RAVEN, DERMA-MED and DERMA-MAX Safety Gloves Product Image

As the official government distributor of the SASSafety’s line of RAVEN (pictured), DERMA-MED and DERMA-MAX Safety Gloves, CMC Government Services encourages all federal, state and local law enforcement and security personnel, as well as workers in jails, prisons, and other correctional facilities to make sure they stay protected while on the job with brand name, quality disposable gloves.

Whether a crime analyst or a professional who works in a correctional institution, DERMA-MED and DERMA-MAX gloves are essential tools to have. These gloves provide protection and safety in such areas as food service, medical exams and infirmary, prisoner searches and screening and opening of mail and packages. These Nitrile gloves provide a strong barrier to keep workers safe. DERMA-MED gloves are 4-mil nitrile andare stronger and more durable than similar latex or vinyl gloves. Nitrile offers an excellent LATEX FREE barrier against a broad range of bodily fluids and chemicals for incidental splash and contact. This blue glove stretches to conform to the hand for enhanced dexterity and tactile sensitivity. The rolled cuff gives a better fit and reducestearing. A very important feature is the powder-free style which eliminates any powder contamination. The textured finish offers excellent wet grip for a safer and easierhandling task.

The DERMA-MAX brand offers the maximum protection barrier with 8 mil thickness for maximum puncture and abrasion resistance. These blue gloves are examination grade with a beaded cuff, textured grip and 12 inch length for added protection.

SAS Safety’s brand of RAVEN black disposable nitrile gloves are made for protecting police and other law enforcement personnel while they work crime scenes, search suspects and handle evidence. These gloves are offer superior puncture and abrasionresistance with their 6 mil deluxe thickness and have a textured grip. They are alsopowder and latex-free. Officers like the black color and quality of this glove.

The RAVEN, DERMA-MED, and DERMA-MAX gloves are ISO 9001:2000 Certified. They are ambidextrous to fit either hand. These gloves are sold by the box and CMC offers free shipping for agencies ordering 600 or more boxes.

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Smith & Wesson Personal Protective Equipment Line

Product From Radians Inc.

Radians, Inc. entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Smith & Wesson Corp.  The relationship “fits like a glove” since the use of firearms should be accompanied by Personal Protective Equipment that makes the work and sport experience safer and more comfortable for consumers, shooters and professionals.

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SAS Safety Black Nitrile Raven Gloves


CMC Government Supply’s customers are more than satisfied with their purchases of SAS Safety Black Nitrile Raven Gloves. These Black Nitrile Gloves are a popular product at CMC and customers have been very happy with the performance and price of the item. 

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Heat Stress Prevention Vests

Product From Steele Vest

Hot weather is coming, are you ready?   Prevent heat stress and WORK COOLER, SAFER AND LONGER with Steele Body Cooling Vests.  Steele has 30 years of experience combating heat stress plus independent testing documenting the effectiveness of our Steele Body Cooling Vests.   

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NBC System

Product From Ready to Go Survival

The NBC System that Ready to Go Survival offers has a SGE 150 Gas Mask with a NATO Gas Filter. These types of masks will be able to provide much better safety, in the event of an airborne toxin, compared to your typical N95 hospital type mask.

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Original 0.5mm Covert Glove

Product From Mechanix Wear

The Original 0.5mm Covert tactical glove utilizes a high dexterity 0.5mm palm and fingers for the perfect blend of precision and protection. The glove features a form-fitting finger design to reduce material bunching and improve feel for smooth weapon manipulation and overall control in the field or at the range. Breathable

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MultiCam Tactical Gloves (FastFit, Original, M-Pact)

Product From Mechanix Wear

Mechanix Wear introduced the FastFit, Original, and M-Pact glove models with MultiCam transitional camouflage to complete the soldier’s kit, from head to toe. Developed to effectively disguise the wearer across varied environments,

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TAC 6 Explosive Protection Suit

Product From Med-Eng, a part of The Safariland Group

The Med-Eng brand announced that its new multi-mission TAC 6 suit and visor ensemble for tactical officers at the 2014 SHOT Show. This high-mobility protective equipment addresses the increasing threats posed by explosive devices during operations.  Frontline personnel including

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Zeus II Forced Entry Mitten

Product From PPSS Group

UK based PPSS Group have launched what they claim is the world’s toughest forced entry mitten.

The ‘ZEUS II’ mitten are a further improved and version of the original ZEUS mitten, now also featuring a very high level of flame and heat protection.

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Glove Line (Grip, Shooter, Covert Strike, Protector)

Product From Tacprogear LLC

Tacproge's new line of gloves for law enforcement, military and tactical operators was designed to address a complete spectrum shooting conditions as well as mission varieties.

The Tacprogear Grip glove

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Product From Oakley Standard Issue

Military protective gloves have special requirements. The SI Assault Gloves have many useful features. Rugged micro-vented leather palm reinforced and carbon fiber knuckle plating. Premium leather and durable synthetics with flexible articulated construction. Mesh zones and rubber exhaust ports for comfortable breathability. Surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip plus textured pull for easy donning.

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