NeoScope Benchtop SEM

NeoScope Benchtop SEM

NeoScope Benchtop SEM Product Image

The NeoScope benchtop SEM economically complements both optical microscopes and traditional SEMs. The NeoScope makes it easy to obtain high magnification images with high resolution and large depth of field using a microscope that is as simple to operate as a digital camera, but has the powerful electron optics of an SEM.

Whether used by trained electron microscopists as a simple screening instrument, or by lab technicians as a higher resolution alternative to the light microscope, the NeoScope will help accelerate the pace of research in the life sciences, forensics, and failure analysis of manufacturing materials.

Basic operation of the NeoScope is simple with auto focus, auto contrast and auto brightness controls. Minimal sample preparation, such as coating or drying, may be required for low conductive samples. The NeoScope operates in both low and high vacuum modes and has three settings for accelerating voltage suitable for a variety of applications, all of which can be programmed in special pre-stored recipe files.

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