Surveillance Platforms and Kit (Roc Stoc, RSTA Kit, 24/7 Recon Kit, SOP-LW Kit, Tactical Tripod Kit)

Surveillance Platforms and Kit (Roc Stoc, RSTA Kit, 24/7 Recon Kit, SOP-LW Kit, Tactical Tripod Kit)

Surveillance Platforms and Kit (Roc Stoc, RSTA Kit, 24/7 Recon Kit, SOP-LW Kit, Tactical Tripod Kit) Product Image

Morovision Night Vision, Inc., introduces an innovative new productline of Surveillance Platforms & Kits. These Surveillance Platforms & Kits give users new ways of integrating optical and electro-optical components and systems. By allowing users the ability to combine new and existing optical and electro-optical devices, the Surveillance Platforms & Kits increase the number and types of missions the integrated components and systems can used for. These new Surveillance Platforms & Kits include the Roc Stoc, the RSTA Kit, the 24/7 Recon Kit, the SOP-LW Kitand the Tactical Tripod Kit.

The cornerstone piece of equipment featured as a part of, or an optional part, of all the new Surveillance Platforms & Kits is the Roc Stoc. The Roc Stoc is a shoulder stock Picatinny rail interface that allows users to stabilize surveillance cameras, spotting scopes, laser devices, and other rail mountable tactical equipment. Stabilization of the Roc Stoc in the field can be achieved in two basic ways. The first is “on the go, or on foot” by wedging the shoulder piece into the shoulder and holding the stock with one hand, leaving one hand open. The second is by lying down in a low angle position utilizing the bi-pod and shoulder piece on the ground, creating a tripod effect. The versatility and compatibility ofthe Roc Stoc is practically limitless. A low-cost base kit, an intermediate kit, and deluxe version areavailable.

The RSTA Kit, or Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition Kit, is specifically pre-designed to give users the ability to find and record quality images of key battlefield scenes at night. Included key components are the MONOCAM, an NEPVS-14 monocular, a MIL-SPEC PVS-14 weapons mount, arail extension piece, and a 3x MIL-SPEC afocal Magnifier lens. The RSTA Kit – A comes with a RocStoc, while the RSTA Kit – B includes the Tactical Tripod.

The 24/7 Recon R/T Scope Kit is a day/night platform kit that features the popular and high performing Vortex 10x50 Scope. The basic kit includes a Roc Stoc, the Vortex 10x50 Scope, the Versatile Mounting System (VMS), which includes a wide array of small adapters and mounts, and soft carry case. The 24/7 Recon Scope Kit was specifically designed not only for day time mission requirements, but also night time missions. By easily adding a PVS-14 monocular, the 24/7 Recon Scope becomes a night time reconnaissance and surveillance tool.

The SOP-LW Kit (Spotter’s Optical Platform) was specifically designed for sniper teams, either “on themove” or in a “fixed position”. Rather than directly stabilizing a Leupold scope with elbows on the ground, or some other odd positioning, the scope, or any scope for that matter, can now be easily be stabilized viathe bi-pod and the shoulder arm of the Roc Stoc, creating a sturdy tri-pod mount for long distanceviewing. The SOP-LW can also be easily connected to any Tripod platform via the LaRue rail grabber andManfrotto grip ball making it completely versatile in the field.

Morovision’s Tactical Tripod Kit has been customized specifically to hold payloads at working heights for prone to sitting situations and other low angle positions. It is perfect for low-light, surveillance and nighttime observation type photography and is compatible with a huge range of accessories including theManfrotto grip ball, fine pan/tilt mechanisms, fluid video heads and ball heads, and can even be attachedto the Roc Stoc, giving even more versatility to the user.

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EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems Night Vision & Thermal Devices


CMC Government Supply aims to outfit federal, state, and local law enforcement units with the best equipment to give public servants every advantage during dangerous situations. Night vision and thermal imaging devices are no exception. CMC Government Supply carries a wide assortment of equipment made by EOTech/L-3 Warrior Systems, the makers of the battlefield-proven EOTech holographic sights.

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Night Enforcer Fusion, Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (SENVG)

Product From Exelis

Building on the strengths of its predecessor, the Night Enforcer Fusion (or Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggle, SENVG) boasts significant improvements in producibility, field of view, and life cycle costs.

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Two-megapixel IP Network Dome Camera (IK-WR14A)


Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video is now offering a two-megapixel IP network dome camera (IK-WR14A) capable of capturing 1080p full HD resolution video at 30 frames-per-second in virtually any lighting condition, indoors or outdoors.

