PocketJet and PocketJet 6 mobile printers

PocketJet and PocketJet 6 mobile printers

PocketJet and PocketJet 6 mobile printers Product Image

Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc.'s four new, full-size PocketJet mobile printers – the PocketJet 6, PocketJet 6 with Bluetooth wireless technology, PocketJet 6 Plus, and PocketJet 6 Plus with Bluetooth wireless technology. 

The PocketJet 6 printers are a completely new generation of PocketJet built on the reliable foundation of the popular PocketJet 3 thermal mobile printer family, offering faster throughput and improved overall performance that many field workers have been looking for. Enhanced features include faster printing, at up to 6 ppm, optional Li-ion battery for increased battery yield and longer battery life, Bluetooth Imaging Protocol support for downloading and printing JPEG files, the ability to store document templates in the printer to minimize data transfer, and full-featured design software for creating and downloading the document templates.

The PocketJet 6 Plus mobile printers feature high-quality, 300 dpi printing for applications that require the best output for text and graphics. The PocketJet 6 printers, with 200 dpi resolution, provide a high-quality output while lowering the cost of mobile printing. Each printer comes standard with USB 2.0 and IrDA interfaces; a Bluetooth wireless technology interface is available as an option.

The PocketJet 6 and PocketJet 6 Plus mobile printers, when used with the standard NiMH battery, have the same form factor as the PocketJet 3 series printers. This makes them a drop-in replacement for the PocketJet 3 printers with existing in-vehicle mounting hardware. Customers can immediately upgrade to the PocketJet 6 and PocketJet 6 Plus mobile printers to take advantage of the new product features and improved performance while keeping their existing infrastructure in place.

High-quality thermal media is available for the PocketJet printers as individual cut sheets for letter and legal size documents, continuous roll paper for longer printouts, and perforated roll and fanfold paper, any of which can be pre-printed with a company logo or a custom design. Synthetic, weatherproof media is available for documents that are exposed to the environment, such as work orders, citations, receipts, and more. Premium thermal paper is available for archival purposes that will last for 20 years or more. 

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