Special Operations Connector Boat

Special Operations Connector Boat

Special Operations Connector Boat Product Image

When seconds count and lives are on the line, on-water law enforcement and special operations professionals need a versatile, quick-to-launch vessel.  Lightweight, stable, and durable enough to withstand the harshest of environments, the Special Operations Connector Boat from Rescue ONE is ideally-suited for applications ranging from dive recovery to flood evacuation missions.  The Connector Boat also features the company's most innovative standard feature: the QuickFIT rail system. 

Versatility is Standard

Rescue ONE's Connector Boat is available with a host of standard features designed to make it the ideal on-water and near-shore law enforcement platform.  Foremost among these is an integrated dive platform at the bow.  Constructed of lightweight aluminum, the Connector Boat's fully-retractable dive platform provides an easily-accessible shelf that extends eighteen inches into the water, allowing divers to easily enter and exit the water.

Designed to maximize its 62 square feet of interior space, the 16-foot Connector Boat is set up in a center console configuration, allowing full 360-degree access to its work areas and deck. Further contributing to the deck's user-friendly layout is a flat, non-skid aluminum floor, while low gunwales (sides) and an integrated dive platform at the bow facilitate dive and rescue operations. 

Also standard with the Connector Boat are an anodized aluminum light bar mount and sturdy, single-axle trailer.  Standard power is supplied by a propeller-driven, 40-horsepower (hp) Mercury outboard engine.

While the Connector Boat's list of standard features makes it the perfect special operations platform, its patented QuickFIT rail system is what makes the boat truly exceptional.  Integrated into every Connector Boat's exterior, the QuickFIT system allows all Connector Boats to interconnect within a matter of seconds.  In front-to-back or side-to-side configurations, the platform created by multiple Connector Boats offers unparalleled stability and coverage during dive operations or flood evacuation missions.  The interoperable, multi-unit platform is particularly valuable in operations involving multiple agencies, as Connector Boats from one agency may be quickly partnered with boats from others.

Stable Durability

The Connector Boat's structural durability begins with the design of the hull itself.  Welded from lightweight, anodized 5052 marine aluminum, the hull is filled with hundreds of square inches of foam insulation to provide enhanced buoyancy under extreme loads, keeping the boat afloat even when swamped and rendering it nearly unsinkable.  Thanks to its incredible floatation capabilities, the boat is able to accommodate weights of up to 1,000 pounds on its gunwales (sides) without tipping or becoming unstable.

Further contributing to the boat's incredible functionality is the hull's flat bottom, which allows the boat to operate in as little as six inches of water.  The Connector Boat's flat-bottom construction also maximizes interior space, providing ample room for personnel.  All deck surfaces are also coated with non-skid material for enhanced safety in rough waters or inclement weather.


  • Length: 16 feet 3 inches
  • Beam (width): 6 feet 3 inches
  • Draft: 6 feet
  • Max Recommended Capacity: 3,400 pounds
  • Interior Space: 62 square feet
  • Dry Weight: 435 pounds

With a maximum horsepower (hp) rating of 40, the Rescue ONE Connector Boat can be configured to accommodate multiple engine configurations, including:

  • Single 40hp, propeller-driven outboard
  • Single 40hp, jet-drive outboard
  • Single 25hp, propeller-driven outboard
  • Single 25hp, jet-drive outboard


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