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The challenging and rigorous demands placed on public safety departments and their personnel require smart solutions to help them keep pace. Insight Video Nethas harnessed a cutting-edge, smart technology solution,TruTrack, that will allow law enforcement to keep pace even when in high gear.

TruTrack works with the new Dell Streak hand-held device to capture videos andphotographs on-the-go and secure them as digital evidence. TruTrack has a very intuitive, easy-to-use interface that not only automatically collects information about the officers' location but also allows additional important information to be added to the video or photo for later reference.

An Interview feature allows an officer to conduct a video interview on the fly, allowing more effective use of the officer's time. AII files and information collected using TruTrack are safely and securely stored as digital evidence and then transferred to InsightVideo Net's Digital Evidence Management System, eMS Flex, where they are archived as evidence and can be easily queried when needed.

Enhancing Officer Safety

Real world policing requires officers to be prepared for almost anything. In an instant a situation can quickly escalate in to a crisis. Unfortunately, protecting an officer is not always possible, but providing immediate backup during an emergency to get help for the officer and secure the situation is vital. TruTrack is armed with an officer safety feature that will immediately send for backup when triggered. If an officer is armed withTruTrack, and is shot, hit, or encounters a fall, TruTrack automatically sends out alerts via phone, text message or email to the dispatch center or any personnel they desire. When an officer is down and unable to call for help, this can mean the difference between life or death, between a criminal being captured or being on the run.

Field Interviews Save Critical Time

Recalling the details of an interview conducted in the field from memory can prove to be difficult in the fast-paced and dynamic environment an officer experiences, TruTrack allows field interviews to be conducted quickly, saved as evidence,with additional information to help organize and manage the digital evidence after the fact.

Evidence Classification allows law enforcement to add details about the interviews so they can quickly locate the digital evidence in the future, for instance, if an officer were to conduct a field interview during a traffic stop where they suspect the driver has been drinking. An officer could record the interview and field sobriety test with TruTrack and then add information about the interview such as the name of the driver and any notes associated with the case.

Many police vehicles today come equipped with in-car video cameras. Often officers encounter situations where they need to use their in-car video cameras to conduct interviews. The range of view on the cameras can be limiting and restrict the amount of viewing area that can be recorded. TruTrack offers an alternative to using the in-car video cameras to conduct interviews and provides a useful tool for officers that don't have the benefit of an in-car video system.

Tracking the Action: Capture Incidents in Real Time

TruTrack is designed to be very easy-to-use and intuitive for use in the field. Tru Track can be used to record video of trafflc stops, interviews, or photographs from accident or crime scenes. All adjustments to the video or camera can be made from the same screen to quickly adjust the device for different environments. During recording or when the camera is active, a red box appears around the image to indicate live mode. Once the video is done recording or a snapshot has been taken, a Digital Evidence Classification window appears requiring an officer to provide more information about the file to help track and identify the incident so it can easily be recalled when needed.

In addition, Evidence Classifications from either video or camera options can also be added in batch. Longitude, latitude,time and date are always part of the digital evidence, however, information from the previous Evidence Classification remains intact so the user simply selects "apply" to continue assigning the same information to new files. Once the Evidence Classifications are completed and applied, the information or metadata becomes part ofthe digital evidence and can be searched or queried once transferred to InsightVideo Net's CMS Flex.

Securing the Truth: Automating the Process of Digital Evidence Management

Being able to provide evidence of what occurred during an incident can be priceless to the department and the officer. Proving what actually occurred, when it occurred and who was involved can substantiate the officer's account of the incident. Being able to quickly access the information and protect it so that it is preserved as evidence is increasingly important in today's litigious world.

Officers are often inundated with digital information collected from the field from devices like cell phones, cameras, and video camcorders that must be manually managed and secured as evidence. This manual process requires that the officer hand off the digital information in some way to the evidence room and then checked out when it needs to be reviewed later. The manual processes used in most departments today are difficult and time consuming, especially given the time constrained and heavily mandated environment that police departments must operate in today. CMS Flex, an automated Digital Evidence Management System, was designed to eliminate these manual processes and help streamline your digital evidence management operations. In addition to digital evidence collected from TruTrack, CMS Flex allows an officer to pull together all video (whether from in-car or physical security systems) and other digital assets, such as photos and audio files, to be automatically managed and organized in the location or locations of their choice. This greatly increases security operation efficiency and preserves all digital assets as evidence. Based on criteria defined, CMS Flex determines where event video is stored, how long it's saved, whether it's backed up and who can access it automatically.

Because CMS Flex was built to be flexible to fit particular application needs, an officer can categorize their digital evidence however desired. The intuitive user interface and thumbnail file previews make finding what you're looking for simple and quick. And having all your information in one place allows the officer to re-create a digital story of what occurred at different points in time and most importantly, secure everything as evidence so it can be used to prosecute criminals. CMS Flex's open architecture was designed to work with the department's existing video system, and with the new Extension Matrix, it can even ingest proprietary file formats. Insight Video Networks tirelessly to deliver third party integration to make CMS Flex the most flexible, powerful and innovative digital asset management software on the market. With TruTrack and CMS Flex, law enforcement can be sure that their digital evidence is in good hands from the scene of the crime to the court date.

Key Features

  • Officer Safety Feature: Automatically send for back-up in times of crisis
  • Record interviews from the field and maintain them as evidence
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Collects important information (meta data) about digital evidence collected from the field or wherever the officer travels
  • Video & Camera Configurations set from the same screen
  • Manage all digital evidence in one location: TruTrack files, in-car video, physical security video, photographs, audio files, and even documents

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