The LizardQ spherical camera system can quickly and automatically create 100 megapixel spherical or panoramic images with High Dynamic Range (HDR). It uses a digital SLR camera with a fisheye lens. The spherical or panoramic image is stitched from individual images using a computer without the need for manual intervention. The images are compatible with our R2S Scene Management and Documentation System.

  • 100 megapixels
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) up to 30 f-stops
  • Capture time 90 seconds typical - Depending on scenery ( down to 25 seconds up to 7 minutes)
  • Fast & Automatic
  • Flexible & reliable

General Technical Data

  • Device: Servo-motor driven DSLR camera two axis mount with built-in microcomputer (Intel Atom processor) and wireless networking
  • Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Lens: Canon EF 15mm 1:2.8 Fisheye (lens is precision-aligned for optimum stitching)


  • Exposure: automatic or manual from 30 seconds down to 1/8000 seconds
  • Aperture: manual, 2.8 to 22

Dynamic Range

  • From 12 up to 30 f-stops dynamic range
  • Full HDR (complete bracketing depending on exposure settings, i.e. 18 to 30 f-stops)
  • Fast HDR (bracketing of 3 shots at –2, 0 and +2 f-stops offset from base exposure, i.e.16 f-stops)
  • LDR (no bracketing, i.e. 12 f-stops)

Image Capture Speed

  • Depends on scene (daylight, indoors, night) and capture settings.
  • 90 seconds typical capture time for a reasonably lit indoor scene (“Full HDR” at 1 second base exposure)
  • 25 seconds shortest capture time for an outdoor scene and full daylight (“Fast HDR” at 1/16th second base exposure)
  • about 7 minutes longest capture time for a night scene with minimal lighting (“Full HDR” at 30 seconds base exposure)

Scenes taken on “Fast HDR” setting will capture faster. Well lit scenes will generally allow faster capturing.

The set-up time from pressing the power button to being ready to capture is about 20 seconds.

Image Processing Speed

Depends on scene and capture settings. The processing of camera RAW files into the final spherical or panoramic image is a matter of a few minutes. Scenes with lower contrast will generally render faster. Scenes taken on "Fast HDR" setting will generally render faster.

Processing will typically take between 3 and 6 minutes on current performing notebook hardware.

Remote Control

By web browser, via Wi-Fi wireless networking or Ethernet network.

Wireless remote control device: Apple iPod Touch.

  • Wireless network: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11g (54 MBit/s)
  • Encryption: WPA and WPA2 with TKIP or AES encryption (pre-shared key)
  • Unencrypted or WEP-encrypted connection attempts are denied
  • Wi-Fi can be physically disabled

Remote control is also possible when using the built-in Gigabit Ethernet port for cable-based network connections. Any network-enabled computer with a modern web browser will work.

Note: Ethernet remote control is for changing capture settings only. For safety reasons the device will not move while a network cable is connected.

Automation and fail-safe features

  • Light sensors for automatic exposure control
  • Accurate inclination sensor for auto-leveling of images
  • GPS built-in for automatic geotagging of images
  • Acceleration sensors for sensing of unwanted tripod movement
  • Axes equipped with brakes for eliminating wind-induced movement

Battery and power

Lithium Ion battery with charge status indicator.

  • Idle endurance: est. 8 hours at 20°C (battery life when device is powered on but not capturing)
  • Busy endurance: est. 200 panoramic images at 20°C (battery life when device is capturing continuously)

Replaceable battery. Battery can be charged while inserted in device. AC adapter for internal charging and operation without battery.

Line voltage: 100 to 240V AC, 50 to 60 Hz.

Note: Initial devices may require using Canon LPE6 batteries for powering the 5D Mark II camera. Later devices will power the 5D Mark II from the device battery. Upgrade is possible.

Battery life of the Canon LP-E6 is about 850 shots (according to Canon), i.e. 17 panoramic images on "Full-HDR" setting or 40 panoramic images on "Fast-HDR" setting.

External connectors

  • 1x DC in (for AC adapter to power the internal battery charger)
  • 3x USB 2.0 (for recharging the iPod or Attaching a USB memory stick)
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45 connector)
  • Cables for Canon camera connection (USB and power)

Operating Environment

  • Operating temperature of 0°C to 40°C (-10°C in preparation)
  • Temperature (internal battery charging): 0°C to 40°C
  • Temperature (storage): -20°C to 60°C (20°C recommended)
  • Humidity: <80% RH non-condensing

Size and Weight

Width: 200 mm (7.9 in);

Depth: 160 mm (6.3 in);

Height: varies with camera position, maximum is 250 mm (9.8 in)


3.7 kg (8.2 lb) (including camera, lens and battery, without tripod)

Battery: 340 g (0.75 lb)


Chassis material is aluminum (anodized), some parts stainless steel and plastics. Color black.

Device has a centered standard 3/8”-16 thread for attaching a tripod adapter.

Camera Requirement and Handling

Camera models or manufacturers other than the Canon EOS 5D Mark II are not supported at this


The camera can be unmounted from the device and used for freehand shooting with any lens of choice.

Processing Software System Requirements

Operating systems:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7

Mac OS X (version 10.6 "Snow Leopard" may be required)


Intel compatible CPU (Intel Core2 or later, AMD Athlon/Opteron or later)

Graphics chip (GPU/graphics card) with OpenGL 2.0 support

2 GB of RAM

8 GB of free hard disk space

The processing software depends on the graphics processing unit (GPU) for basic operation and speed. It will not run on computers without graphics card or with an outdated GPU.

File Formats and Size

Spherical/Panoramic HDR image will be saved in equirectangular geometry in the RADIANCE (*.hdr) file format. TIFF, Open EXR and Photoshop file formats planned.

Image dimension: 14140 x 7070 pixels

File size for RADIANCE format: 290 mega bytes typical (varies with image content)

Available Models

Four models are currently available as follows:

Photographer’s Base Package

  • Robotic camera mount with battery, AC adapter and external charger with standard 3/8” - 16 thread for tripod mounting, carrying case
  • Canon EF 15mm 1:2:8 Fisheye Lens (precision mounted)
  • Software on USB memory stick
  • Manual


Forensic Base Package

  • Robotic camera mount with battery, AC adapter and external charger with standard 3/8” - 16 thread for tripod mounting, carrying case
  • Canon EF 15mm 1:2:8 Fisheye Lens (precision mounted)
  • Calibrated Gitzo tripod with mount for photogrammetric Measurements, with bag
  • Software on USB memory stick
  • Manual


Required Accessories

  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II body (including accessories)
  • CF-Card - SanDisk Extreme II Compact Flash Card 16GB or 32GB
  • Apple iPod Touch 8GB
  • Tripod, bag, tripod head (Photographer’s package only)

Complete Photographer’s Package

  • Photographer’s base package plus
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II body (including accessories)
  • Apple iPod Touch 8GB
  • Manfrotto 055XB Tripod
  • Bogen Quick Release 625L
  • Manfrotto MBAG90PN bag
  • 32GB CF-Card SanDisk Extreme II Compact Flash Card


Complete Forensic Package

  • Forensic base package
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark II body (including accessories)
  • Apple iPod Touch 8GB
  • 32GB CF-Card SanDisk Extreme II Compact Flash Card



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