TecknoSim Rider: Motorbike Simulator


TecknoSim Rider Training Simulator is a fully functional Motorbike simulator that enables professional training on the actual bike before riding on roads.

TecknoSim Rider allows

  • Familiarization to Bike Controls (Operation and maintenance)
  • Learning the operation vehicle controls
  • Practice Techniques of safe riding
  • Defensive Rider training in a completely safe environment.

It is a “simple tool built on a world class technology” to teach the techniques of Safe Riding.

TecknoSim Rider Training Simulator – is a fully functional, pre-configured simulator thatcontains all necessary HW and SW modules, Visual System, Visual Database, and a fullyfunctional motorbike with instrumentation to provide a ‘real-life” operating environment. Theprimary goal of the Simulator is to “help riders experience the hazards not possiblein real life and help them understand the joy of safe riding.”

The simulator provides an immersive environment, comprising a riding station with three LCDScreen as the main hardware elements. This high level of reality performance is necessary fortraining riders in high-risk situations and in situations that are impossible to train on in normal traffic.

In the Simulator, special attention has been given to designing the Instructor Operator Station(IOS). The Instructor Operator Station employs a user interface system that allows the operatorto monitor the rider’s behavior and how he is dealing with potentially hazardous riding situations. Through this station the Instructor can control all variables like time of the day,weather, traffic and the autonomous objects such as cattle, pedestrians, etc.

The simulator comes with a set of City Terrain and Highway terrain based on Indian Road Conditions. Weather Conditions like Rain, Night and Day, Foggy conditions are also created with varying intensity. In addition, IOS allows the instructor to tailor-make individual riding situations for different simulator applications.

The system has multi unit linking facility so that two to more riding simulators can be interconnected and controlled through the Instructor Station. The simulator provides facility for centralized as well as individual control of the trainee by instructor.


Driver Station: The Rider Station comprises a motorbike body mounted on a light weight frame, modified for the simulation purpose.

Dynamic Modeling: The simulator incorporates real vehicle dynamics like Speed from 0 to 120 kmph . Steering andcounter steering and Movement of the bike coming from 3Dvisuals.

Visual Display: The rider must perceive the virtual world as realistic as possible. A high performance graphics systemthus proposes a rich and realistic 3D environment.

  • Front: Visual Display through single / three flat LCDscreen Eye screen distance: 180 cm, Field of view:120 degrees
  • Rear: The rear view will be projected at the bottom of the front screen.

Sound: Stereophonic representation of surrounding like traffic noise , engine, horn, collisions,voice messages etc.

Image Quality: High resolution typically 30-60 Hz, based on a PC platform.

Traffic: Interactive Autonomous traffic density of 150 vehicles like car, bus, trucks, bikes following traffic rules, and pedestrians to experience realistic Indian traffic.

Training Cues: These are written and voice messages giving information, instructions and tips on basic rules for habitual safe riding. Training Cues are available in options of English and Hindi.

All instruments and signallights are functionally in operation:

  • Handlebar controls: Clutch Brake, Accelerator, turn signals, horn, ignition
  • Pedal controls : Gears, foot break
  • Soft Instrument Panel: Signal Light, headlight, fuel gauge, oil gauge, speedometer

Instructor Station:

Instructor station is a separate station at which the Instructor is able to create, initiate, control, monitor,record and evaluate training exercises. The IOSconsists of a keyboard, mouse and large screenmonitor interface, mounted upon a fitted Desk. The IOS can be connected to a printer to print the detailed evaluation report of each student.

Instructor-controlled events include:

  • Selection of routes, daylight conditions, weather conditions and traffic density settings in various combinations.
  • Fault Injection for Advanced training
  • Defensive driving scenarios
  • Calibration of the vehicle controls
  • Diagnostics of vehicle controls
  • Generation of Performance Evaluation
  • Record & Replay:
  • Training Cues



The training Modules on TecknoSim has been divided into four separate categories with increasing level of difficulty

I. Cockpit drill : The aim of this module is tofamiliarize the rider to vehicle controls &explain the on the Use of these Controlstowards safe driving .It will include pictures and video demonstrations of:

  • Introduction to Bike Controls
  • Pre riding inspection
  • Safety Check of the controls
  • Safety Tips

II. Comfort Drive: The aim of this module is toget the rider used to vehicle controls & simulator drive. It will consist of two courses: Level 1 City and Level1 Highway. The comfort drive courses will feature:

  • Day time drive
  • Low Traffic
  • Simple route
  • No Hazards

III. Convenient Drive: The module is aimed at teaching riding skills under a variety ofSimulated Environment. The ConvenientDrive will feature:

  • Medium Traffic
  • Driving during Day and Night
  • Defensive riding Scenarious with Level 1 hazards
  • Riding in adverse weather conditions: Rain and Fog

IV. Complex Drive:

The aim of this module is to give the rider an experience of driving under hazardous conditionsin a complex environment.

