3P X-Treme Seating

3P X-Treme Seating

3P X-Treme Seating Product Image

Laguna Manufacturing, Inc. announced their new line of seating. 3P X-Treme. 

The seats features include:

  • Hygenic and easy to clean
  • 3PX-Treme construction
  • Easy installation
  • Standard black

Optional features:

  • Certified Laguna 3P belt system
  • Certified ready buckle retractable seat belt system
  • Leg bar restraint system
  • Optional grey color seat

The Benefits of the 3P Restraint Device Include:

Safety of Both Officer and Prisoner

The new outboard seat belt fastening and quick release system assures that officers never again need to place their head or torso inside the car to restrain a prisoner... it minimizes officer risk.

Effective Prisoner Control

The heavy gauge moulded 3PX-TREME seat, certified safety seat belts and padded restraint bars limit the movement of arrested person. They cannot thrash about creating injury to themselves or others.

Limited Damage to Police Vehicles

With the moulded seat, there is no upholstery damage and the restraining devices help prevent other damage to windows and doors. The costs saved in repairing any or all of these items could pay for the purchase and installation of the 3P restraint system.

The new 3P X-Treme seat will carry a no small print 5 year warranty against breakage or cracking.

Models fit:

Crown Victoria

1999-2010 c.v. Fire Suppression Seat
1999-2010 c.v. Conduit Seat









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