Less Lethal Pack

Less Lethal Pack

Less Lethal Pack Product Image

12 inches wide by 10 inches high by 3.5 inches deep

Part #P20310

  • Ergonomic Shoulder Sling Pack
  • Main Compartment holds (6) 37mm less lethal rounds
  • Front Loops for (12) 12 gauge, less lethal rounds
  • Removable Front Panel for Quick Access
  • Orange Patch for Easy Identification
  • Zippered Pocket for Added Storage

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L.E.O. - Next Generation Fighting Light System

Product From Tact-Out Industries

The ability to use light to your advantage in a fight, not just in the dark but even lit environments, has arrived. Tact-Out provides a whole new level of concealment at the speed of light. The dual purpose next generation fighting light system - the "L.E.O." - is one of the most complete fighting light system available. 

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Police Batons

Product From CASCO, a part of The Safariland Group

The Safariland Group re-introduced the popular CASCO brand of police batons at SHOT Show. The CASCO line of friction lock batons are made in the USA and are held to rigorous quality standards, uncommon with other economy-priced batons. CASCO friction lock batons are easily opened with a flick of the wrist, lock into place via precision Morse tapers and are closed by striking the baton on a hard surface.

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Ultralite Baton

Product From Monadnock, a part of The Safariland Group

The Monadnock brand announced today the introduction of the new Ultralite baton, its most lightweight friction lock baton ever designed. The Ultralite is a three-stage friction lock baton featuring a lightweight carbon graphite-reinforced handle resulting in a high strength-to-weight ratio. The Ultralite baton is offered in four models in both 21” and 26” lengths.

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AutoLock II Expandable Baton

Product From Monadnock, a part of The Safariland Group

The Monadnock brand announces the introduction of the AutoLock II expandable baton, which builds upon the proven features of the original Monadnock AutoLock baton series. Featuring patented AutoLock technology, the AutoLock II is a 23” (58.42cm) positive-lock baton with a newly designed cam and stainless steel ball bearing,

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Product From Alternative Ballistics LP

Alternative Ballistics LP made its less-lethal technology available to law enforcement and militaries worldwide. 

THE ALTERNATIVE is a lightweight, extremely accurate, and affordable system that provides law enforcement and military professionals the ability to apply less-lethal force in those situations where lethal force is warranted but may not be the appropriate way to resolve the situation. This innovative blunt force impact device instantaneously converts an officer’s duty weapon into a less-lethal weapon system.

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P3X Fury Tactical Flashlight

Product From SUREFIRE

The P3X Fury Tactical is a more powerful, slightly larger version of our best-selling single-output P2X Fury Tactical. It features a virtually indestructible, ultra-high-output LED that generates 1,000 lumens of blinding white light—twice the output of the P2X Fury Tactical! A precision reflector focuses all of this light forward to create a tight beam with plenty of reach that’s perfect for searching, signaling, or illuminating a target off in the distance. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. The P3X Fury Tactical features a tough but lightweight hard-anodized aerospace aluminum body and an intuitive tactical tailcap switch that’s virtually foolproof. Simply cover the pushbutton with your thumb and press for momentary-on activation or twist the tailcap clockwise for constant-on activation.

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KinetX Baton

Product From KinetX

The problem with traditional expandable batons is that they are designed to strike with the smallest end of the baton. How much success would a major league player have if they walked up to the plate and tried to hit the ball with the narrow end of the bat?  In order to achieve maximal force from a baton, the user must strike with the larger end. The KinetX baton solves this problem by creating a reversible grip expandable baton that allows the user to strike with the heavy end. The baton has a grip on each end that also serves as a striking surface. The officer can hold the baton in the traditional manner when speed is required and adopt a reverse grip when maximum stopping power is required. Finally, an expandable baton that makes sense. 

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Sidewinder EXM Crowd Control Package

Product From Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass offers enhanced protection for security forces with the Sidewinder EXM crowd control solution package, delivering optimal performance, control and durability.  Designed specifically for crowd-control, the Sidewinder EXM control package offers optimal reach and versatility, allowing operators to switch from firing a stream to pinpoint a target up to 255 ft. (78 m) away, or to fog to suppress an entire crowd.

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High Output Flashlights

Product From Elzetta Design LLC

Elzetta Design LLC has announced a new High Output option to its line of tactical flashlights. When fitted to an Elzetta 2-Cell Body, the new High Output Head produces 650 lumens with a runtime of 1.5 hours. When the same Head is placed on a 3-Cell Body, patent-pending Automatic Voltage Sensing (AVS) Technology instinctively boosts output to 900 lumens with a runtime of 1.7 hours. To harness this much light, the new Elzetta High Output Head incorporates a solid-acrylic field-replaceable optical lens generating outstanding throw, generous spill, and a “soft edge” that no reflector-based flashlight can replicate. The new High Output Head is available with a smooth Standard Bezel Ring or optional Crenellated Bezel Ring. The Head fits all existing Elzetta Flashlights for easy upgrade, and with fully-potted electronics, legendary Elzetta durability is not compromised. All Elzetta Flashlight components are Made in the USA, interchangeable, interoperable, and available individually for the ultimate in modularity and customization. Elzetta Flashlights are now available in 96 unique configurations. With personalized laser engraving from the Elzetta Custom Shop, variations are truly limitless.

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ThorShield Electroshock Weapon Protection

Product From G-Squared Consulting LLC

Point Blank Solutions Inc. announced its agreement with G2 Consulting to integrate G2's ThorShield electroshock weapon protection systems line into Point Blank Body Armor and PACA body armor products. ThorShield works by providing a highly conductive specialized layer of fabric that ensures the electric current discharged from the weapon flows through the lining rather than the body. The protective material can be applied to officers' garments and equipment such as body armor, shirts, jackets, training suits, gloves, and hats. Important to ThorShield's design is that it can allow for greater flexibility at less weight, without compromising protection. The lining is breathable and provides the comfort essential to officers in the field.

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