CAD Touch and Records Touch

CAD Touch and Records Touch

CAD Touch and Records Touch Product Image

The Spillman Touch application allows public safety personnel to access recrods and images, search for data, view dispatch information, and receive call assignments using a mobile device. Full integration with the agency's Spillman database enables officers to see dispatch calls as they are received and update the unit's status. Officers can search for name, vehicle, property, and incident records and see related alerts and warnings in situations where desktop or laptop computers aren't accessible.

Key features

User friendly Interface

The Spillman Touch application is designed for convenient click or touch-screen navigation from a mobile digital device. Images appear on the screen as thumbnails and can be viewed full screen by touching or clicking on the image. The images have been resized for mobile digital device screens to conserve bandwidth for faster downloads. Phone numbers are automatically formatted as links so that you can direct-dial them from a device. Officers can also send e-mails with links to a record. In addition, Spillman Touch utilizes the same user login information as the main Spillman system, preventing users from having to memorize multiple passwords and usernames.

Integration with GoogleMaps

When an address is selected in the Spillman touch application, a Google map is automatically opened. Officers can see the current address, destination, traffic information, and turn-by-turn directions.

Real-time Call Updates

View all active calls, the nature of the call, address, and any assigned units. If an officer has been assigned ca call, it will automatically appear at the top of the call list. Calls are color-coded by status, allowing them to quickly see whether officers have arrived on the scene and if a unit's timer has expired. Officers can also view call comments, which can be set to refresh periodically, and enter their own comments from their mobile device.

Field Searching

Search the agency database for names, property, vehicles, and incidents from a mobile digital device using Spillman Touch. Officers can view Spillman Involvements related to any record. In addition, the paplication helps maintain officer safety by displaying records with warrants or alerts in red. The application supports wildcard searching, and if a search finds no results, the software uses secondary search rules to attempt to match a possible record. For example, if no results are found on a name search, the software will search for a matching social security number or driver license number.

Data Partitioning

Protect sensitive dat using the Spillman Touch data partitioning feature. The application obeys the partitioning rules already in place in your Spillman system, allowing users in the field to see only records that they have been authorized to view.


  • Access calls and critical information while away from a traditional workstation.
  • Monitor call volume and patrol unit locations outside of the call center environment.
  • Review dispatch assignements from a motorcycle or bicycle patrol.
  • Search and retrieve records data during a field interview.
  • Maintain officer safety by viewing alerts and warnings from a mobile device.

This application is compatible with the BlackBerry, palm Pre, iPhone and Android smartphones. It is also optimized to use the iPad (pictured) or a desktop computer, allowing officers to take advantage of crisp, high-resolution navigation through maps and other mobile data.

  1. Calls are color coded by status, enabling personnel to see at a glance which calls are most crucial. Green indicates that a call has been received by dispatchers, yellow signifies that a unit is en route, blue shows that officers have arrived on the scene, and red signals that a unit has been at a call longer than the allotted time.
  2. Officers can retrieve information about a name records in the Spillman system, including a mug shot, physical characteristics, alerts, Involvements, and more. They can direct-dial a phone number by simply touching the number formatted as a link on the screen, and open a Google Maps map to the location by touching the address link.

The Spillman Touch module is fully compatible with Spillman Sentryx 6.1. Many features are also compatible with Spillman 4.6.

Spillman CAD Touch and Spillman Records Touch are sold as separate modules.


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Technology Partners

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