Visual Databases:

City terrain with 3 levels of Courses Featuring:

  • Hospital
  • School parks,
  • Traffic junction &flyovers, intersections,speed breakers
  • Road under construction
  • Market place
  • By lanes
  • One way and Two way roads

Highway terrain with level of courses featuring:

  • Two lane and 3 lane highway
  • Unmanned railway crossing
  • Tunnels
  • Accident scenarios
  • Ghats and hilly region
  • Foggy weather conditions

Hazard Perception Training“Face the Hazards, Not the Risk.”

Learners learn better when they are engaged and they learn faster when the practice is richerand closer to the actual application environment, TecknoSim gives you both. TecknoSim has adapted the actual riding training features from the real world and in fact can ramp up thedifficulty as the learner gets practice, taking him from elementary challenges to the full skill. TecknoSim also provides detailed assessment and feedback in a standardized format involving no human error.

Real training has risks & limitations in putting a person in a truck directly, but with simulatorswe can run them over snow, rain , fog, engine failure etc everything that we cannot do in the real world. A rider may go his entire life without ever experiencing a brake failure, but when ithappens it can be dangerous. However TecknoSim can train and prepare the riders with someof these life endangering situations.

TecknoSim allows new riders to practice over and over again on basic skills of maneuvering. We can put the rider on the simulator and run him through the same exercise for around 20 timesin 30 mins which is impossible to do on real training. With various trails we have found that wecan put inexperienced riders in the simulator for an hour they are ready to go out on road withmuch more confidence.

The Dangerous scenarios adopted in the simulator are replicated from real life Indian traffic conditions giving the rider near life like experience.


Concept Ideas for Implementation of Rider:

The number of people riding motorcycles has been steadily increasing for the past 10 years, andaccordingly the number of motorcycle accident casualties and fatalities has also been rising.Research Shows that motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable compared to car drivers, and aremore likely to suffer death or serious injury on the roads. The most common reasons forMotorcycle accidents are:

  • Excess Speed
  • Bad Weather
  • Steep bends
  • Right of way violations

Safe Riding is a skill for life and any skill needs to be practiced, honed and developed.TecknoSim Simulators can impart the lessons to improve the skills and promote the experiencethe joy of motorcycling in India

An assessment ride on the simulator can highlight problem areas and practice on realitysituations will ensure that one can have the skills and ability to deal with any situation on-road.

With TecknoSim, one can promote and expand the traffic safety education program and tocreate greater sense of safety awareness among all motorcycle riders in all possible conditions.TecknoSim Rider simulators can allow bikers to take test rides on the simulator and a printedreport will show the riders skill level and his problem areas. Accordingly the rider can takefocused lessons on the simulator. The various concepts programs that can run with TecknoSimare:

Kickstart and Go: Familiarization program to introduce the existing and potential riders tovehicle controls and basic maneuvers.

Get Weather smart: Allowing the riders to experience and learn riding in the Rain and Fog

Get Road smart: Allowing riders to learn and experience riding in complex scenario speciallycreated with dangerous scenarios.

Women on wheels: Promote and encourage woman riders to learn and experience in a completely safe environment.

How safe are you?: Inviting new and experienced riders to take test rides and assess their skilllevels


Benefits of TecknoSim Rider Simulator

Indian Environment: All terrains on TecknoSim are designed as per Road Rules and Regulations (RRR) and Indian Road Congress (IRC) standards featuring road widths, road markings, road signs just like in the real world. Various driving databases based on Indian scenario feature a full range of driving areas allowing users to effectively teach the course requirements.

Customization to Regional languages: TecknoSim is the only Simulator in the country to provide training in option of regionalLanguages like Hindi , English , Gujarati, Marathi. Bengali, etc.

Defensive Driver Training: TecknoSim allows the user to train the drivers in situations that cannot be replicated in real lifeFeatures such as ‘Fault Injection’ allow the instructor to fail the headlight while the driver isdriving on a highway at night. TecknoSim features ‘Dangerous Scenarios’ module which consists of preset Dangerous Scenarios, which are the root cause of various accidents in real life.

Road Safety: TecknoSIm software has been designed after careful Research and Analysis of Road Safetyspecialists to ensure that only Safe Rider Training is imparted and Quality Riders are formed.

Group training: TecknoSim Simulators can be configured into twos threes and fours. One instructor can controlupto four drivers at the same time through a single computer. This enables training drivers inlarge group thus saving the Department’s time money and resources

Performance Evaluation as per MVA: TecknoSim is more than just a tool to teach new drivers how to drive a train. It can also beused as part of the ongoing training and monitoring of drivers competencies. The evaluationprocedure on TecknoSim is in compliance with Motor Vehicle Act (MVA) Rules and Regulation

Easy Self Maintenance: The Instruction Station tools like Calibration and Diagnostics allowing users to calibrate throughthe computer itself, the vehicle controls like Steering, clutch, brake and accelerator. The Simulators electronically controlled sensors can also be checked and diagnosed though the diagnostic tool so as to report for faults at the earliest.

Indigenous Development: TecknoSim Simulators have been designed developed and manufactured in India itself.Therefore frequent service repairs, up gradations are available and customization for thehardware and Software can be easily provided.