Ground Commander's Pointer (GCP-1 )

Ground Commander's Pointer (GCP-1 )

Ground Commander's Pointer (GCP-1 ) Product Image

It can be tough to designate a particular part of a structure or point out an individual of interest for commanders to guide operators to observe without lots of radio chatter giving descriptions "go there look here, etc." Now a unit commander can simply point his NIVISYS GCP-1 (Ground Commander's Pointer) at what he wants his personnel or a designated operator to give particular attention to. The fully adjustable GCP-1 allows a commander to provide both target marking and illumination for covert military and now law enforcement operations. This simple but highly effective tool makes getting the job done quicker and much more efficiently. NIVISYS GCP-1s are approved for non-Department of Defense use making them now available for law enforcement operations. This new NIVISYS infrared laser pointer unit provides a powerful affordable improved force multiplier tactical advantage for coordinated night operations when used in conjunction with NODs.


  • Weighs 168 grams
  • Measures 17.1 CM; Width 4.7 CM; Height 3 CM long
  • Three Power levels: GCP-1A 50mW; -1B 100 mW; -C 175mW
  • Environmental rating 2, Military Standard -810
  • Requirements 2 standard AA batteries
  • Operates at 850 nanometers
  • Its ergonomic design provides operational ease as it can be intuitively operated in total darkness.

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