Iscon 1000D - Enhanced

Iscon 1000D - Enhanced

Iscon 1000D - Enhanced Product Image

Iscon is introducing an enhanced version of the 1000D whole body scanner equipped with biometric technology and identity verification that will vastly improve security at corrections facilities, in law enforcement as well as international airports.

The Iscon 1000D features Advanced Imaging technology that can be integrated with biometrics to detect virtually any object, without radiation or privacy issues and confirm that the person is indeed who they claim to be. This is critical in prisons as inmates try to pose as others to escape as well as airport security to speed processing, identify terrorists and discover contraband.

Iscon1000D uses thermo-conductive infrared technology that completes a 360o scan in 30 seconds, reveals a multitude of objects, but doesn’t penetrate clothing, so there’s no privacy or radiation issues.

It can detect the thermal imprint of any object that many scanners miss, including:

  • Thin plastic
  • Wood
  • Powder (pills and drugs)
  • Paper (money)
  • Liquids
  • Ceramics (explosives)


Iscon 100D is already been sold in the U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Iraq, Russia and the Ukraine.

The enhanced system offers integrated security capabilities through identify verification using the following technologies:

  • Facial Recognition – Can compare a person’s facial attributes to existing databases and cross match with other systems.  
  • Fingerprint Recognition – Fingerprints are a highly reliable identification method and are a fast and easy way to determine identity. Large law enforcement databases can be accessed to cross match and verify a person’s identity quickly and easily.
  • Iris Recognition - Scans of a person's iris can be cross-matched to a database for identity verification.
  • Card/Barcode Reader - For high traffic areas that need fast scans, the Iscon 1000D is equipped with a card and barcode reader. At manufacturing facilities and other high security operations, that require both scanning and verification, this system is ideal for people who are preapproved and can simply scan their card or barcode and go through safely.


The enhanced Iscon system is less expensive than other whole body imaging systems, requires a smaller footprint and completes scan and detection in 30 seconds without radiation or privacy issues since infrared doesn't penetrate clothing.


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Enhanced Contraband Enforcement Kits (CEK)

Product From Sas R&D Services Inc.

From SAS R & D Services Inc (SASRAD), technology Contraband Enforcement equipment Kits include the new miniature Xpose hand held contraband detector/density meter and the repairable Ultimate fiberscope

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Zone Protector & Zone Manager Corrections Suite

Product From Cellbusters USA

Cellbusters,a developer of cell phone and RF emission detection locating technology, recently announced Zone Protector & Zone Manager Corrections Suite to help users eliminate contraband cell phones. Marion County Detention Center (MCDC) was the first to use the Corrections Suite to enhance safety at a prison. The Zone Protector is a passive frequency detection device capable of detecting cell phone transmission activity. It provides maximum protection for MCDC by continually scanning for cell phone and user selectable RF transmission. The Zone Manager is a centralized software tool that collects information in real time from distributed Zone Protectors located around the correctional facility, and logs the location of contraband cell phones. Based on customer preference, alerts are sent instantly or silently logged. Since MCDC uses a cloud, any new features to the software are automatically and seamlessly integrated.

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TraceX Explosives Kit


Morphix Technologies, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, announces a new solution for the detection of homemade explosive material with the TraceX Explosives Kit

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Drug and Explosive Test Kits

Product From Mistral Security, Member of Mistral Group

Mistral Group displayed various drug and explosives identification kits at LAAD 2013.

Through a Mistral Group subsidiary, Mistral Detection, various drug detection and identification kits were highlighted including aerosol and Pentest capable of identifying over 20 various drug types or other illicit substances. Mistral’s kits can detect drug residues that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

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Xpose Miniature Contraband Detector / Density meter

Product From Sas R&D Services Inc.

The Xpose is significantly smaller  –   about 30% lighter -  and better priced than any other density meter currently on the market. Developed in 2012 and thoroughly field tested, it incorporates all the latest in technological enhancements and features that puts it several generations ahead of any competitive equipment. The XPOSE is revolutionary rather than evolutionary.  It offers greatly enhanced capability over all competitors.

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PocketHound Cell Phone Detector

Product From Berkely Varitronics Systems Inc.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc.'s (BVS), PocketHound Cell Phone Detector has been named a 2012 Best of What’s New Award recipient by Popular Science in the Security category. PocketHound is a highly sensitive cell phone detector that is specifically tuned to the RF signature of all 2G/3G/4G cell phones. The receiver scans for any and all voice, texting and data transmissions and applies its unique auto-thresholding technology by comparing cellular measurements with the RF noise floor of that environment. This ensures that only genuine cell phone use (active or standby mode) will trigger the

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EtherHound Cell Phone Detector

Product From Berkely Varitronics Systems Inc.

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. (BVS) released EtherHound Cell Phone Detector, a cell phone detector used to enforce a ‘No Cell Phone Policy’ in a secure facility. EtherHound is a discreet receiver that can be mounted anywhere and powered over ethernet (PoE) creating a networked array of sensors. When a cell phone is detected, a time-stamped alert is emailed from each EtherHound to the server with time & location tags. These alerts are stored as data in an SQL database for further analysis or control via EtherHound’s optional client application software. EtherHound includes dry contacts for customizable trigger alerts when a cell phone is detected including audio, cameras, lights, etc.

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CSI Pro Metal Detector

Product From Garrett Metal Detectors

Garrett Metal Detectors has introduced the new CSI Pro metal detector. It was designed for use in the recovery of ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metallic crime scene evidence such as bullets, shell casings, stashed weapons, and metallic arson evidence.

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Mobile Field Lab-3000 (MFL)

Product From CENTICE

Centice Corporation enhanced its narcotics identification system, the Mobile Field Lab-3000 (MFL-3000).

The most cost-effective solution of its kind on the market, the MFL-3000 enables narcotic squads and drug task forces to quickly and easily perform drug identification in the field without destroying evidence.  Simply place and cover the unknown material (solid, liquid or powder) on the portable device and Centice’s patented Raman Spectroscopy technology rapidly scans it and creates a unique spectral fingerprint of the substance.  

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HazMatID Elite


Smiths Detection today launched HazMatID Elite, the only explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrials and narcotics identifier certified to the strictest military standard for use in the most extreme climates.

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