to short duration flame. This protection stems from the modacrylic fiber in the fabric which, when ignited, releases a small amount of inert gas. This gas intercepts oxygen, depriving the flame of it source of energy. Thus, the fire is extinguished. The flame resistance cannot be washed out of the fabric. Another performance advantage is the addition of Scent Prevent® in the construction of the flame resistant garments. The XGO Flame Resistant clothing with anti-microbial properties is highly breathable, effectively wicking away moisture and perspiration from the body. Especially designed with soldiers and tactical operators in mind, the new line up of short and long sleeve T-shirts, pants with fly, boxers, and a balaclava all feature a flat clean seam construction which eliminates chaffing from pack straps or body armor.

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