Data Collection Kit

Data Collection Kit

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Skout Forensics' suite of computer forensic tools offer companies, law firms, governmental entities and individuals, leading edge technology to assist in:

  • Internal and external investigations
  • Electronic discovery, data recovery, preservation, and analysis
  • Court-ready reporting of digital evidence

Skout Forensics' Skout Forensics Data Collection Kit allows customers to acquire electronic data in a forensically sound manner from any standard desktop or laptop computer. It will enumerate all attached devices and image them separately just as a trained examiner would. The Skout Forensics Data Collection Kit integrates all required forensic standards in a manner that can be executed by anyone. It has the ability to seamlessly collect data from a computer both while powered on and while powered off.

The forensic image is secured by 256-bit AES encryption, meaning that once the device is disconnected from the target machine it can be safely transported ensuring the data is secure. To automatically detect when the need to output two copies is required, there is a built in mirrored disk writing support. All this is done with a single keystroke from the user.

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