DUI Offender Tracking (CC846-DUAL)

DUI Offender Tracking (CC846-DUAL)

DUI Offender Tracking (CC846-DUAL) Product Image

Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc.'s CC864-DUAL cellular M2M module will provide connectivity for the advanced wireless Intoxalock ignition interlock device from Consumer Safety Technology, Inc. 

The Intoxalock Home and Mobile eLERT (Electronic Live Event Reporting Technology) devices are units that allow authorities to monitor DUI and other alcohol related offenders with real-time breath sample information from anywhere the offender lives or travels. This technology gives monitoring authorities detailed information regarding each breath sample almost immediately, while making it easier for offenders to comply with state requirements.

The Intoxalock Home and Mobile eLERT Units instantly upload breath sample information to Intoxalock’s secure online WebLog Reporter.  Enabled by the Telit CC864-DUAL module with GPS capabilities, authorities can also access essential driving information, including a vehicle’s coordinates, speed and route, with date and time stamps to remotely monitor offenders.  To ensure user adherence, the Intoxalock unit includes a small, mountable camera for positive identification of the sample provider and sensors to detect tampering or device circumvention.

With its ultra-compact design, and extended operating temperature range of -30 degrees C to 80 degrees C, Telit’s CC864-DUAL is the perfect platform for medium-to-high-volume M2M applications and mobile data and computing devices. In addition to other value-added features, the CC864-DUAL incorporates standalone GPS and gpsOne capabilities for applications in mobile environments such as telematics, personal and asset tracking, as well as over-the-air maintenance and management of software in the module to protect customer investments.

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IN-HOM Breath Alcohol-Monitoring System

Product From SMART START

Addressing state legislators’ recent push toward stricter penalties for alcohol-related offenses, Smart Start, Inc. has broadened its mix of products and services with the introduction of “SMART START

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NEW Stun-Cuff Features

Product From Stun-Cuff by Myers Enterprises Inc.

Myers Enterprises, lnc. manufacturers of the Stun-Cuff ECD wireless prisoner control device are in early stages of development for a Stun-Cuff monitoring device and should be available in the next 12-16 months. The device incorporates the Stun-Cuff feature along with GPS and/or alcohol monitoring and voice communications.

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POV.HD Wearable/ Mountable Video System

Product From V.I.O. INC.

Advanced Point-Of-View 1080p HD.

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FirstVu Evidentiary Wearable/Mountable Video System

Product From Digital Ally Inc.

The Digital Ally FirstVu compact digital video/audio recorder and photographic camera now features an even stronger and lighter design as well as a new wider angle lens. The new design reduces the weight of the unit by 17 percent and the new lens captures an impressive 133-degrees field of view to help remove the need to aim the camera.

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Canon U.S.A. Inc. offers the VB-C500VD Vandal Resistant Fixed Mini-Dome Network Camera. Built for indoor use, the camera is designed with special advanced features which make it suitable for applications susceptible to vandalism or tampering. Paramount to the design of this camera is Canon's new Multi-Directional Shock Absorber, a four-spring mechanism designed to protect the camera by lessening the effects of impact from various angles. In addition, the camera also boasts a new vandal-resistant housing with tamper-proof screws and a specially designed housing built with materials that reduce the possibility of both external damage to the housing and internal damage to the camera.

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Mobile GIS

Product From Esri

Field staff can capture, update, and analyze geographic information for rapid decision making. ArcGIS Mobile and ArcPad

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Online GIS

Product From Esri

Online GIS provides a common platform for ArcGIS users to discover, share, and build GIS applications, services, and content.

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LifeGuard Personal Breath Tester

Product From Lifeloc Technologies Inc.

The LifeGuard Personal Preathalyzer is intended for every consumer and family alcohol screening need including:

  • Family Testing
  • Home Bars & Parties
  • Morning After Testing
  • Office Parties

LifeGuard uses Platinum Fuel Cell Technology, the same alcohol sensing technology trusted by professional users worldwide.

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WebCase was designed by experienced law enforcement professionals to help officers collect Internet information in a usable, evidentiary, reportable manner. Built to manage the cases initiated online, it was designed specifically to simplify the online evidence collection process, aid the investigator to preserve online evidence, provide for the proper collection of legally defensible evidence, offer complete undercover identity and suspect information control, and provide reports in a usable and understandable format. The investigator utilizes the evidence collection console to record and manage online investigative activity. The saved data is hashed and stored in a secured environment within the tool. Reports based on the collected evidence can then be printed or published to CD/DVD for distribution. In addition to making Web page collection and documentation easy, WebCase allows detailed tracking of suspect and undercover identity information.

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