HID Stryker

HID Stryker

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Golight Inc.offers the High Intensity Discharge (HID) Stryker, giving users tremendous intensity with minimal strain on the vehicle's electrical system. By comparison, the HID upgrade more than triples the light output of its incandescent counterpart. Renowned for its beam precision, Golight has been able to generate a peak beam intensity of 650,000 candela by incorporating an internally ballasted HID bulb and updated reflector into the Stryker remote control light housing and achieve a maximum beam distance of beyond one mile. Besides increased intensity, the HID system emits light at significantly greater color temperature — 4100 k — which creates a whiter light, comparable to daylight. The HID technology utilized in the new Stryker model generates almost twice as many lumens per watt as a traditional halogen light source. Therefore, the HID Stryker can generate a tremendous light profile while reducing the strain on the power source. After an initial startup surge, the HID Stryker requires only 3.5 amps for continuous operation. The unit reaches peak output in less than 10 seconds and reaches 70% capacity in just 4 seconds. The filament free bulb also has durability advantages, with a rated life of greater than 3000 hours. The HID Stryker is perfect for anyone seeking Golight's revolutionary remote technology and the utmost in lighting intensity. Factory installed upgrade kits are available for use with existing Stryker models as well.

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LR Series - Push Bumpers for Whelen LINZ6 Lights

Product From Go Rhino! Products Public Safety Division

GO RHINO! Products are NOW SHIPPING two new "LR Series" Push Bumpers for use with the Whelen LINZ6 lights. A new two light version is now available for the 2012 - 2014 Ford SUV Interceptor (Explorer), and a new four light version is available for the 2011 - 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit.

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Whelen Rota-Beam Series Super-LED Rotating Light


Adamson Industries Corp. announced a new product from Whelen Engineering, the 600 Series Surface Mount Rota- Beam. A Super-LED rotating light with no moving parts. 

The Rota-Beam Series features 180 degree horizontal light spread, 14 Scan-Lock flash patterns and is 100% solid state. This mid-sized surface mount lighthead with wide angle LEDs that include redesigned spreader optic lenses, fill the lighthead evenly with light, rivaling strobe in intensity but with all the advantages of LED. The Rota-Beam Series surface mount light is moisture and vibration resistant, SAE Class 1 Certified and the lenses are hard coated to resist scratches, salt or chemical damage and UV degradation. Specs include a low current draw of 2.2 Amps, dimensions: 4-3/16" H x 6-9/16" L x 3- 7/16" D and a five year HDP Heavy-Duty Professional warranty.

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NiteRider Light Systems

Product From Safariland/Kona Patrol Bikes, a part of The Safariland Group

Safariland Patrol Bikes announced the addition of three new patrol bike light combinations for its Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike line through its new partnership with NiteRider, an industry-leading light manufacturer.  The three new light systems are the NiteRider Patrol Light and Siren, the NiteRider Lumina and Mako Systems.  All three packages offer a powerful high-performance light and are quick and easy to install. 

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ClipMate USB Clip-On Light

Product From Streamlight Inc.

Streamlight Inc. introduced a rechargeable version of its versatile ClipMate, the ClipMate USB. The super-bright, multi-function clip-on light includes a built-in USB charge tab for convenient, cordless recharging.  

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Guardian Angel - Wearable Lightbar and Personal Safety Device

Product From 425 Inc.

Bringing a new level of safety and security to the job for first responders and emergency personnel around the world, 425 Inc., launched its new Guardian Angel product line. 

As the first of its kind for the emergency responder industry

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LED Lighting - Universal Push Bumpers


Pro-gard Products, LLC, increased the Integrated LED Lighting options on their Universal Sedan and SUV Push Bumpers. Pro-gard is now offering the heavy duty ION LEDs as an integrated lighting option on their Universal Sedan and SUV Push Bumpers. There is a two LED option available on the Universal Sedan Push Bumpers. The Universal SUV Push Bumpers offer the choice of two or four LEDs. 

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Orbis 3-Watt LeD Rechargeable Spotlight


Cyclops' ORBIS 3-Watt LED Rechargeable Spotlight uses a 3-Watt LED bulb to create a bright 140 lumen light. Made durable with an ABS plastic housing, the light is equipped with the swivel handle for a comfortable grip.  The light is powered by a

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HGpeN - Horizontal Eye Gaze Nystagmus Test

Product From HGpeN

The HGpeN was designed, developed and patented with input from SFST/DRE law enforcement professionals, prosecutors and defense attorneys. After several years of research & development followed up with intensive field testing, we have a product for the law enforcement officer that is not only simple to use, but reliable.

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Spec Ops APALS


The new Special Ops Catalog features the new line of APALS variations that were developed directly from feedback from Tier One Special Operations teams.  The new Spec Ops APALS torpedo shaped Line Lights are designed to slip silently through the water. The two holes at each end are reinforced and can be tied onto a lanyard or line.

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Solar Powered APALS


Brite-Strike APALS; All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips have revolutionized the LMD/IMD; Lighted Marking Device/Illuminated Marking Device category. “We are replacing 1960s technology, chemical light sticks, with our standard

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