Meret: OMNI PRO TACTICAL, BLS-ALS Equipment Bag Product Image

A primary EMS bag for Police & Tactical Medics who want more organization…with plenty of options.

  • The versatile foundation for a complete system of interchangeable Total System (TS)-Ready™ first responder bags
  • Optional TS-Ready™ gear modules simply attach to the bag's sides. Add or change modules in minutes.
  • The innovative SLIDERS system lets you customize the main compartment to organize and secure large and small items.
  • OneView™ technology allows all main compartments to open completely in front of the responder, for immediate ID and access
  • Overlapping storage panels keep internal contents in place and provide access to additional TS-Ready™ DEEP STUFF Pockets and STICKIT STRIPS.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable carry as a backpack, shoulder bag, or briefcase style.
  • All-black bag, with matte black hardware and non-reflective trim, to help maintain stealth when required
  • Backed by manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty

Start with this durable 1680/ 1200 Denier Tactical/EMS bag…and build a TOTAL SYSTEM for your ever-changing ALS & BLS needs. It’s not just a highly customizable primary EMS bag for a wide range of basic and advanced life support functions, the OMNI™ PRO TACTICAL Equipment Bag is also the foundation of a complete EMS gear system designed for efficient storage, easier carry, and more options to meet ever-changing needs. As the flexible base for Meret’s Total-System it lets the first responder quickly attach a wide range of additional TS-Ready™ treatment modules to the bag's sides—to answer the call for Airway Intubation, Drugs, O2 Cylinders, and much more—with a single bag.

Even the large, main compartment can be completely customized. Meret’s innovative SLIDERS system uses unique padded dividers that can be expand to create inner compartments of whatever size and shape you need. They are easily arranged, and re-arranged, to secure items of all sizes—organized just the way you want them. Overlapping panels with zippered mesh compartments keep internal contents in place and provide access to additional TS-Ready™ DEEP STUFF Pockets and STICKIT STRIPS.


  • Outside pockets and pouches zip open for additional quick-access storage.
  • Large front pocket offers space for additional STICKIT strips, or longer items such as intubation aids.
  • Carefully placed grommet holes allow all compartments to be air dried while the bag is completely closed.
  • Bag is ergonomically designed for comfortable carry as a backpack, shoulder bag, or by hand, briefcase style.
  • Wide, strong, comfort-grip side handles let you grab the bag from almost any position, or stow it in tight spaces with ease.
  • Parts of the bag that touch the ground are reinforced with PVC for extra durability, added water resistance, and easier cleaning.

An advanced backpack harness lets you walk, run, or climb with ease. The OMNI™ PRO TACTICAL features a fully-adjustable mountaineering-style system designed for a snug, secure fit and optimum distribution of your load. The padded lumbar support and waistbelt work with the contoured yoke to keep the entire bag close to your body and fully supported for more comfortable carry over long distances, in any terrain. You can tuck the entire harness system away into pockets on the back of the bag for easier storage…or to attach the adjustable, padded shoulder strap for fast on-and-off and quick short-distance transit. Or just grab one of its comfortable carry handles…and go!

Need to include oxygen in your kit? This bag can accommodate it. Why carry two bags when one will do. Simply install the M4001X conversion kit and you can carry an oxygen cylinder up to a Jumbo "D", and quickly access it through a side panel while the bag is still closed. Your partner can even remove the entire cylinder or operate the oxygen while you’re wearing the OMNI™ PRO TACTICAL as a backpack.

One Total System. Flexible and Up-to-Speed for All Your Needs.

Carry all the basics, plus O2, Airway Intubation kits, Meds Kits, and much more—in a single bag.

* Incredibly durable 1680/ 1200 Denier coated TPE is water and stain resistant
* Inner foam construction maintains shape and protects contents
* Dual external zipper pockets with mesh lined compartments
* All compartments have air dry capability
* Oversized YKK zippers for and smooth operation long life
* Large EZ-Pull zipper tabs allow easy access
* Solid-Grip, large main carry handle
* COMFORT-GRIP padded carry handles on sides of bag
* PVC lined back and bottom resist water and wear
* Unit/ Contents identification sleeve
* Tie down loops
* All-black bag with matte black hardware and non-reflective trim, to help maintain stealth when required
* INCLUDES: 1 DEEP STUFF pocket, 2 STICKIT Strips, and adjustable, padded shoulder strap with metal hardware.

Fully adjustable, padded, contoured yoke backpack strap harness system with waistbelt easily distributes load for maximum comfort.

Adjustable sternum and waist belt, lumbar support

Harness hides away in rear pocket for convenient storage or use with included shoulder strap

TS-Ready™ hideaway zippers for optional side modules

TS-Ready™ for up to four 4 removable DEEP STUFF Pockets, 12 removable STICKIT STRIPS, or combinations of both

OneView™ technology allows all main compartments to open completely for immediate ID and access

Zippered internal mesh compartments provide a full view of contents for fast, easy access

Customize the internal main compartment with SLIDERS™ System expandable padded dividers.

Add the optional M4001X to carry an MJD or MD O2 cylinder storage

Outside Dimensions: 15" x 21" x 9.5"
Weight: 6lbs 10 oz

Note: bag does not include the contents shown. Some images show EMS blue bag for illustration purposes.

OMNI PRO systems are also available in Fire Red and EMS Blue, with appropriate emblems and matching modules.


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