Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG)

Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG)

Kel-Tec Shotgun (KSG) Product Image

This SHOT Show, Kel-Tec will be revealing its next ground-breaking product: the KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun). 

The KSG is the company's first entry into the shotgun market. The size, shape and design are similar to the currently available Kel-Tec RFB rifle, but the KSG ejects downward, instead of forward. The KSG weighs 6.9 pounds and is as compact as legally possible with a 26.1-inch overall length and an 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel. Even with this compact size, the internal dual tube magazines hold an impressive 6 rounds of 12 gage 3 inch shells each, for a total capacity of 6+6+1 (7 per tube if using 2-3/4" shells). The simple and reliable pump action feeds from either the left or right tube. The feed side is manually selected by a lever located behind the trigger guard. The lever can be positioned in the center detent in order to easily clear the chamber without feeding another round from either magazine. A cross bolt style safety blocks the sear, and the pump release lever is located in front of the trigger guard.

The pump includes an under Picatinny rail for the mounting of a forward grip, or a light or laser. The included top Picatinny sight rail will accept many types of optics or iron sights. Forward and rear sling loops are built in, and a basic sling is included. The soft rubber butt pad helps to tame recoil.

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TAC-SX2, TAC-PX2 Tactical 12-Gauge Shotguns


American Tactical Imports introduced the TAC-SX2 and the TAC-PX2 tactical 12-gauge shotguns.

ATI is now offering both models in 12-gauge only. Both the TAC-SX2 and the TAC-PX2 models have 4140 chrome moly steel 18.5” barrels that are chrome lined on the inside. Both models come blued, as standard in tactical shotguns. The TAC-SX2 is a semi-automatic 12-gauge and carries an MSRP of $379.95, while the TAC-PX2 is a pump-action 12-gauge and has an MSRP of $299.95. 

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FAB DEFENSE Shotgun Buttstock

Product From Mako Group (The)

To support police departments across the USA, Mako is now stocking an expanded line of more than 30 FAB products that can improve shotgun performance.

This series of shock-absorbing FAB DEFENSE buttstocks that are easily installed on Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 shotguns to help the operator handle the recoil from any round.

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Knoxx Stock Ammo Carrier

Product From LOADMASTER Products

The development of the LoadMaster for the well known Knoxx Stock came from a request of a female instructor. She was looking for a way to add ammo to the Knoxx Stock System. The system is the recoil reduction stock and the over sized or longer foregrip. The foregrip makes the standard sidesaddle unable to be mounted. LoadMaster has developed a design to add 10 rounds on the grip in the style of a LoadMaster.  Simply remove the grip cap on the bottom of the grip and insert the LoadMaster. One small screw on the sidde of the grip is all it takes to hold the body in place. The shell carrier strips are removable to add versitility and more ammo.

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Carbon-Fiber Shotgun Shell Extension Tube


Lancer's new Carbon-Fiber extension tubes replace the cap of your existing shotgun to extend the capacity of the shotgun. The Lancer Carbon-Fiber Shotgun Shell Extension features a light-weight carbon-fiber tube with a bonded nut and end cap and a carbon-fiber barrel clamp. Made in 12-guage for the following: Beneli M1/M2, Remington 870/1100/1187, and Remington Versa Max. Lengths include plus two through plus nine.

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Benelli SuperNova Tactical Shotgun Outfit


CMC Government Supply is proud to offer the CMC Benelli SuperNova Tactical Shotgun Outfit. This package comes with the tactical shotgun, a Benelli SuperNova, collapsible stock, ghost ring sights, two round magazine extension and a Mesa Tactical SureShell Carrier with integrated Picatinny Rail.  That’s a complete shotgun package for one price!

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Tactical Breaching Shotgun - SRM Model 1216

Product From SRM Arms

Introducing America's next tactical, semi-automatic shotgun, the SRM Model 1216. This revolutionary new design features a 16-round detachable magazine. And is fitted with a Royal Arms Tactical Breacher. The 1216 provides for unsurpassed firepower for a single operator. With an ambidextrous shooting design, compact size and picatinny rail for the fitting of lights and lasers, plus a triple-faced hand-guard, the 1216 is a paradigm shift in the tactical shotgun industry. Additional NFA short-barreled models feature a 12-round (1212 model) or 8-round (1208 model) magazine. Ideal for Law Enforcement and Breaching due to its compact size and rapid second shot capability.

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Aluminum Sedan Gun Box 36 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 7 inches high

Lift-off lid with electronic lock & Foam Insert

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500 Thunder Ranch Shotgun

Product From MOSSBERG

For decades, the legendary Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun has been selected by the military, law enforcement agencies and civilians worldwide for its rock-solid durability and superior reliability; simply known as a tool that officers can count on. A similar tenet is expressed by Marine Corps veteran and former SWAT team member, Clint Smith, who serves as President and Director of Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon. When discussing the school’s doctrines, Smith emphasized, “We provide our students with functional and logical defensive tools that they can confidently use.”  The newly-introduced, well-designed 500 Thunder Ranch shotgun is the culmination of Smith’s life experiences and Mossberg’s dedication to build dependable and innovative firearms.

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Meggitt Bullet Traps

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

With more than 80 years of live fire range experience, Meggitt Training Systems is recognized as an expert in ballistic containment. We are aware that every range project presents its own set of circumstances that must be considered when selecting the appropriate bullet containment system. Identifying the shooting activities to be conducted and the type of weapons and ammunition to be used will influence the type of bullet trap that is acceptable. Along with these factors, the environmental performance of the bullet trap must be assessed to ensure long term range sustainability and mitigation of lead hazards.

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Meggitt SHOTT House

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

Shoot House for Optimized Tactical Training. More than a shoot house - an integrated training facility.

As urban environments grow increasingly volatile, the need for realistic combat training is growing ever more necessary. Law enforcement officers require a realistic training tool for urban operations. The Meggitt SHOTT house teaches critical skills including forced entry, room navigation and clearing, team tactics and judgmental shoot/don't shoot engagements.

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