Taser X2 Holsters

Taser X2 Holsters

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OfficerStore.com offers both the Blade-Tech X2 Holster, Blackhawk TASER X-2 Duty Holster and the Safariland Model 6520 for use with the recently released Taser X2. Designed to secure the Taser X2 with the retention level required by most departments, these holsters offer distinct carry options and safety features without sacrificing fast access. Investing in any of these quality holsters will protect the investment in Taser Electronic Discharge Weapons for years to come.

Blade-Tech’s Taser X2 Holster is simple, proven and reliable. The rugged X2 holster has the same dependable and easy to use retention mechanism as Blade-Tech’s X26 holster. The X2 holster completely covers the trigger guard ensuring the utmost safety. Furthermore, the safety mechanism is automatically re-engaged when the X2 is re-holstered and the security hood actuated. The process is intuitive to those familiar with the Taser X26 holster and thus eliminates any additional learning curve.

Blade-Tech’s X2 holster has a higher heat temperature deflection than other materials used in most holsters today. This material has no memory loss in high heat temperature climates and is very stable through both temperature extremes. The finish is a textured, non-reflective, matte black, similar to the exterior of Blade-Tech’s custom holster line. Furthermore, the holster has solid riveted construction ensuring utmost toughness and eliminates the possibilities of screws and post loosening.

The holster itself is mounted with Blade-Tech’s Tek-Mount system, allowing multiple carry positions including: Straight drop, Muzzle Forward and FBI Cant. Delivering all these features makes the Blade-Tech X2 Holster practical, economical and affordable as you deploy the X2 in your department.

Made in the USA, the BlackHawk TASER X2 Duty Holster features proven SERPA security, a versatile Mod-U-Lock belt clip that allows easy exchange among officers, and lightning-fast access — cross-draw or strong side to help prevent confusion with primary weapon. The release is operated with the trigger finger as part of a natural drawing motion. The TASER is rocked back to remove it instead of the traditional straight draw.

An opening in the holster bottom lets water out to protect the cartridges yet retains the probes in case of accidental activation while still in holster. In addition, the new holster is designed to automatically engage the TASER’s safety when re-holstering and completely cover the trigger once holstered.

The rigid molded holster body provides improved retention and exceptional protection from impact or attempted grabs. Designed to carry the TASER X2 with any power module or optional camera unit attached. Also features extended coverage at the top that hides and protects the polycarbonate digital readout window. Currently available in matte black finish - basket weave or plain black may be available by special order. Please call 800-852-6088 for details.

The versatile Blackhawk Mod-U-Lock attachment system adjusts to quickly snap onto belts from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches wide—so it can be easily attached to, or taken off a duty belt—allowing the holstered TASER to be easily exchanged among officers as shifts or assignments change, without removing other gear.

The Safariland Model 6520 SLS EDW Level II Retention Holster features the proven SLS protection and still allows of fast access, this adds an important layer of dependability to the lifesaving power of the new TASER X2.  The user-adjustable cant allows for the adjustment of the holster angle for strong side or cross draw carry and an easy on, easy off adjustable clip-on belt clip.

The 6520 is custom molded of super durable SafariLaminate and features a suede lining for a snug, secure fit. It also includes the SLS (Self Locking System) Hood Guard – a rotating hood to provide protection against slash and grab attempts. The patented system secures the weapon in the holster more effectively than a traditional thumb break retention system possibly can.

The rugged STX finish (available in STX Tactical Black, STX Plain Black, STX Basket Weave, and STX Hi-Gloss Black) creates an extremely durable hard-shell synthetic material that’s highly abrasion-resistant, impervious to moisture and blood-borne pathogens, and won’t break down like natural materials. The soft SAFARI-SUEDE lining absorbs oils and moisture, and helps prevent holster wear. The closed bottom with a drain hole keeps cartridges dry and probes contained in accidental discharge events.

