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Defense Technology - Direct Impact and eXact iMpact rounds

Safariland's five new Specialty Impact models of its Defense Technology brand were designed for corrections officers and tactical teams. These point-of-aim/point-of-impact 40 mm rounds offer high accuracy and blunt impact with an extended range payload delivery. This family of munitions is readily identified by its black base, distinguishable even in low light conditions.

Extended Range Specialty Impact Munitions utilize lightweight, high-speed, spin-stabilized projectiles for optimum energy dissipation. Smokeless powder is used as the propellant, yielding consistent velocities and accuracy at extended ranges. These new extended range models can be fired from a variety of 40 mm launchers, ensuring optimum accuracy at ranges between 10 to 70 meters. These rounds are commonly used in situations where maximum deliverable energy is desired to incapacitate an aggressive, non-compliant subject.

The Direct Impact Extended Range Munitions consist of a plastic body and a crushable foam nose containing an OC, CS, Inert, or Marking payload that disperses upon impact with the target. Deformation of the foam nose helps to dissipate the impact energy. Each variant of the extended range family is distinguished by its nose color and material. The eXact iMpact™ Extended Range Munitions consist of a plastic body and sponge nose that ensures even energy delivery without inducing serious injury.

The LE Direct Impact Extended Range Munitions incorporate refinements to the original military design developed in 2005, which featured the performance of the most comprehensive non-lethal human effects assessment in the industry. These included human injury potential assessment by Wayne State University using the 3-Rib Ballistic Impact Dummy, a biomechanical surrogate of a human rib cage. Other tests included penetration assessments using a validated ballistic gelatin penetration surrogate, and back face signature measurements in clay according to the NIJ 0101.04 testing methodology. The testing results were used to develop the optimum combination of less-lethal performance and effectiveness when deployed by trained professionals.

Both the LE Direct Impact and eXact iMpact Extended Range Munitions offer options that will fulfill multiple needs across a wide operational range. 


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