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CAA Command Arms RONI allows law enforcement to easily convert an officer's pistol to an accurate carbine in less than six seconds by simply unlocking two pins and inserting their handgun. There is no need to carry both rifle and pistol ammunition. With the RONI, officers can increase effective engagement range to 100 yards and beyond. There is no pistol disassembly or modification required. The RONI comes equipped with a folding forward grip, one full length 9.4-inch aluminum top rail and two 2.25-inch aluminum side rails. A spare magazine holder and optional brass catcher are additional features of the RONI. With the muzzle shroud removed the Roni can accommodate suppressors up to 1.3 inches in diameter.

There are RONI models in stock to fit:

  • Glock 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27,31, 32, 34 and 35
  • Glock 21, 45acp, Glock 20 10mm
  • Bersa Thunder 9mm
  • Beretta PX4 Storm, 9mm, 40 cal, 45 cal.
  • Beretta Model 92 in 9mm, 92 Italian Made Version, 9mm and Beretta M9, 9mm
  • Bul Cherokee
  • CZ Duty 07 and 08
  • Jericho, PS, PSL 9mm, R and F Models, 9mm
  • Sig Sauer 226, 9mm and 40 cal and Sig Model 2022 
  • H&K USP 9mm and 40 cal
  • Springfield XD 9mm and 40 cal
  • Models coming soon include the Glock Model 30, Sig 229, Sig 226 Elite, Para P14, FN Five-Seven.

All NFA rules apply.

The RONI allows law enforcement to realize the accuracy inherent in the pistol. Targets can be engaged at 100 yards and beyond. The flawless design of the RONI allows for accurate single handed shooting from either hand and has a reduced weapon recoil, improving target hits without the required training. The enlarged cocking handle design makes cocking easier for any size operator and allows quicker clearing of any malfunctions if necessary. The operation is able to clear any weapon malfunction exactly the same way as when shooting the pistol separately.

Installation is quick and easy by simply unlocking pins located at the front and rear of the RONI and opening the device to insert the handgun. Open the fore grip to a vertical position, extend the front barrel shroud and the rear stock by pressing the stock extension button. The RONI kit will then open up allowing officers to slip in their desired handgun. To secure the weapon inside simply close the kit, return the front and rear in their original positions, push in the pins securely and they are ready for action.


  • GLASS BREAKER: The RONI comes equipped with an integral glass breaker in the muzzle shroud. The RONI utilizes a pistol caliber and NOT a rifle caliber -therefore there is much LESS Danger of a ricochet or over-penetration through walls and other objects, minimizing collateral damage and reducing chance of injury to others.
  • SAFETY OPTIONS: The RONI comes with a forward guard to protect your support hand.
  • OPTIONS: The RONI is available in three colors: Black, Olive Drab, and Desert Tan (shown above). Other accessories for the RONI include a hinged brass catcher with magnetic release, secure vehicle mount, front & rear flip up sights, forward grips, sling mounts, 1.375-inch suppressors and more!
  • The RONI accepts holographic, red dot, magnified, and angle assisted devices such as the Accutact Angle Sight
  • Made of: Polymer & Aluminum
  • Weight (ounces): 55.36 
  • Max Length: 21.75 inches
  • Min. Length: 18 inches
  • Height: 6.25 inches

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Intelligent Rail Technology (Concept)

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Manta is now manufacturing their new M7000 series suppressor cover and will fit 1.5 inch diameter suppressors.

The use of revolutionary materials, coupled with cutting-edge designs has allowed Manta to solve a problem that plagues every suppressor, HEAT! The Manta Suppressor Cover will resist the extreme heat generated from suppressors; thus, protecting operators and gear from accidental burns while helping to reduce mirage and IR signature. Cover segments can interface together and can be cut to length for a custom fit.

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Tekko Metal AR Carbine Integrated Rail System


Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT) introduced the Tekko Metal AR Carbine Integrated Rail System (T-MARC)that replaces any plastic factory handguard with an American made, 7-inch, lightweight 6061 aluminum, hard coat anodized rail. The T-MARC requires no tools or gunsmithing for installation.

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MPA556S-II and Murmur II Suppressors

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The MPA556S-II is a user serviceable can, utilizing a monocore design that gives the end user the ability to service and clean the suppressor without having to send it back to the manufacturer. This MPA556S-II can handle 5.56x45mm, .223, 5.7x28mm, 22LR, 22 WMR and 17HMR with exceptional performance. The DB ratings in 5.56 is in the 133 DB range (10 shot weighted average using NI Labview Software / GRAS ¼” MICs) and in 22LR, the can meters in the 113 DB range. The ability to service the suppressor by the end user allows the can to handle 22LR without shortening the life of the product due to the dirty nature of this ammunition. The weight of the can is in the 15 ounce range, utilizing a titanium outer tube and front cap and a 17-4PH core. The MPA556S-II can handle full auto fire on full length barrels in 5.56, so it is built to last. 

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MOD1 Carbine Length Hand Guard

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American Built Arms Company is proud to introduce the A*B Arms MOD1 hand guard.

1) This hand guard is a 2 piece design with upper and lower heat shields for maximum cooling.

2) Designed and engineered to accommodate gas piston or direct gas impingement systems.

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American Built Arms is proud to introduce the A*B Arms A*B Pro hand guard in Black.

1) This hand guard is a two piece design with upper and lower heat shields for maximum cooling.

2) Designed and engineered to accommodate gas piston or direct gas impingement systems.

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