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Hardcat SaBRe is asystem that allows law enforcement organisations to more effectively manage the investigative and forensic process greatly reducing the need of paper or manual processes.

This allows organisations to improve their operational efficiencies and provide complete transparency across the lifecycle of cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits and general property management.

Hardcat SaBRe has been developed utilising the Hardcat nGen platform, a model driven technology allowing organisations to adjust the system accordingly to meet their business requirements rather than changing their processes to fit the solution.


  • Customisation Flexibility
  • Centralised Security
  • Centralised Business Rules
  • Future proof platform utilising leading edge Rich Internet Application technology
  • Easy integration to other disparate system via .NET API, Message Queuing and Web Services

Hardcat SaBRe is a “best of breed” tracking and information management system giving law enforcement organisations unrivalled transparency and intelligence on cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits, property, electronic briefs and chain of custody.


  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduction of manual effort in managing the chain of custody process for exhibits
  • Increased number of positive and linked identifications
  • Prioritisation of jobs
  • Reduce effort tracking exhibits and property
  • Performance improvement mechanisms
  • Improved audit ability across all entities within the system
  • Manage the complete lifecycle ofcases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits and property
  • Elimination of manual brief construction for cases, events and incidents
  • Put valuable resources back onto frontline operations

Hardcat SaBRe is a “best of breed” law enforcement tracking and information management system giving organisations unrivalled transparency on cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits, property and chain of custody.


The Hardcat SaBRe system provides a complete cover of law enforcement Case, Event and Incident Management. The system is geared to deliver operational efficiencies for the law enforcement industry and should not be compared to other CaseManagement systems designed to meet other industry sectors. The Hardcat SaBRe solution gives officers the flexibility, user experience and ease of use they have always wished for in executing their operational duties.


The Hardcat SaBRe system provides the ability for organisations to manage the complete lifecycle of their exhibits and property. From scene or station to their ultimate disposal, ensuring that all governance and legislation is adhered to. Exhibits and property can be collected as part of:

  • Scene Attendance and Response Jobs
  • General Exhibit Collection Jobs
  • General Property Collection Jobs


Hardcat SaBRe provides organisations with the ability to capture exhibits at the scene and construct a complete audit trail of all movements and transfer of custody of that exhibit over its life.

RFID or barcode technologies are utilised to provide an automated approach to managing the exhibits and their movements as they enter and exit out of locations and are passed from person to person.


The Hardcat SaBRe system provides the ability for organisations to book up jobs and based on specific rules, route the jobs to the most applicable Service Providers. Jobs include:

  • Scene Attendance and Response Jobs
  • Analysis Jobs and Results
  • General Exhibit Collection Jobs
  • General Property Collection Jobs


The Hardcat SaBRe system provides an inbuilt workflow, business rules and state driven engine that manages:

  • Assignment and Routing of Jobs to the correct Service Providers and personnel for action
  • Routing of Job Results to applicable and most suitable personnel
  • Sample and General Property Disposals and Notifications
  • Audit Reminders and Notifications
  • Dashboard views to point users to tasks that require their attention
  • Exhibit and Analysis Job Sequencing to enforcecorrect routing, prioritisation and attention
  • Transparent Workflow View of cases, events, incidents, jobs, exhibits and property relationships


The Hardcat SaBRe system provides a comprehensive Intelligence ability that allows for:

  • Identification of DNA Links
  • Identification of Fingerprint Links
  • Identification of Scene to Scene Links
  • Verification of Links
  • Dashboard Notifications in relation to links identified
  • Routing of Links to the relevant personnel


No system or solution is useful if it cannot provide a simple and easy way to access the information it manages. Hardcat SaBRe provides an inbuilt reporter that gives organisations the flexibility and power to create and publish operational and management reports. Reports include (but are not limited to):

  • Chain of Custody Reports
  • Job and Resource Utilisation Reports
  • History Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Operational Reports
  • Briefs


The Hardcat SaBRe system utilises leading edge web browser user interface technology to provide the user with an unmatched experience. The benefits of the Hardcat SaBRe user interface include:

  • Cross platform, cross browser portability
  • Minimises network traffic
  • Rich internet application technology
  • Provides seamless mobility capability
  • Leading edge user experience


  • Achieve productivity gains
  • Provide a safer community byreleasing valuable resourcesback into the field
  • Allow whole of government outcomes to integrate and share data across agencies
  • Improve information aggregation
  • Not be hindered by technology
  • Complete web browser enabled application with single touch deploy


  • Case management
  • Event and incident management
  • Entities of interest, warnings and involvement types
  • Intelligent linking
  • Exhibit and property Management (complete chain of custody)
  • Forensic information management: Scene attendance jobs, Exhibit collection jobs, Analysis jobs, Results, DNA links, Fingerprint links
  • Intelligence and data mining
  • Digital information management

Hardcat SaBRe is a complete end to end law enforcement information management system, specifically geared towards providing the most comprehensive intelligence capabilities and operational efficiencies, through “best of breed” technologies.


  • Hardcat SaBRe reduces the manual processes and hand written forms for all law enforcement activities, including the capability of printing electronic briefs and other chain of custody reports
  • Hardcat SaBRe can utilise 1D, 2D and RFID technology minimising paperwork and transcription errors
  • Clear visibility of all information allowing officers to more effectively investigate crime
  • Legislative Compliance
  • In field data entry via PDA, tablet and laptops
  • Anticipated increase in the number of positive identifications that can be achieved leading to strategic government objectives of reducing the incidence of crime
  • Better workflow, prioritisation and classification of jobs, tasks and services to be performed across a law enforcement agency, ensuring that the correct resources are utilised where they are needed most to achieve the necessary positive outcomes for the community
  • Complete audit log identifying if an officer views, creates updates or removes any information from any entity in the system
  • Individual dashboard and notifications so that users are made aware of their current outstanding tasks, results and identified links
  • Ability to correctly sequence testing and analysis


  • Exhibit creation in exhibit books on average take 10 minutes. Exhibit creation in Hardcat SaBRe on average takes 3 minutes
  • Check In/Check Out process for an exhibit via an exhibit books takes on average 5 minutes. Check in/check out process in Hardcat SaBRe on average takes 5 seconds
  • Identifying the physical location of an exhibit through exhibit books takes up to 45 minutes. 15 seconds with Hardcat SaBRe
  • Comprehensive Chain of Custody reports can take up to 5 hours to derive. In Hardcat SaBRe it takes 20 seconds
  • Case briefs can take up to 8 hours to prepare. In Hardcat SaBRe it takes 60 seconds
  • Physical audits at a site with 500,000 exhibits can take 10 staff up to 3 months to complete. Hardcat SaBRe allows for the same exercise to be completed utilising 4 staff for two months
  • It could take up to 5 days to manually data mine links from analysis job results to crimes that have occurred in the past. With Hardcat SaBRe links are identified and made transparent to investigators upon the creation and verification of a result

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