eLearning Class for HDS CloudWorx for AutoCAD Software

eLearning Class for HDS CloudWorx for AutoCAD Software

eLearning Class for HDS CloudWorx for AutoCAD Software Product Image

Leica Geosystems new eLearning modules are available online 24/7 from any location with a PC and an Internet connection. Students can progress through the material at their own pace and dive deeper into the software functionality to unlock the full potential of this powerful tool.

The online CloudWorx e-learning module has 91 minutes of pre recorded material. Students follow along with the instructors when they signup and play a module. This gives the user the ability stop and work with the same supplied database that is being shown in the modules so they can master the skill or concept being taught.

The CloudWorx application adds simple yet powerful tools for viewing and working with the entire or slices of point cloud data to speed up deliverable creation such as 2D drawing creation, 3D Building Modeling, pipe modeling and clash detection. “Point clouds” are created by the 3D scanning process. The scanner has the ability to measure millions of survey grade points (x, y and z) on an object’s surface which becomes a 3D representation of reality in the professional’s computer. CloudWorx enables AutoCAD users to work efficiently with these large point clouds directly using AutoCAD tools and commands they are already using in their AutoCAD environment.

Topics covered include 2D mapping, 3D mapping, configure database, initial UCS set-up, modeling, fit section, sweep, revolve, color mapping, set load limit, hide regions, drafting with CloudWorx, drawing on points, digitizing, 2D elevations, snap/visibility, and set load limit.


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