The 6520 also comes standard with Safariland model 745BL belt clip - a unique, light-weight, injection-molded belt clip.  It simply snaps onto or off belts, including duty belts, without removing other accessories or gear. Because it’s designed to fit firmly on belts from 1.5" to 2.25" wide, it makes this holster an excellent choice for concealed carry as well as duty use.


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Pro Travel Bag, a Messenger Bag with a Conceled Carry Pouch

Product From Tacprogear LLC

Tacprogear developed travel gear for the security conscious person looking for an alternative to the every day fanny pack.  The Pro Travel Bag combines the best features found in today’s laptop and messenger bags with quick access to a hidden pistol compartment through a side pouch.  The Tacprogear Universal pistol wheel is included with the Pro Travel Bag.

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CR Secure 2 Duty Holster

Product From Rescomp Handgun Technologies

Rescomp Handgun Technologies announced the CR SECURE 2 high-pressure, injection-molded, auto-locking duty holster. Ideally suited for law enforcement, military, security or sport shooting applications, the CR SECURE 2 provides superior retention with immediate access to the handgun by the user. The holster features a patented locking system residing in between the holster body and the user, minimizing the possibility of an unauthorized access, i.e. “snatching.” The spring loaded, locking mechanism is deactived by the user’s thumb, enhancing both a natural draw and maximizing safety by keeping the finger placed along the handgun’s slide and away from the trigger.

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RBT Series Holster

Product From FOBUS Holsters

Fobus Holster & Pouches introduce the newest holster option for handguns with lower rail or trigger guard mounted lights or lasers; the RBT Series Holster. Constructed with reinforced polymer, the RBT holsters are lightweight and extremely rugged. Retention is provided by a leather thumb break and muzzle stud. The RBT holster is hinged for a natural, straight-up draw without impeding the attached light or laser.

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Inside-the-Pants Holster - Model 27

Product From Safariland, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland added five new holster fits for popular handguns for the Model 27 Inside-the-Pants Holster. Ideal for deep concealment, the new releases are now available for the popular Ruger LC9, Springfield XD-S, GLOCK 19/23, GLOCK 26/27 and S&W M&P SHIELD handguns.

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Gear Keeper Combo Mount Sidearm Tether


Gear Keeper understands when you are part of a law enforcement or military tactical unit the difference is oftentimes in the details.  Gear Keeper gets it right with its Combo Mount Sidearm Tether now offered in coyote, in addition to the already popular black.  The new color option combined with the two included MOLLE attachment configurations provides tactical users with the versatility required for keeping firearms safe and ready by their side. 

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Simple Slide Holster

Product From DeSantis Gunhide

The Simple Slide works in conjunction with your belt to provide a low profile, tight fitting and inexpensive holster for concealed (OWB) carry. This design allows for all barrel lengths and two sizes fit most concealable autos. The Simple Slide holster can be folded flat on the belt when it is not being used. It fits belts up to 1 ½”. It is available in black lined leather.

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Safariland 6280 GLOCK 17/22 w/Lite STX RH

Product From Squared Away Surplus

Safariland 6280 Mid-Ride Holster Right Hand STX Tactical GLOCK 17,22,19,23 with Streamlight M3 or M6 STX 6280-8321-131

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Safariland 6004 Tac Holster GLOCK 17/22 STX RH

Product From Squared Away Surplus

Safariland 6004 Tactical Holster Holster Right Hand STX Tactical Glk 17, 22 6004-83-121

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Holster for Springfield XD-S 9mm


Top-quality holster manufacturer, CrossBreed Holsters, LLC confirms fit for the new Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm.

The XD-S 9mm was added to the Springfield’s popular line of XD handguns. It has the exact same dimensions and will fit in the same holster as the XD-S 45.

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CH Rapid Release Systems Holster

Product From FOBUS Holsters

Fobus Holster's lightweight polymer holster; the CH Rapid Release System Holster, is available for many popular GLOCK (GLCH) and H&K (HKCH) handguns.

The CH holster provides Level 2 Retention while allowing virtually unhampered presentation of the pistol.  This is accomplished by incorporating a releasing paddle that is activated by the index finger of the user without need to alter the draw stroke.

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