The Ferret

The Ferret

The Ferret Product Image

Panoscan introduces The Ferret, a remotely controlled mobile camera with lights for under carriage vehicle inspection.

The Ferret features a powerful UHF video transmitter for a clear view up to 100 meters or more in "walk behind" mode. (Up to 300 meters with our long range antenna kit) The operator sees a full color picture using high resolution video glasses. (Several styles available.) Secondary inspectors can also watch & record the video image on a second video monitor if desired.Control of the Ferret is accomplished using proven FHSS radio technology. Speed and direction is controlled on a single stick. The second stick is used to steer the camera. Lighting is also controlled from the remote. The 2.4 GHz FHSS spread spectrum technology automatically ensures a solid control connection up to 300 meters.

• Fits under low slung vehicles

• Quick & maneuverable

• Wireless color video camera

• Tilt feature allows best view

• LED soft light reduces glare

• Flexible NTSC video options

• Up to 300 meter stand-off range

• 180 minutes run time

• Instant battery swap

• Low cost


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TraceX Explosives Kit


Morphix Technologies, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, announces a new solution for the detection of homemade explosive material with the TraceX Explosives Kit

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Video Fiberscope with Working Channels

Product From Tactical Electronics

The Video Fiberscope with Working Channels combines the use of three EOD specific tools with the Video Fiberscope. A tripod grasper tool, alligator grasper tool, or wire cutter tool can be inserted and controlled from the base of the unit’s flexible neck. The tools exit out the distal end of the probe for in-package manipulation while the camera simultaneously captures all activity inside the package. Utilizing these three tools with a camera allows EOD operators to gain visual access into a package while manipulating the content from one entry hole.

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The XCAT Narcotics, Explosives, and Gunshot Residue Detector

Product From RedXDefense

RedXDefense, a leader in the field of narcotics, explosives and gunshot residue detection equipment, announced today a 37% reduction in the cost of the narcotics sampling cards for the XCAT handheld detection system.  In addition, the Company has released a new gunshot residue sampling card with an added adhesive strip for collection of small particles.  These improvements and cost reductions continue to position the XCAT as the future of field testing and as a viable and attractive replacement to the Field Test Kits.  Law Enforcement Agencies in over 25 states and 8 countries are now successfully using the XCAT.  

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Tactical Surveillance System

Product From ZISTOS CORP.

Zistos Zistos’ Tactical Surveillance Pole Camera Systems offer visual dominance in potentially dangerous situations while maintaining officer safety as the top priority. These systems have proven invaluable to law enforcement personnel in a variety of threat scenarios by providing the critical visual edge. Zistos’ modular “socket set” design allows any portable system to be instantly configured on site to perfectly match the situation at hand.

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Product From Elbit Systems

Building on Elbit Systems' extensive experience and know-how in the unmanned systems field, and using a common control system, robots in the VIPeR family feature intuitive operation and enable real-time reconnaissance, in addition to arena clearing, in-building mapping, decoy and screening functions. The larger compact robot, Maxi-VIPeR, allows the disarming of explosives and handling radioactive materials using its robotic arm and the various advanced sensors. Designed to reduce the danger to the dismounted force during different phases of combat, the VIPeR robot can take on many of the challenges faced by land warriors engaged in today's low intensity conflicts (LIC). Portable and highly mobile, the robots are configurable for multiple types of missions by add-on sensors, modules and payloads, tailored to specific tasks.

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Recon Scout Robot | Two Models: Infrared Illuminated & Non-illuminated

Product From ZISTOS CORP.

The Recon Scout Robot is a miniature, two-wheeled remote controlled robotic camera ideally suited for tactical video surveillance, EOD missions and many remote video inspection applications.
This rugged robot is designed to be thrown into position, land on its wheels and self-right upon moving. The simple to use joystick operated controller connects to any WalkAbout or Video Monocle. The robot's highly sensitive BW camera works well in low light situations.

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OpenVision LT


Portable VIDEO X-ray that can be handheld or robot deployed.

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Explosive Training Kit for K-9 Handlers


All cases contain custom cut Polyethylene Foam. This foam has a closed cell structure which makes it virtually impermeable to water and is highly resistant to water/odor transmission. All materials will be placed in Nylon Storage Bags and/or glass jars.All cases contain custom cut Polyethylene Foam. This foam has a closed cell structure which makes it virtually impermeable to water and is highly resistant to water/odor transmission. All materials will be placed in Nylon Storage Bags and/or glass jars. The kit includes vital materials for effective K9 training.

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Tactical Response Armored Car

Product From DOLMEN CORP.

The Tactical Response Armored Car (TRAC), manufactured by the Dolmen Corp., provides law enforcement personnel with greater safety, versatility and speed of response from an armored vehicle. Built on a compact armored vehicle platform with tank-like, all-terrain tracks, the TRAC is a virtual "swiss-army knife" with multiple attachments that come with quick change couplers that can be deployed quickly to meet just about any urban law enforcement situation. Attachments include an assault platform, breaching ram with wireless camera, grapple bucket, vehicle extraction tool, and other custom options. The TRAC is small enough to fit in corridors, freight elevators, and high-rise buildings but large enough to carry 8 or more personnel. The vehicle’s assault platform, with level II, III, or IV armor plating, top, bottom, front, and side protection, with matching ballistic glass, is one of its main features. The curved platform has three large windows that give officers an unobstructed view with armor protection, making direct line-of-sight assessment and response possible. A custom transport truck gives TRAC and its attachments the portability to quickly go where needed, speeding officer response time. The transport truck is more maneuverable in traffic and confined urban settings than a truck-hauled trailer.

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foXrayIIe Trekker Backpack

Product From Vidisco LTD

The Vidisco foXrayIIe Trekker Backpack provides the standard VCU-10e in a comfortable backpack and the system weighs only 20kg. A pulsed X-ray source and 35m of cable are included. An option for a larger imager is also available, as the large area VCU-16e is available in an additional backpack. The laptop in this system is ruggedized (tough book) and operated by the professional FlatfoX proprietary software. Anyone who can benefit from an X-ray inspection system that is easy to carry anywhere (like commando and special forces) will enjoy the foXrayIIe Trekker Backpack.

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