Golden-i Hands-free Mobile Computing Headset

Golden-i Hands-free Mobile Computing Headset

Golden-i Hands-free Mobile Computing Headset Product Image

The Golden-i headset is a hands-free, all-weather, mobile computing and communications system. It enables wireless remote control of multiple devices in cloud computing environment, allowing businesses and government agencies – including law enforcement – to significantly improve safety, productivity, and efficiency of their workforce.


Using speech recognition and gesture sensing, it provides users with hands-free access via wireless connection to virtually any information in the world – digital information, Internet services, broadcast programming (e.g. real-time, full-color high-resolution streaming video). 


Users of the Golden-i device can control up to seven independent devices or networks simultaneously – PCs, mobile phones, company servers, UAVs, robots, etc. – in multiple languages. For example, Golden-i users can wake up a remote hibernating PC, immediately see the PC desktop screen and use speech recognition to access all applications, data files and services. When finished, the PC can be placed back in hibernation with one spoken command.


Every area of law enforcement will benefit from hands-free, all-weather wireless access to digital information, especially field personnel, will find the Golden-i mobile computing headset invaluable.  The device can bridge the communications and data sharing gaps between current public safety agencies: Police, Sheriff, Federal, Military, Fire, Emergency Response services. Golden-i headset features are important for law enforcement agencies are: strong security capabilities (e.g.: the noise-cancellation microphone prevents anyone besides the user to command it); encrypted remote activation and de-activation;  Golden-i can be set to limit user access to certain files, similar to a PC’s capabilities; on-board GPS and digital compass allow department encrypted track and trace of any Golden-i unit whether activated or turned-off and it is designed to fit comfortably under a police officer’s hat or helmet, for example.

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Locality Cloud - Troubleshooting Mobile Broadband Issues


NetMotion Wireless announced a cloud-based solution that gives enterprises the ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot the root cause of connectivity problems on cellular networks for their mobile workers, greatly enhancing user productivity, reducing costs, ensuring mobile applications work as intended, and reducing support time. Locality Cloud is the new hosted version of the industry’s first software to provide detailed visibility into and performance metrics for the mobile broadband networks that companies don’t own or control, something traditional network management solutions can’t do.

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Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU)

Product From RADWIN

RADWIN released its new Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU), part of the FiberinMotion portfolio. VMU is especially designed for vehicle installations, enabling high-speed video, voice and data transmission for vehicles on the move.

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PTP 650- Point-to-Point Wireless Broadband Solution

Product From Cambium Networks

Cambium Networks' PTP 650 is a new sub-6 GHz addition to its field-proven PTP portfolio. The new product's flexibility, high capacity, reliability and security are ideally suited for wireless backhaul applications for public safety, government, utilities, oil and gas and service provider markets.

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Durabook R8300


GammaTech Computer Corp. added the DURABOOK R8300, certified to stringent MIL-STD-810G and IP65 specifications, meaning it can withstand the abusive nature of extremely harsh environments, such as those regularly encountered by the military, public safety, and utility sectors.

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NCTx Encoder and NCRx Decoder

Product From Integrated Microwave Technologies LLC

Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT), a Business Unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division, and a leader in advanced digital microwave systems for MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets, introduces its

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3M Back Office System Software (BOSS)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division

The 3M Back Office System Software (3M software) organizes and archives the vast amount of data that mobile and/or fixed ALPR deployments collect.  It allows user to search for suspects using basic parameters such as time, date, and plate number (full or partial).  Additionally, investigators tracking or looking for a particular vehicle can search a chosen radius around a known address or map location that may be associated with that license plate. 

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Amplified Loop Antenna LA800

Product From AOR USA Inc.

AOR USA has added a highly sensitive and directional “loop” antenna to its product line.  The LA800 is designed for outdoor use by monitoring enthusiasts. It combines the proven and timeless characteristics of a loop design with modern low-noise amplification and tuning circuits, making it capable of capturing signals that may not be detectable when using more conventional antennas.  It is a "receive only" antenna it cannot be used for transmitting radio signals.

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Signal Sentry 1000

Product From Exelis

Signal Sentry 1000 is a product that detects, geolocates, and characterizes sources of intentional and unintentional interference to the U.S. GPS signals, and provides actionable intelligence to the user. The system leverages Global Navigation Satellite System (

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MCU-30 4G Mobile Wireless IP Communications Device

Product From Mobilicom LTD

The new MCU-30 from Mobilicom is a miniaturized 4G mobile wireless IP communications device designed for public safety and homeland security that creates a secure and private broadband network supporting 4Mbps instantly without relying on existing wireless 3G/4G carriers.   At only 11 oz and approximately 4” X 3” X 1” for the fully ruggedized version, these battery-operated units, approximately the size of an iPhone, are lightweight and small enough to be embedded into compact security cameras, sensors, control and monitoring device platforms and form an instant broadband network.

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Product From Silynx Communications Inc.

Smart Tactical Headset System

The Silynx CLARUS is the world's smalles and lightest headset system.  The CLARUS simplifies the user's operation and accessibility to the PTT switches on the miniaturized control unit.

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