HTM66/3 Hand-Thrown Munitions

HTM66/3 Hand-Thrown Munitions

HTM66/3 Hand-Thrown Munitions Product Image

Available from SAGE Ordnance Systems Group are single source 60mm munitions and 66mm tri-canister munitions.

HTM66/3 is a rapid burning pyrotechnic hand- thrown device designed for management of individuals, groups or crowds. The HTM66/3 consists of three canisters that are separated by a charge between each one. The canisters separate immediately after deployment, landing approximately 20 yards apart. This allows for rapid area saturation in a very short period of time.

HTM60 is a single-source rapid burning pyrotechnic hand-thrown device designed for management of individuals, groups or crowds. HTM60 is designed for rapid area saturation in a short period of time in a smaller and easily deployed package.

Both these munitions are available in CS and Practice types and are color coded for easy identification.

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Blocked Barrel Conversion Kit with StressVest


Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) announced an exclusive co-branded Blocked Barrel Conversion Kit with StressVest, providers of laser based non-projectile force-on-force training systems. 

As a result of the agreement, UTM will be the exclusive manufacturer of blank rounds and conversions for use with the StressVest/UTM Blocked Barrel Conversion Kit. The new co-branded blanks and conversions will be easily identified through distinct packaging and sold by StressVest and their distribution network.

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SmartRounds Smart Bullets


SmartRounds Technology's (SRT) new SmartRounds smart bullets are in 18 mm, .680 caliber, d-shaped, rifled rounds and are fired from gas-powered launchers at upwards of 450 feet per second with an effective range of 100 yards.

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Blackhawk Taser X2 Duty Holster

Product From BLACKHAWK!

The Blackhawk TASER X2 Duty Holster features proven SERPA security, a versatile Mod-U-Lock belt clip that allows easy exchange among officers, and lightning-fast access—cross-draw or strong side to help prevent confusion with primary weapon. The release is operated with the trigger finger as part of a natural drawing motion. The Taser is rocked back to remove it instead of the traditional straight draw.

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Taser X2 Holster


Blade-Tech's Taser X2 Holster is simple, proven and reliable. The rugged X2 holster has the same dependable and easy to use retention mechanism as Blade-Tech's X26 holster. The X2 holster completely covers the trigger guard ensuring the utmost safety. Furthermore, the safety mechanism is automatically re-engaged when the X2 is re-holstered and the security hood actuated. The process is intuitive to those familiar with the Taser X26 holster and thus eliminates any additional learning curve. Blade-Tech's X2 holster has a higher heat temperature deflection than other materials used in most holsters today. This material has no memory loss in high heat temperature climates and is very stable through both temperature extremes. The finish is a textured, non-reflective, matte black, similar to the exterior of Blade-Tech's custom holster line. Furthermore, the holster has solid riveted construction ensuring utmost toughness and eliminates the possibilities of screws and post loosening.

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Gas Injector Unit (GIU) - 2011 Innovation Awards Winner

Product From Lenco Armored Vehicles

The Lenco Gas Injector Unit (GIU) is a multi-use tool designed specifically for the safe dispersion of chemical agents into a hostile environment, including homes, automobiles and other hardened structures. The injector unit's primary use is to be mounted to the Ram of a Lenco BearCat, allowing a trained and certified operator to deliver a chemical agent from the safety of a BearCat.

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Defense Technology - Launcher Carry System (LCS)

Product From Defense Technology, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland released the Launcher Carry System (LCS) in its Defense Technology brand.  Designed for mobile field force or tactical teams, this efficient backpack-style system combines a carry bag with separately purchased Accessory Pouch Kits, offering a mission ready manner to carry and deploy munitions in the field. Using the LCS, officers can accurately deliver over 37 rounds of 37/40 mm munitions within minutes. 

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Bluefire Weapons

Product From Meggitt Training Systems

Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire Wireless Weapon Simulators use commercial wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with the training system in the same manner as our System Controlled Weapons. For weapons with recoil, this is achieved with a rechargeable magazine of compressed gas. This is significant in that, while not tethered, Meggitt Training Systems BlueFire weapons still retain the full sensor feedback. These BlueFire weapon simulators can be used in conjunction with other System Controlled Weapon simulators without requiring any modification. Meggitt Training Systems has already released BlueFire versions of Chemical Spray, Taser, the Glock 17 pistol, and BlueFire configurations of the Sig P226, Beretta M9, Walther P99, M4 and SRS Rifle (M16 type) simulators.

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Defense Technology - Direct Impact and eXact iMpact rounds

Product From Defense Technology, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland's five new Specialty Impact models of its Defense Technology brand were designed for corrections officers and tactical teams. These point-of-aim/point-of-impact 40 mm rounds offer high accuracy and blunt impact with an extended range payload delivery. This family of munitions is readily identified by its black base, distinguishable even in low light conditions.

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Well MP5K G55 gas blowback airsoft gun

Product From AIRSPLAT

Available from Airsplat, the Well MP5K G55 gas blowback airsoft gun shoots 6 mm pellets at a blazing speed of 20 rounds per second at 300 FPS (feet per second). It is gas powered and recoils on every shot, similar to its real steel counterpart. Great for training, especially in CQB. Cost of using airsoft guns in trainings are 1/100 cost of simunitions and safer. It has a polymer frame and metal body. Standard magazine capacity is 20 rounds, but high capacity 50 round magazines available. Spare magazines and green gas also available.

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10X Pava Round



PepperBall Technologies Inc. introduces 10X PAVA ROUNDS, a line of projectiles with 10 times the hot pepper powder (Capsaicin II) as compared to standard hot pepper powder rounds and the greatest concentration of hot pepper powder available to law enforcement. In addition to providing added stopping power to subdue a suspect or disperse a group, the new PepperBall 10X PAVA ROUNDS minimize the impact of environmental conditions, such as wind and rain, thereby greatly enhancing their value to law enforcement, private security and correctional professionals. The 10X PAVA ROUNDS contain a 5-percent concentration of hot PAVA pepper powder, which will also be used in the new SA-4 rocket projectiles. The handheld SA-4, a less-lethal pistol with twice the kinetic force of PepperBall standard rounds, has already gained overwhelming acceptance since its recent introduction with more than 30 local and federal law enforcement agencies adopting or testing the SA-4 in the field.

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