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Comprehensive and evidentially-sound extraction of data from mobile digital devices, SIM and media cards

Mobile phones and devices are used extensively for accessing, storing and sharing information, which means that they are increasingly used at all levels of criminal activity.

Examine more mobile devices, more quickly

Aceso empowers police officers with the ability to examine and interrogate phones and other mobile devices, quickly and accurately. Aceso makes the process of examination feasible and cost-effective for both high level, serious crime and low level, high volume crime.

Capture valuable intelligence and evidence

By taking mobile device examination away from high techcrime specialists and delivering it into the hands of frontline police officers, Aceso enables police forces to capture large volumes of evidentially-sound data, instantly. This ultimately leads to increased rates of arrest and saves valuable time and money.

Act while the chain of evidence is live

The value of intelligence and evidential data deterioratesrapidly once a phone has been seized; Aceso enablesofficers to act on information contained within a device -while a suspect is still in custody.

Identify additional lines of enquiry

Using recovered call registers, photographs, videos, SMS, email and even social networking data retrieved by Aceso, officers can obtain information that would otherwise be unavailable. This data can lead to additional cause for arrest and the identification of associates and other people of interest.


  • Proven to reduce the cost of mobile phone examination
  • One ACESO, unlimited phone examinations
  • Unrivalled device support, incl. Chinese and grey marketmobile phones.
  • Tested on over 750 GSM, GPS and CDMA handsets.


In addition, Aceso lists an additional 2040 devices, of which support is offered for 1800 cell phone and GPS device makes and models.

Generic support allows the acquisition of unlisted devices using manufacturer protocols, which extend the support for cellular devices further still.


Optimise acquisition time by file filtering.

Allows the operator to filter out irrelevant media, suchas music, which rapidly reduces the time taken to extract valuable data.

Can be fully customised in line with users’ standard operating procedures to ensure Aceso’s full potential can be leveraged.

Training and sustainment

Radio tactics provides bespoke training and through lifecapability management to suit customer needs.


  • Safely block network access using the Handset Access Card
  • SIM-less handset acquisition
  • Data capture from devices such as sat navs and flashmedia
  • Metadata access
  • Provides critical details, including time and date,geotagging and make and model of device used
  • Logical acquisition of data from device and memory card
  • Easy-to-use, fully guided process
  • Suitable for users of levels of technical ability
  • Simple touch-screen technology
  • Intelligence and data capture from smart phones andsocial media communications
  • High levels of security and integrity
  • All data is AES-encrypted and stored on a removable harddrive
  • Secure key-card login
  • Provides complete audit trail of who, what and when the acquisition took place
  • Complete set of cables and peripherals


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Autopsy 3.0 Digital Forensics Platform

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Steganography Analyzer Artifact Scanner (StegAlyzerAS)

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Eyewitness Data Vault Evidence Management Database Solution

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EvidenceOnQ Electronic Evidence Management Software

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Evidence Library Express (ELX)

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Secure Image Management Solution (SIMS)

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Unisys has developed a highly secure solution to meet the forensic integrity standards and policy requirements of several of the world's largest police departments. The secure storage of images and other multimedia content occurs in a tamperproof information archive, in effect, a digital evidence vault. Secure Image Management System (SIMS) technology uses advanced digital facial recognition technology to provide agencies with a 'digital vault' of stills and video data, the uses for which might include identifying deceased victims from tattoos or even from a decapitated head. Developed using Microsoft Silverlight, Unisys SIMS solution is a suite of products that permits the distribution, management and processing of images and multimedia in enterprise environments. Any law enforcement agency can implement SIMS to upload digital images from any source and securely archive the original in a digital vault. Police can then attach metadata tags such as case number, photograph time and date, photographer name to a working copy of the image to enable easy retrieval. Once the original image is uploaded, it can’t be modified or deleted.

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Cellular Analysis Mapping Program v2.7

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Mobile Phone Examiner Plus 5.0

Product From Accessdata Group LLC

AccessData's Mobile Phone Examiner Plus 5.0 (MPE+) introduces advanced analysis capabilities and is designed to also facilitate mobile device discovery for litigation support personnel addressing e-discovery obligations.

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Cellular Analysis Mapping Program

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Law enforcement forensic tool for cell site analysis.  CAMP was designed to quickly map cellular data, and uses a straight forward push-button interface in Microsoft Excel to take your Call Detail Records and produce custom maps in Google Earth and 

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