eMACS Ammo Burner

The MACS Mobile Ammunition Combustion System renders live and expired ammunition into harmless and recyclable components using a technologically advanced and proven design that is safe for bomb techs, law enforcement officers and the environment. In use since 2001 , MACS was designed in a joint venture between the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and TWB Designs and is in use by the RCMP, various police forces and munitions plants.

Key Benefits

  • Renders 60 pounds of ammunitionup to 50 caliber per hour completely harmless
  • 97 percent of recyclable material isrecovered per burn cycle
  • Meets requirements of Technical Safety Standard Association, and electrical and environmental regulations in many jurisdictions
  • Transport the unit to where it is needed-towing weight is 11,500 pounds-using H.D.vehicles rated for class V
  • Safe disposal of ammunition due to heavy plate steel construction and many safety features including interlocking electronic controls and over-pressure relief doors

How It Works

The MACS is securely constructed with a 3/8-inch plate steel armored shell containing aprimary burner, where the ammunition is loaded into two trays and detonated. A secondary afterburner, located beside the primary burner, destroys harmful gaseous compounds before emitting exhaust. The burners are fueled by on-board propane tanks* resulting in temperatures reaching 850 degrees F in the primary burner, and 1,750 degrees F in the secondary afterburner. At such high temperatures the lead is melted and flows into a container below the primary burner, while the brass shells remain within the loading trays. The indirect firing technology results in low emissions, creating an environmentally friendly and safe unit. It efficiently disposes of up to 60 pounds of ammunition in an hour or less. An electronic control panel monitors temperature, burners and cooling fan operation.


  • Complete unit weighs 11,500 pounds
  • Trailer is 26 feet long by 8 feet 6 inches wide, and includes electric brakes
  • Handles up to 50 caliber ammunitions
  • Burns up to 60 pounds of ammunition per one hour cycle
  • 4-to 30-pound propane bottles allow for 10 burn cycles before refilling
  • 97 percent of recyclable material can berecovered after 1 burn cycle
  • Includes spare tire, generator and weatherproof cover
  • Ontario Ministry of Environment approval
  • Approved electrical versions for mostcountries available
  • Suggested operation at a minimumdistance of 750 feet from an occupied facility
  • Stationary, non-trailerable unit andproduct customization available
  • International versions available

Mobility Trailer

  • Double axel trailer with 235/80 R 16-inch tires, load range E, 5 tires including a full spare
  • Electric brakes with a 7 pin 12V DC electrical connector and rearmounted tail-lights (Ministry of Transportation specs.)
  • Structure designed to be towed by vehicles with a minimum of a Class V Hitch, using a 25,116-inch towing ball, includes 5,000-pound retractable tongue jack
  • Fully enclosed trailer
  • Complete burner assy with trailer
  • Dimensions are 26 feet long by 8 feet 6 inches wide
  • Weighs 11,500 pounds

Primary Combustion Chamber

  • 3/8-inch steel plate with 2 hinged overpressurerelief doors
  • Burn temperatures up to 850 degrees F
  • Core exterior dimension 35 inches by 36 inches by 40 inches

Afterburner Combustion Chamber

  • 1 /8-inch steel plate with a removable plates
  • Burn temperatures up to 1,750 degrees F
  • Core dimension are 16 inches by 56 inches by 60 inches

Heat Source

  • 4- to 30-pound propane tanks
  • 2 removable hold-down mechanisms to allow for refilling
  • Contained in a weatherproof, lockable steel compartment andvented through the bottom

Loading Trays

  • Two removable ammo containment trays
  • Dimensions for each tray are 17 inches by 33 inches by 3 inches

Electronic Control Panel

  • Dimensions are 30 inches by 42 inches by 11 inches
  • Yellow strobe light to indicate "cooling cycle complete"
  • Red strobe light to indicate "burner lighting malfunction"
  • 4 colour coded indicator lights; white "power on", yellow" afterburner on", yellow "main burner on", blue "cooling cycle on"
  • 2 LED Meters to display temperature of the main chamber and the afterburner chamber with Tyoe "K" thermocouples
  • An hour meter is located inside each electrical panel
  • All panels have a Red Emergency Shut-off button
  • Hand held remote unit with "on/off' switch and "reset" button with 30-foot electrical cable with connection to the Control Panel

Portable Electric Generator

  • 10 KW - 3 PH / 1 PH - 208 V /240 V generator
  • CSA approved generators
  • Weatherproof cover

Storage Containment Unit

  • Weatherproof compartment
  • Includes following elements; two pair leather palmed gloves, five-gallon UL Approved gas can, two steel hooks for removing the HOT trays, 1.36 kg fire extinguisher (dry chemical A-B-C)

Lead Recovery Containment Unit

  • Hinged door for removal of HOT lead
  • Stainless steel catchment bucket for lead recovery