Tactical Balls Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Devices (RID-3) - Also available in IR

Tactical Balls Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Devices (RID-3) - Also available in IR

Tactical Balls Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Devices (RID-3) - Also available in IR Product Image

Brite-Strike Technologies is an established innovator of tactical lighting solutions and tools for police officers, operators and soldiers for the ease of operation in real world conditions. Brite-Strike introduces Tactical Balls RID-3 for both law enforcement and consumers. 

Tactical Balls RID-3, Rolling Illuminated Distraction and Disorientation Devices were designed for use by police officers with no specialized training to distract the perpetrator and draw attention away from the operator or home owner when an intruder is present. The Tactical Balls RID-3 are small, lightweight, water resistant and shock resistant for rugged use.  They are concentric and weighted by design to wobble and spin all around when rolled or tossed into a room, then land “light up” to backlight the predator who is then distracted and can be apprehended. 

Tactical Balls RID-3 were never intended to replace flashbangs. We have a saying at Brite-Strike, that on a scale of 1 to 10, with a flashbang at a 10, we would rate the Tactical Balls RID-3 at a 2, but a two is still twice as good as nothing! For entry to a suspected meth lab or an area that has flammable material, or for home owners who can then get their family to safety or run off the intruder, Tactical Balls RID-3 is the answer.

  • Max Output: 2 White LED's (>13 000 MCD)
  • Runtime: Up To 20 hours
  • Modes: On/Off
  • Batteries: (2 X CR2032 each light) Included
  • Package Contents: 3 Tactical Balls, Batteries, and Tactical Deployment Pouch
Brite-Strike get a few people once in while that ask why we did not make the Tactical Balls RID-3 “strobe” particularly when our Tactical Touch switch with HI/LO/Strobe is so effective. The simple answer is that you do not want to be looking at a strobe light when you enter. The spin and wobble that is built into the Tactical Balls RID-3, creates the same effect, then stops just in time for you to make your entry into a dark room. Recommended use of the Tactical Balls RID-3 is once they have been deployed, follow up with a microburst of light from the Brite-Strike MH switch tactical flashlight. Use the strobe for two to three increments and then stay under cover in the dark until the scene is assessed and you know what the intruder is doing.

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L.E.O. - Next Generation Fighting Light System

Product From Tact-Out Industries

The ability to use light to your advantage in a fight, not just in the dark but even lit environments, has arrived. Tact-Out provides a whole new level of concealment at the speed of light. The dual purpose next generation fighting light system - the "L.E.O." - is one of the most complete fighting light system available. 

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C-1604 Shredder Rescue Tool Cutter

Product From POWER HAWK Technologies Inc.

POWER HAWK Technologies Inc.'s new C-1604 Shredder rescue tool cutter for motor vehicle accident emergency rescues slices through the high-strength construction materials that are used in today’s new cars and trucks. The Shredder cutter is a “plug and play” add-on to the POWER HAWK P-16 Rescue System, a patented battery-powered and gear-driven (non-hydraulic) rescue tool that provides unique interchangeable spreader and cutter attachments.

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Through-The-Wall (TTW) System

Product From ZISTOS CORP.

The Through-The-Wall (TTW) system was created specifically to support tactical missions and generate visual intelligence - as sensitive events are unfolding. Ideally suited for hostage/barricade scenarios, the TTW system also has value in support of breaching operations. It contains specially designed covert tools that allow observation into an adjacent interior room through a sheetrock wall. The TTW system can be applied when there are no other means available to visually assess a situation.

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Zeus II Forced Entry Mitten

Product From PPSS Group

UK based PPSS Group have launched what they claim is the world’s toughest forced entry mitten.

The ‘ZEUS II’ mitten are a further improved and version of the original ZEUS mitten, now also featuring a very high level of flame and heat protection.

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P3X Fury Tactical Flashlight

Product From SUREFIRE

The P3X Fury Tactical is a more powerful, slightly larger version of our best-selling single-output P2X Fury Tactical. It features a virtually indestructible, ultra-high-output LED that generates 1,000 lumens of blinding white light—twice the output of the P2X Fury Tactical! A precision reflector focuses all of this light forward to create a tight beam with plenty of reach that’s perfect for searching, signaling, or illuminating a target off in the distance. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. The P3X Fury Tactical features a tough but lightweight hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body and an intuitive tactical tailcap switch that’s virtually foolproof. Simply cover the pushbutton with your thumb and press for momentary-on activation or twist the tailcap clockwise for constant-on activation.

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High Output Flashlights

Product From Elzetta Design LLC

Elzetta Design LLC has announced a new High Output option to its line of tactical flashlights. When fitted to an Elzetta 2-Cell Body, the new High Output Head produces 650 lumens with a runtime of 1.5 hours. When the same Head is placed on a 3-Cell Body, patent-pending Automatic Voltage Sensing (AVS) Technology instinctively boosts output to 900 lumens with a runtime of 1.7 hours. To harness this much light, the new Elzetta High Output Head incorporates a solid-acrylic field-replaceable optical lens generating outstanding throw, generous spill, and a “soft edge” that no reflector-based flashlight can replicate. The new High Output Head is available with a smooth Standard Bezel Ring or optional Crenellated Bezel Ring. The Head fits all existing Elzetta Flashlights for easy upgrade, and with fully-potted electronics, legendary Elzetta durability is not compromised. All Elzetta Flashlight components are Made in the USA, interchangeable, interoperable, and available individually for the ultimate in modularity and customization. Elzetta Flashlights are now available in 96 unique configurations. With personalized laser engraving from the Elzetta Custom Shop, variations are truly limitless.

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Elevated Tactic System (ETS)

Product From Patriot3 Inc.

Multi-Level structures can present significant obstacles during special operations missions. This makes ETS a valuable card in your deck of tactics.

Patriot3’s ETS are used by the most elite tactical units in the world. In addition, Patriot3’s ETS is the only ramp system on the planet to have proven itself in a combat theater having spent 4 years in Iraq employed by US and Iraqi Special Forces.

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Active Shooter Kit

Product From Jersey Tactical Corp.

JTC's latest JTC-Active Shooter Kit was specifically developed to be deployed by patrol effectively for response to an active shooter. This kit consists of the JTC-CLAW, Sling Kit, and Vehicle Mount. This allows patrol to grab the award winning CLAW and a rifle to go direct threat to the emergency. The 10lb CLAW was specifically invented to be used by a novice no matter what their physical capabilities are, thus allowing them to effectively use the tool to open an inward or outward opening school. Each CLAW comes with a full set of FREE instructions on how to use the tool and complete the 20 plus uses safely. Couple this with the free videos on our homepage and your officers can learn how to breach doors effectively.

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Master Key Dynamic Entry Tool

Product From KA-BAR Knives Inc.

KA-BAR Knives is proud to announce the release of the Master Key.

The TDI Law Enforcement Master Key enters the KA-BAR lineup in 2013 with a bang.  The dynamic entry tool is one solid 13-inch piece of 1095 cro-van steel.

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Liberator ETS (Elevated Tactical System)

Product From Patriot3 Inc.

The Liberator is a lightweight, hydraulically operated single ramp ETS. Its design allows the Liberator to fit a wide variety of light non-armored and armored vehicles with limited payload. The Liberator ETS will transform your vehicle in to a tactical and rescue operations unit capable of all ground operations and elevated tactics. The Liberator enables access for SWAT, Counter-Terrorism and Rescue units to a wide variety of elevated structures such as multi-story buildings, ships at dock, etc.

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