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PODBOX Options

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US POD BOX, the Original US provider of mobile units to transport supplies and capabilities for multiple professional applications, proudly announces more options to the very successful PODBOX line, including an aluminum laminate and even an all aluminum cart. The American Made “PODBOX” originated in the Preparedness world as a solution to the needs of Responders for local, regional, state and international deployment requirements. The PODBOX offers many customized solutions for Law Enforcement Armorers and Investigators including an Armorers Cart designed by a Firearms & Toolmarks Examiner and Armorer. This unique solution for the Armorer allows them the mobility to work at the range as well as at their department.

US POD BOX offers hand-held carrying cases for firearms and PODBOXES for crime scene investigations. US POD BOX products are made from 100 percent US quality construction and are built durable to withstand years in even the most demanding environments. The highly customizable PODBOX features a unique removable front panel that becomes a table with tilt bins in the hinged lid with plenty of hand holds/pulls and places for tie-downs. Build rugged for transportation, each PODBOX also features EZ Glide casters for easy of mobility. Standard PODBOX sizes are 24 inches, 36 inches 48 inches and 60 inches. Seventy-two inch cases are available as custom models. Customized options include: aluminum laminate; Rhino liner spray in top drawers; and mounted power-strips. 

The PODBOXES exceed ATA 300 Transit case shipping requirements and are tested to meet Military Standard 810 C/D transit case specifications. The patented aluminum valance mates the lid to the body for a secure seal during shipping. The double-angle aluminum construction is the most durable design in the industry providing a 2,000-pound case load capacity.

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GUNBUSTERS Firearms Pulverizer System


 GUNBUSTERS, LLC's Firearms Pulverizer system for law enforcement agencies intent on safely and efficiently destroying seized and surrendered firearms.  The design is the brainchild of Ray Reynolds, a retired police Lieutenant, with over forty years in law enforcement and executive positions with three major firearms manufacturers.

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PlanView Multiple Track Cabinets

Product From Magnatag

Magnatag’s PlanView multiple track cabinets hold up to 10 sliding magnetic steel whiteboards, maps and bulletin panels, turning an ordinary wall into a flexible, easy to use visible information center. A Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue operation says, “Our PlanView boards give us an overview. They hold all the relevant details about the subject and search plan. Before, we kept everything on paper making it hard for multiple people to read and update. Having all the information in front of the planning group works much better and allows teams to self brief.” A Department of the Navy operations team leader from Virginia says, “We use it as a multi-purpose information center. We slide the boards out for briefings and use the front panel to cover sensitive information. It’s nice to be able to put our own maps on the boards and change them when we want. The fact that it can be moved is important if we ever have to change facilities.”

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0202 OMD Optical Media Destroyer


The new Model 0202 OMD Optical Media Destroyer from Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) has the highest-rated throughput capacity of all such shredders evaluated and listed by the National Security Agency (NSA) — 2,400 CDs or DVDs per hour. Exceeding the requirements of the NSA/CSS 04-02 Standards, it reduces discs to tiny 2.0 millimeter by 3.9 millimeter particles. Unlike other models, the Model 0202 has Auto Sync dual voltage capability and two power cords to operate on either 110-120V/60Hz or 220-230V/50Hz power, making it ideal for overseas deployment.

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Portable Travel Safe

Product From Tuffy Security Products

Weighing less than 3 lbs., this lockable welded steel storage box is TSA approved and can be used to secure a firearm and protect valuables while carrying it by hand between locations, during travel, inside a vehicle, home or office. 

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Sentinel Smart TRACKER


The Sentinel Smart TRACKER by Tiffin Metal Products takes the issuance and return of controlled items to an entirely new automated level. Centrally located control rooms or armories can be transformed into a self-issue process for weapons, tasers, rape kits, radios, night vision equipment and other high-value, sensitive issued equipment. This unique system will reduce the labor costs associated with a manual issuance system and bring accountability to a higher level.

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2D Dot Label

Product From DYNAMIC SYSTEMS INC - Barcode Tracking Systems

Dynamic Systems, Inc.'s label, the 2D Dot, is used with the Checkmate Law Enforcement Equipment & Inventory Manger. This solution can be used by public safety agencies such as FBI, Corrections, Security, Sheriffs, Police, SWAT, Secret Service, Campus Security, or Airport Police.

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2013 Full Line Catalog


This new 196-page Storage Solutions 2013 Catalog from Lyon Workspace Products features “Safe, Secure Storage Solutions” involving nine major product categories. Lockers, shelving, modular drawer cabinets, safety & ergonomic products, storage cabinets, workspace furniture, storage rack, tool storage, and much more.

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Records Storage - High Density Police Records Storage Systems


It is not uncommon for our Police Record Storage Systems to double or triple your current file rooms capacity.

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Evidence Storage - High Density Storage Equipment


Double or triple the storage capacity of you existing Evidence Storage Vault with our High Density Storage Solutions.

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High Density Shelving

Product From HI-DENISTY
  • Evidence Storage Systems
  • Evidence Passthru Lockers
  • Weapons Racks
  • Wire Partitions
  • Records Shelving
  • High Density Storage systems
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