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NVG-7 Night Vision Goggle

Product From American Technologies Network (ATN) Corp.

American Technologies Network Corp. Corp. introduced the ATN NVG-7 series of night vision goggles.

The multi-purpose series allow users to operate the NVG-7 as a hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted night vision device. The single-tube night vision goggle is built around a high-grade 18mm Gen 2+ or Gen 3 Image Intensifier Tube and uses a binocular style design for convenience. Lightweight and compact, the NVG-7 is housed in a durable body and has a built-in IR light source for close-up illumination in total darkness. Other features include auto-brightness, bright source shut-off and an adjustable interpupillary distance. The NVG-7 series is water and fog resistant and the all-glass optics are multi-coated to provide brilliant clarity with no distortion.

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LN-SPRS-6, Special Purpose Riflescope 6.0X

Product From Luna Optics Inc.

Luna Optics, ICT Labs, Ident Marking Services, I2 Technologies and MOD Armory introducing a brand-new 6x version of our Special Purpose Riflescope with super-fast 165mm objective lens providing 6.0x image magnification with edge-to-edge clarity!  High-Resolution ITT Pinnacle, L3 OMNI-8 or our proprietary Recoil-Hardened ICT Labs Gen-III intensifier tubes provide bright images even in the darkest of nights and reliable operation on magnum-size calibers.  Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle features adjustable brightness and 3 colors for better aim in the variety of ambient conditions.  Manual Variable Gain allows user to control the image brightness.  Scope includes AD quick release Weaver/Picatinny mount, remote pressure pad and two moisture-control cartridges.  Power supply allows operation on either 1x3V Lithium battery or 1xAA battery.  Easy-to-install optional Extended Range IR illuminators (models LN-EIR-2 or LN-ELIR-2) allow for operation in total darkness!

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RANTEL Passive Night Vision Mini-Monocular


RANTEL is a multi-functional, high performance, modular, hand-held, passive night vision mini-monocular. It utilizes a single, 18mm ANVIS type GEN II+ or GEN III image intensifier tube to provide crisp, clear images under the darkest conditions. The “single tube/single eyepiece” approach to night vision missions is based upon the proven concept that independent use of each eye maximizes the ability of the user to operate under a wide range of low light conditions. With the RANTEL, the user retains his full peripheral vision in the unaided eye in conjunction with the 40° Field-of-View offered by the night vision device. The RANTEL can be hand-held or installed on a variety of standard and optional head mount/ helmet mount assemblies for hands-free use. The integrated near-IR illuminator enhances the ability of the user to read maps and operate in confined spaces. The RANTEL is compatible with all weapon mounted near-IR laser aiming and illuminating devices.

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VisiPad, VisiPad IR Identification and Marking Emitters

Product From Cyalume Technologies Inc.

Cyalume Technologies  is excited to have announced its latest innovation—VisiPad and VisiPad IR.  This line of cutting-edge Identification and Marking Emitters is ideal for worldwide military, police, fire, medical and disaster responders and other markets. In many situations, VisiPad and VisiPad IR can be utilized as a high quality, compact and lightweight alternative to the 6-inch light stick.

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LN-SPRS-4, Special Purpose Riflescope 4.0X

Product From Luna Optics Inc.

Luna Optics, ICT Labs, Ident Marking Services, I2 Technologies and MOD Armory introduced a brand-new Special Purpose Riflescope with super-fast 110mm objective lens providing 4.0x image magnification!

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Itt Exelis Mil Spec Image Intensifier Tubes (YG, VG, Ultra)

Product From Night Vision Depot

ITT's tube distributor Night Vision Depot announced that these MIL SPEC tubes are now available for newly manufactured systems or system upgrades. These tubes are available in three different categories: YG, VG and ULTRA. ULTRA tubes are among the highest performing Gen III image intensifiers ever available.

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Nightstick XPP-5456G Safety Rated/Intrinsically Safe Multi-Function Headlamp - Non-Rechargeable

Product From Nightstick by Bayco Products Inc.

This Safety Rated Intrinsically Safe Dual Light LED Headlamp is designed for use in hazardous workplace environments by professionals needing the ultimate in hands-free lighting. Ideal for head or hardhats, the XPP-5456 is cETLus Listed Intrinsically Safe for use in Class I, II, III, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D, E, F & G hazardous locations. With 4 different lighting modes, spotlight, full-power white floodlight, half-power white floodlight and red floodlight, the 5456 provide the exact lighting for virtually any situation. Plus the spotlight and the white floodlight can be activated simultaneously for even more lighting options...that's the idea behind Nightstick's exclusive Dual Light design.

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