Security Immersive Training System (SITS)

Security Immersive Training System (SITS)

Security Immersive Training System (SITS) Product Image

SITS Capabilities

  • Force on Force, Counterterrorism, Direct Action Engagement
  • Execution of Security Team Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
  • Security Planning Team Course of Action Development, Execution and Assessment
  • Facility and Critical Asset Vulnerability
  • Protection Planning and Assessment
  • Crisis Response Planning and Assessment
  • Mission Rehearsal
  • Scenario Development, Performance Feedback and Lessons Learned


A new system being developed bythe Cubic Innovation and Technology Center integrates software and technologies to provide what is known as “live, virtual and constructive” (LVC) training in one portable and expandable package.

Called the Security Immersive Training System (SITS), the concept calls for a core package for providing constructive training that can be expanded to incorporate virtual and live training, all at the same time. For the project, Cubic is partnering with Albuquerque-based RhinoCorps, which makes a constructive simulation software tool called Simajin. SITS will also incorporate a powerful computer gaming engine and 3-D terrain software similar to Google Earth. The core of SITS will be made from commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and will be designed so that existing Cubic products — the COMBATREDI virtual-reality trainer, the Multiple Integrated Laser EngagementSystem – Individual WeaponsSystem (MILES IWS) and the Initial–Homestation Instrumentation Training System (I-HITS) — can beintegrated with it.

LVC training is a combination of three categories:

Live, the old standby, istraining in the real world using real people and actual equipment, including soldiers and combat vehicles equipped with laser weapon simulators such as Cubic's MILES gear. It has a disadvantage of being expensive and hard on equipment, but provides the most “fidelity” — a term that describes the realism of training.

Virtual uses software andcomputer hardware, such as flight simulators or COMBATREDI, allowing humans to interact with a virtual environment, as when playing a computer video game. It is relatively inexpensive, but lacks some of the fidelity of live training.

Constructive training uses simulated people acting out computerized scenarios in simulated environments. Humans provide input, such as the location of equipment, barriers and forces, but the outcome is determined by the simulation software. Constructive training allows scenarios to be easily repeated thousands of times with subtle changes, but has the least fidelity of the three.

Finding the proper mix of these three categories to provide training that is worthwhile yet cost-effective is the Holy Grail for military and security planners these days.

The concept for SITS emerged when Cubic officials were brain stormingthe kinds of threats and potential threats the military and security forces are training for today.

SITS will consist of a core system of two large flat-screen TVs, a touch-screen LCD display and computer laptops running the gaming, terrain and constructive-simulation software. The right screen, for example, could display a high-resolution 3-D overhead view of the terrain, with avatars for vehicles and people playing out the constructive simulation. The left screen, powered by the gaming engine, could display a realistic perspective from the view of a soldier at a sniper post watching the action unfold.

The touch screen would allow planners to manipulate various elements in the scenario to see how that affects the outcome. One would allow, say, a squad of a dozen Marines wearing COMBATREDI equipment, and training in a 3-D virtual environment, to be incorporated into the constructive training, appearingon the SITS screen as two dimensional elements of the scenario. Or, using MILESIWS and I-HITS gear, soldiers participating in live training could also be added to the mix.

Security planners could manipulate numerous elements, such as entry points for the terrorists, explosions, the location of direct-action teams and snipers, emergency routes, traffic, communications and even the reaction of the crowd. Running the simulation again and again would help determine the best ways for security forces to set up for and respond to a variety of attacks. Security training exercises and support and threat analysis are other potential uses.

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Low Roll Training Simulator

Product From Defense Technology, a part of The Safariland Group

The Defense Technology brand announced today the release of the new Low Roll Training Simulator – a training tool with a pneumatic fuze, designed to replicate their live Low Roll Distraction Device

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SureStrike Laser Range

Product From Laser Ammo Ltd.

The SureStrike Laser Range includes the L.A.S.R. Pro software to provide the user with instant feedback on shot placement and times enhancing your training value with real time feedback. The SureStrike Laser Range

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SureStrike Ultimate LE Training Kit

Product From Laser Ammo Ltd.

A comprehensive kit including everything an officer needs for training with their most commonly used firearm calibers. This kit includes:

  • 223 SureStrike laser cartridge and pipe
  • 9mm SureStrike Dual Function cap — 5,000 additional shots!
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SureStrike Laser PET Electronic Target

Product From Laser Ammo Ltd.

The first Personal Electric Target (PET) improves shooting skills such as drawing, target acquisition, and trigger squeeze while building a solid foundation for accuracy. LaserPET can be combined with any of our SureStrikeTM laser training cartridges for immediate audio, visual, and numeric feedback with multiple training options. LaserPET offers three operational modes:

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AIMWELL Target System

Product From Laser Ammo Ltd.

The AIMWELL Target is an electronic reactive target that can be used standalone or with additional AIMWELL targets. The target reacts to being hit when used with the Laser Ammo SureStrike TA cartridge in your gun.

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360° RescueSim Simulator Rooms

Product From VSTEP

VSTEP and Mission Room Limited in the UK have reaffirmed their partnership for delivery of high-tech 360° RescueSim simulator rooms for immersive virtual incident response training.

Back in 2010, VSTEP and Mission Room Ltd were the first to introduce a 360° Virtual Incident Response Training Mission Room at the Emergency Services Show in the UK. The 360° Mission Room fully integrates the RescueSim Virtual Incident Response Simulator and is lauded by Fire & Rescue professionals for its effectiveness to recreate the tension that they experience during an actual incident. It has since gathered widespread attention for its realism and the total immersion it provides Fire & Rescue personnel during training. 

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MILO Range with Kinect for Windows

Product From MILO Range, powered by IES Interactive Training

IES Interactive Training has released the interactive firearms and use of force industry’s first and only training simulator that actually sees and records trainees' physical movements and verbal commands, and causes the system to branch to different outcomes based on those actions. With the MILO Range with Kinect for Windows option added, trainees can use baton strikes, kicks, punches and other physical movements to interact with the virtual world around them. The system changes the scenario point of view based on trainee location in the simulator room, and also responds to verbal commands and responses from the trainee. The system can also be instantly calibrated and operated by voice commands and simple hand gestures, providing fast and easy training sessions. These exclusive features are only available on the MILO Range simulator product line, and offer a substantial technological advancement on this type of training simulator.

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One Simple Decision (OSD) 2.0 Driving Simulation Program

Product From Virtual Driver Interactive Inc. (VDI)

Virtual Driver Interactive (VDI) announced the release of One Simple Decision 2.0 along with new customers that have signed on for OSD, the only simulation program that forces participants to live through the consequences of driving distracted or impaired.

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Portable Small Arms Training Simulator (PSATS Live Fire)

Product From LASER SHOT INC.

PSATS Live Fire Portable Small Arms Training Simulator

  • Dimensions: 22 inches by 22 inches by 10 inches
  • Weight: 33 pounds


  • Portable one-man carry
  • "Plug and train" system
  • Turns a paper target range into a virutal target range
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Taser Trainer

Product From TI Training Corp.

The TASER Trainer from TASER Intl., manufactured by Ti Training Corp., is the only TASER approved simulation system for initial, recurrent, and ongoing training with TASER devices.

The TASER Trainer utilizes technologies to incorporate the X2 and supports training with the X26 and X26P.  The integrated classroom training system allows officers to interact with TASER training content via wireless keypads. High definition, fully branching, repeatable scenarios and skill builders permit consistent, real time deployment of TASER devices that test officers’ skill level and knowledge of agency specific policy and procedure. The latest training bulletins and legal updates can be displayed with the click of a mouse.

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