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 SafeDispatch is a desktop application for dispatchers, provided by SafeMobile, that enables customers to host and manage their display solution on their own computer. It is the most comprehensive data Application for MOTOTRBO that uses the GPS and data functionality already embedded in the MOTOTRBO radio, thus allowing dispatchers to effectively manage and monitor their staff and mobile assets. The application is built for worldwide map coverage, with multiple language capability.

Mapping Options:

  • Google
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Customer provided maps (MapInfo, any raster or vectorial format maps)

GPS Suite

SafeDispatch is enhanced with a variety of location enabled features that offer real-time 24/7 critical information about your mobile assets around the world:

  • Speed and heading information
  • Unit status on/off
  • Historical data
  • I/O monitoring
  • Polling/immediate location reporting
  • Landmarking
  • Geofencing
  • Alarms

Text Messaging Suite

SafeDispatch is enhanced with text messaging capability that allows for SMS communication between the radio and the dispatcher. The dispatcher can send messages to any radio or group of radios and can also receive messages from radios in a dedicated Inbox and Outbox screen in SafeDispatch.

  • Compose text message
  • Compose text message for group
  • Text message Inbox
  • Text messages Sent
  • Predefine text messages

Reporting Suite

The SafeDispatch Reporting Module offers a variety of reports available for easy data interpretation: MOTOTRBO ARS, Speeding Report, End of Day Report, Stops Report, Fleet Report, Geofencing Report, Landmark Report, etc.

  • Speeding Repot
  • End of Day Report
  • Stops report
  • Fleet report
  • Geofencing report
  • Landmarking report
  • etc.

E-mail Suite

The E-mail Module allows radios to send messages to any email address and to receive messages sent from an email address. This function enables the dispatcher to communicate with the staff from his computer at home without having to run the SafeDispatch application from his computer.

  • (Send and receive messages to and from any e-mail address)

Voice Dispatch Suite

The enhanced capability of Voice over IP allows the dispatcher to communicate with the drivers directly from SafeDispatch, also enabling the recording and logging of calls at the same time. The VoIP Suite ships with a headset with USB connection and VoIP gateway cables.

  • Make group or private calls (PTT)
  • Record and log calls
  • Change radio channels
  • Change audio settings

Subscriber and User Manager Mobile

  • (Manage user accounts and access privileges and also register units in the SafeDipatch system)

Available languages: English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, Romanian, Czech; due to its flexible GUI, SafeDispatch can easily be translated into any language.



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Defender9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point Call Handling Suite


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Eventide NexLog Logging Recorder System

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Zetron, a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions, announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Eventide to offer Eventide’s NexLog logging recorder through Zetron’s direct and indirect distribution channels. As a result of this partnership, NexLog will also be integrated with Zetron’s MAX Dispatch, MAX Call-Taking and Advanced Communications (Acom) systems.

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DMR Tier 3 with Zetron Dispatch Solutions Support


Tait Communications announced that its DMR Tier 3 offering now supports Zetron dispatch solutions.

Engineered in partnership with Zetron, and designed to work with Zetron’s Acom Advanced Communication and MAX Dispatch systems, it is the first console interface able to connect to a standards-based DMR Tier 3 trunked network. 

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Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) for IP|Console Solution


Catalyst Communications Technologies, Inc. announced its Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI) for its IP|Console solution. CSSI is one of the eight primary Project 25 (P25) interfaces specified in the TIA-102 suite of standards and supports trunking.  The Catalyst CSSI Gateway may be added to both new and existing IP|Console systems for voice dispatch to public safety and other critical communications agencies.  With its flexible, graphical user interface, Catalyst can provide Police, Fire, EMS, utilities and others custom dispatch screens and capabilities to better meet the unique needs and budgets of each agency.

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Disaster Response Training Class


911 professionals can now be even better prepared to respond to the disaster-related emergency calls that come ever more frequently into their call centers.

PowerPhone, Inc., a leader in 911 training and technology, recently launched its newest class, Disasters and the Dispatcher: Expecting the Unexpected, the foremost in disaster response training.

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PremierOne CAD System


Motorola Solutions, Inc. announced an upgrade of the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system at the York-Poquoson-Williamsburg (YCPW) Emergency Communications Center (ECC) in Va. 

With this next generation command and control solution, YCPW will be able to handle calls faster, allocate resources more efficiently and coordinate seamlessly with other departments and agencies.

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