Expander Die for TX-40 Reloading System

Expander Die for TX-40 Reloading System

Expander Die for TX-40 Reloading System Product Image

Departments can increase officer training and significantly reduce costs by safely and easily reloading 40mm foam/sponge casings and projectiles with the TX-40 Reloading System from Ten-X Tactical, the LE/MIL division of Ten-X Ammunition, Inc. Relieving pressure from training budgets, Ten-X Tactical has released the TX-40 Expanding Die that nearly eliminates the expense of replacing dented 40mm aluminum casings. 


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Knoxx Stock Ammo Carrier

Product From LOADMASTER Products

The development of the LoadMaster for the well known Knoxx Stock came from a request of a female instructor. She was looking for a way to add ammo to the Knoxx Stock System. The system is the recoil reduction stock and the over sized or longer foregrip. The foregrip makes the standard sidesaddle unable to be mounted. LoadMaster has developed a design to add 10 rounds on the grip in the style of a LoadMaster.  Simply remove the grip cap on the bottom of the grip and insert the LoadMaster. One small screw on the sidde of the grip is all it takes to hold the body in place. The shell carrier strips are removable to add versitility and more ammo.

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SureShell shotshell carrier


Mesa Tactical expanded its selection of SureShell Shotshell Carriers to include offerings specifically designed for use with the popular FN SLP.

Since its introduction in 2005, the SureShell shotshell carrier has quickly become the industry’s professional standard for on-gun shotgun ammunition storage for tactical professionals. Law enforcement agencies across the nation rely on SureShell carriers for their unmatched reliability and heavy-duty construction. SureShell carriers are available in a wide variety of configurations, work well in virtually all climates and are designed to endure years of daily use and abuse.

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SPEEDFEED I and III Shotgun Stocks

Product From Safariland Group (The)

Safariland's select SPEEDFEED I and SPEEDFEED III shotgun stocks are available in the popular Multi-Cam and A-TACS camouflage patterns and in Flat Dark Earth.  The new camouflage patterns are applied hydrographically, while the Flat Dark Earth models are molded in that color.

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Integrated Magazine Pouch GEN2


The Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch is the relevant and realistic solution to the patrol officer’s need of carrying a second rifle magazine on their person. Designed by officers, this space saving device allows the officer to carry a second rifle magazine securely on his duty belt. Worn in conjunction with their pistol magazine pouch or other accessory pouch, the Integrated Magazine Pouch is an open top design that allows the officer quick access to additional ammunition while using skill sets established in training. Whether a felony stop, alarm call, domestic gone bad, or worse yet, an active shooter situation, the officer will always have ammunition on demand, when needed most.

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Big dipper - Electric Casting Furnace

Product From Lyman Products Corp.

Lyman added the new “Big Dipper” electric castingfurnace, a casting kit featuring the new furnace and a new cast iron lead pot. The new “Big Dipper” is an economical electric casting furnace which offers a morethan 10 pound capacity with wide mouth designed for easy ladling. The new furnace also features a top mounted thermostat with an easy “on-off” temperature dial that cancontrol alloy temperatures to +/-10 degrees. The heavy duty aluminum construction offers a stable, compact non-tip design with fast a heat-up using standard household current. The “Big Dipper Casting Starter Kit” offers the economy-minded bullet castereverything needed to start casting top quality bullets. In addition to the new “BigDipper” furnace, with its 10+ pound capacity, the kit includes a Lyman Casting Dipper, Ingot Mold for storing excess lead, Super Moly Bullet Lube and the Lyman Reloading and Cast Bullet Guide. All the starting bullet maker needs to add is leadalloy and a bullet mould in his chosen caliber. A 10 Pound Cast Iron Lead Melting Pot has also been added to the Lyman castingline. Taking advantage of the thermal properties of cast iron, this new pot allows acaster to use his own heat source to melt and alloy up to 10 pounds of material whilekeeping his casting furnace free of impurities often found in scrap material. The pot isdesigned with a rugged wire bail, grasping tab and convenient pour spout for safedispensing of molten alloy into ingots.

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XRAIL Systems


XRAIL Systems are available in two models made with high grade 7075 series, 6061 series hard coat black anodized aluminum's, 303 stainless metals, and high impact polymers that are non corrosive.

- Full Version XRAIL System, empty weight of 2 pounds 2 ounces.

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Carbide Case Trimmer

Product From Lyman Products Corp.

Lyman has added the "Universal Carbide Case Trimmer" to their respected line of case preparation tools. This case trimmer adds the longer life and ultrasharp cutting qualities of a carbide tool to Lyman's well-known Universal trimmer.

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5.11 Tactical Gear


5.11 Tactical offers a range of products for law enforcement professionals, including tactical gear, holsters, bags, training equipment, police, fire, security uniforms and more.

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TX-50 Reloading Press - 50 BMG


From Ten-X Ammunition, its auto-indexing, progressive reloading press is designed to handle the rigorous loading of large capacity cartridges. Five reloading positions/stations include: sizing and depriming; priming with adjustable primer seating depth and powder drop; powder check; bullet seating; and a final position for separate crimping or gauging. Setup to load 50 BMG, the TX-50 includes a high capacity powder measure that can drop 75 charges of 250 grains before refilling. The case feeder feeds up to ten pieces per minute. The massive 7-inch stroke of the TX-50 handles even the longest possible OAL. Use standard 1 1/2-inch dies for loading other .50 cal base cartridges, or convert the head to accept 1-inch or 7/8-inch dies with reducer bushings. All parts are easily removed for cleaning. The TX-50 press has been machined from high grade metal billets to ensure years of flawless precision loading without corrosion.

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Mini-14 LULA Strip Clip Loader

Product From Butler Creek

The Butler Creek Strip Loader for Mini-14 rifles makes it easy and painless to load magazines from clips. Officers can also load loose rounds and a built-in tab makes unloading rounds a quick and simple operation. Like most LULA loaders it is small, lightweight and simple to use. It is made from a durable, reinforced polymer plastic, about 1/3 the size of similar loaders and will fit easily into a range bag or pocket. With a little practice, a shooter can load 30 rounds in about 12 seconds.

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