RLC-Club - Stock Number: 360-130-1000

The RLC-Club is a high-end repeater controller with a built-in autopatch. In its base configuration, it can control a single repeater (or other radio). It can be expanded with the “Deluxe” or “Deluxe II” options, which allow it to control more repeaters, remote bases, or links (RF or Internet). The features available in each configuration are summarized below:

  RLC-Club RLC-Club Deluxe RLC-Club Deluxe II
Radio Ports 1 2 6 (note 1)
DVR-1 Support No Yes Yes
Output Lines 0 8 11
Analog/Logic Input Lines (note 2) 5 5 5
Additional Logic Input Lines 0 0 3
Status LEDs 12 (8 used) 12 28


Single port design with built-in autopatch and voice
Deluxe option adds a second radio port
Ports can operate independently or be connected
Upgradeable features allows for system growth

Cost Efficient

Pay only for the features that you need
Easy upgrade adds additional port without new controller
Seperate connectors lower set-up time & decrease system down time


FCC Part 68 telephone interface and Part 15 class A noise type accepted
Multi-layer design for low noise and years of trouble-free operation
Made in the U.S.A.


The RLC-Club Deluxe II has five full-featured radio ports plus one somewhat limited port. The limitations include:
Cannot be used at all if DVR-1 is installed. Cannot generate tones (DTMF, CW, courtesy tones, etc). It can transmit voice messages.
Does not support an audio delay module.
The RLC-Club has five input lines total (analog and contact closure inputs combined). One of them is connected internally to the power supply voltage and is used as an analog input. Each of the other four inputs can be used for either a contact closure or an analog input, but not both at the same time. Three of the four are commonly used for reading two temperatures and one door switch, and the fourth is commonly used for a signal strength reading.

RLC-CLUB PACKAGE – Consists of the RLC-Club in the 19” LED Cabinet.  Stock Numbers:  360-130-1000 & 360-130-1001

RLC-CLUB DELUXE PACKAGE – Consists of the RLC-Club in the 19” LED Cabinet with the Deluxe Option Board. The Deluxe Board has 2 Radio Ports, Supports DVR-1, 8 Output Lines, 5 Analog/Logic Input Lines and 12 Status LED’s. Note Price reflects a $50 discount when ordering package together. Use all three stock numbers when ordering.  Stock Numbers: 360-130-1000, 360-130-1001 & 360-130-2000  

RLC-CLUB DELUXE II PACKAGE  – Consists of the RLC-Club in the 19” LED Cabinet with the Deluxe II Option Board. The Deluxe Board has 6 Radio Ports, Supports DVR-1, 11 Output Lines, 5 Analog/Logic Input Lines, 3 Additional Logic Input Lines and 12 Status LED’s. Note Price reflects a $100 discount when ordering package together. Use all three stock numbers when ordering.  Stock Numbers -  360-130-1000, 360-130-1001 & 360-130-3000

For more information to to our websitee at: http://www.link-comm.com/index.php/site/comments/rlc-dsp404/

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eDRAULIC 2.0 Battery-Powered Rescue Tool

Product From Hurst Jaws of Life

Hurst Jaws of Life unveiled this month at FDIC the next generation of eDRAULIC battery-powered rescue tools – eDRAULIC 2.0. The new eDRAULIC 2.0 rescue tool line introduced at the show features two cutters, two spreaders and two combination tools. Stronger, lighter and easier to handle than the original eDRAULIC range, all of the eDRAULIC 2.0 tools shown at FDIC are available now.

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BTH-SPM100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

Product From Pryme Radio Products

The BTH-SPM100 wireless Bluetooth speaker microphone brings simplicity to the forefront and is excellent for use in industries outside of the first-responder. Users can integrate the BTH-SPM100 with various Android (tablet and cell phone) apps, including Skype.

