ClickRoster version 8.1

ClickRoster version 8.1

ClickRoster version 8.1 Product Image

ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. provides relief for human resource departments and department heads tasked with scheduling shift-based labor forces, with its ClickRoster version 8.1, a highly sophisticated solution for shift planning and management to strike the perfect balance between staffing levels needed to serve customers, manage labor costs, and employee preferences.

For organizations that rely on shift-based workforces such as those in the public sector and security, transportation, healthcare, contact centers, telecom, retail and utilities, ClickRoster eliminates the messy, complex and often unsatisfactory approach to planning and staffing shifts. Its powerful algorithms and simulation capabilities quickly and effectively take into account numerous factors, including rules and regulations, expected demand, cost, employee working preferences; and the need to balance undesirable shifts to create shift rosters aligned with strategic business goals.

With this addition to its ServiceOptimization Suite, ClickSoftware significantly expands its ability to meet today’s most pressing workforce management challenges – where temporary employees represent an estimated 25 percent of the workforce and more and more employees working from home.

With ClickSoftware’s complete offerings organizations can scale up – and down – to meet demand without sacrificing service; deploy employees with the right skill levels to get the job done right the first time; and control labor costs.

Built on ClickSoftware’s extensive experience in creating solutions that meet the unique challenges of managing service workforces, ClickRoster improves the cost-effectiveness of shift schedules with a highly flexible model that: 

  • Integrates demand forecasts to ensure the correct staffing – based on time, location and skill.

  • Automatically creates the optimal shift schedule, including balancing conflicting objectives and building in breaks.

  • Collects and considers employee preferences. 

  • Expresses numerous of working rules and regulations – and a mechanism to relax them.

  • Analyzes the roster quality, identifies potential issues and what’s driving them for better decision making around trade-offs.

  • Supports the exploration of new shift patterns.

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OT Solved - Scheduling and Overtime Solution

Product From OT Solved

OT Solved is a sophisticated Cloud based SaaS scheduling and overtime solution that can be customized to meet the needs of any organization that includes shift workers. 

Utilizing the latest mobile app and software technology, OT Solved communicates with workers and administrators through voice phone calls, text messages and email to allow for timely and efficient scheduling of overtime job assignments. 

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MobiTask - to Mobile Transition Solution

Product From GroveWare Technologies

GroveWare Technologies Ltd. is continuing to diversify its customer base for MobiTask(tm), its flagship solution designed to help transition businesses and governments away from paper-based processes to the modern wireless tablet.  A recent Groveware initiative with major Universities in the US to adapt MobiTask for use by their Campus Police officers on the beat, will serve as a valuable proof of concept tool for the other 14,000 law enforcement agencies and 700,000 police officers as well as the 10,000 security companies and 1.5 million security guards in the United States.

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DigiTel Call-In Dictation System

Product From Apptec Corp.

Police Departments and Sheriff's Units are concerned about the loss of their officer's field time due to the time their officer's spend at the precinct typing their daily reports. With ever tightening budgets, they are looking for a solution that will keep officers in the field longer without the need to hire new officers or pay overtime.

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GUARDIAN RFID Arrestee Management System

Product From Codex Corp.

The GUARDIAN RFID Corrections System in partnership with the Hillsborough Co. Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Fla., unveiled the first-ever radio-frequency identification (RFID) Arrestee Management System to accelerate the speed and accuracy with which arrestees are captured, identified, and managed from the point of arrest to release.

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Web-Based version of Scheduler for Ops Force Deploy


Corona Solutions released a web-based version of Scheduler for Ops Force Deploy. Adding the Scheduler feature to the current Deploy system allows agencies to seamlessly analyze every aspect of resource allocation. Deploy stores the agency’s data, workload analysis, and patrol allocation in one place. As a result, the effect(s) of a change in shift plan, subtractionor addition of officers is instantly viewable - saving the agency time and money on analysis efforts.

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SafetyNet Property Control System (PCS)


Hitech Systems' SafetyNet PCS is a property-control system that gives public safety agencies the power to ensure management control of their equipment and supplies. The product integrates with Hitech's other SafetyNet modules, and is designed to help agencies comply with government regulations, contracts and grants, equipment maintenance schedules, and requisition/replenishment requirements.

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Relief for the staggering volume of citizen phone calls is available for U.S. jails of all sizes from Telerus. Citizen phone calls inundate local jails, devouring resources and exacerbating budget-driven understaffing woes. Answering repetitive questions, staff members frequently sound like broken records while struggling to keep up and maintain job accuracy with other critical tasks such as booking and release. Meanwhile, citizens dealing with horrific situations of arrested loved ones are commonly frustrated by busy signals, extended holds, and no answers. AIS, the nation’s only hosted voice automation service for jails, is now available on a stand-alone basis. This innovative service automates approximately 80 percent of incoming phone calls without jail staffs lifting a finger, resulting in dramatic improvement to citizen service and much-needed budget relief.

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COSS (Correction Officer Scheduling System)


Developing an automated scheduling and time/attendance solution that manages the intricate day-to-day operations of correctional and jail management environments is no easy task.  COSS (Correction Officer Scheduling System) is a system that has been designed for the sole purpose of managing the laborious workforce processes encountered by correctional agency and jail management personnel on a daily basis.

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Battery Management Software

Product From Thales USA Defense & Security Inc.
  • Battery Management Software
    • Stand-alone utility
    • Works for any Thales charger:  single chargers, 6-way, new Universal
    • USB – Plug and Play
    • Displays: Performance
      • Current charge operating state for each cup of charger (red/green/yellow etc.)
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ShiftHound Online Scheduling & OSM


ShiftHound provides innovative, 100% web-based, Staff Scheduling and Open Shift Management (OSM) technology at an affordable price and can help schedule your staff, let them help you fill open shifts online, see schedules and changes, request time-off, swap shifts, etc, etc. ShiftHound can handle complex staffing and rotations for multiple facilities, departments and job types, and automates or creates efficiencies for most manager scheduling tasks.

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