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PrymeBlu (BT-PTT2) - Bluetooth Radio Accessory

Product From Pryme Radio Products

Pryme’s second-generation Bluetooth push-to-talk button, the BT-PTT2, is smaller, lighter, and has a longer battery life—all at a reduced cost to previous models. 

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Patrol PV (Patrol Version) Tactical Pole Camera

Product From TacView Inc.

Introducing the new TacView Patrol PV (Patrol Version) Tactical pole camera.


  • weatherproof,
  • IR/Color,
  • Super-HAD,
  • super sensitive camera head with 400 lines of resolution,
  • 6.0 mm lens,
  • IR illuminator that turns on automatically at about 10.0 lux for night vision at 0.0 lux up to 30 feet
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USB/Aux Media Extender


Designed for the Dodge Charger, FPI Utility or any newer vehicles with USB and Aux Media connectors that need to be extended.

  • PS2-MEDIA2" Fill Plate with 2 Power Plugs, 6' USB and 1/8" Audio extension cables
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Sanosil Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Product From Stop Rubbernecking CC LLC

Sanosil, an odorless, colorless and tasteless formula, is a Hydrogen Peroxide based product that has been proven to kill almost every major bacteria, virus and fungus typically found in facilities with unprecedented success. Sanosil is an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that leaves no potentially harmful residue behind and is extremely cost-effective, setting a new standard for disinfectants. Not only is Sanosil suggested for a large variety of uses, the product itself is easy to use resulting in improved occupational safety.

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S.O.B. Whitehawk Vision 2 Surevillance Quadcopter

Product From Daw Technologies Ballistic Products

The Daw Tech Quadcopter "Whitehawk Vision 2" with integrated FPV camera is the second generation of quad-rotor RC helicopter and features it's own 14 megapixel wireless HD FPV camera, giving you first-person view (FPV) experience right out of the box. With a larger battery and improved prop design, flying time lasts up to 25 minutes. This product will appeal to a variety of potential users, from RC aircraft hobbyists who want to record their flights to videographers and photographers looking to open up a whole new range of shooting possibilities, as well as tactical surveillance.

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MeoPro HD Binocular Series

Product From Meopta USA

Meopta USA introduced the new MeoPro HD binocular series.  This next generation MeoPro binocular line features advanced fluoride HD optics and is available in 8x32, 10x32, 8x42 and 10x42 models.

These binoculars are lightweight, extremely durable and offer a brilliant viewing experience. Fluoride HD objective lenses and MeoBright ion-assisted multi-coatings deliver incredible clarity, superior color fidelity and edge-to-edge sharpness while eliminating chromatic aberration in the most challenging viewing conditions.  A totally redesigned, lightweight magnesium chassis is built to withstand the rugged conditions of the field and, like all Meopta binoculars, the MeoPro HDs are nitrogen purged and fully sealed for fog-proof, water-proof and shock-proof performance, year after year.

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In-Vehicle Camera and Black Box - ZFT801

Product From Shenzhen ZhongFeiTong Technology Co., Ltd.


  • 3.0" Touch Screen.
  • 140 Degree Wide Angle.
  • H.264 Format.
  • Night Vision.G-sensor.
  • 12V-24Vide voltage range
  • Glass lens with big aperture to get good photograph effects at night.
  • Wide angle lens to get wide view of the front of vehicle.
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Gastec Polytec-V Qualitative Analysis Tube

Product From NEXTTEQ

Nextteq LLC announced the availability of the new Gastec Polytec-V Qualitative Analysis Tube. This single tube lets you sample air or gas for the presence of fifteen (15) separate substances (up to eight (8) at one time) with one rapid 30-second test. Substances that can be detected include Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Ethylene, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Cyanide, Hydrogen Phosphide, Hydrogen Sulphide, Methyl Mercaptan, Nitrogen Dioxide, Phosgene, Propylene, and Sulphur Dioxide. This tube can be particularly useful to firefighters and emergency response teams because it allows separate detection of Phosgene and Hydrogen Cyanide, which may be present after the combustion of chlorinated products and plastics.

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