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McGruff SafePrint

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McGruff Safe Kids launched a new service that is available to law enforcement agencies across the country, McGruff SafePrint, a program that allows the residents of towns that subscribe to the service and its law enforcement personnel to print out McGruff Safety Kits free, directly from their computers -- saving time and money.

The original McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit was created more than eighteen years ago by McGruff Safe Kids, it's a full-color, 12-page booklet designed to help parents reinforce important safety messages with their children. It contains personal safety tips, home security tips and a unique personal identity profile -- complete with fingerprint strip. It is the only fingerprint/child safety program supported by the National Crime Prevention Council and has traditionally been distributed by police officers and sheriff's deputies to millions of families throughout the country. To stay current with today's technology, the latest McGruff Child ID kit also includes a DNA capture kit, 9-1-1 usage tips and social networking guidelines.

The success of the first booklet led McGruff Safe Kids to create a Spanish version and add four other titles -- all of which may be seen at:

1. McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit (English and Spanish versions available) - 12 pages

2. McGruff Internet Safety Kit - 12 pages

3. McGruff Safer Seniors Kit - 12 pages

4. McGruff Kids on Wheels Kit - 8 pages

5. McGruff Halloween Safety Kit - 8 pages

McGruff Safety Kits are designed with these goals in mind:

1. Create positive interaction between parents and children while discussing non-threatening information about important social topics.

2. Provide a section for interactivity between the child and the educational piece.

3. Encourage parents to read to and be positively involved with their children.

4. Encourage a strong, positive experience between law enforcement personnel and children.

The McGruff Safety Kits feature the National Crime Prevention Council's (NCPC) famous "McGruff the Crime Dog," who is familiar to children and adults alike because of his twenty-seven-year public service advertising campaign to "Take A Bite Out Of Crime." In fact, today:

-- More than 93 percent of children recognize the icon that provides safety tips for adults and kids. Further research reveals that kids are very likely to listen to McGruff's advice.

-- Eighty (80 percent) percent acknowledge that they would be "likely," "very likely" or "extremely likely" to listen to his advice on important child safety and crime prevention issues.

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MapNimbus Online Mapping Solution


Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) welcomed Harnett County, N.C. to the community of MapNimbus users. MapNimbus an easy-to-use online mapping solution for the public that provides citizens with information on what is happening in their community. Harnett County is currently using MapNimbus to show crime and sex offender data.

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My Police Department (MyPD) App (iPhone, Android)

Product From WiredBlue

WiredBlue announced version 2 of their popular My Police Department (MyPD) iPhone & Android

The app allows users to sign up to follow their local police department, send in tips, ask questions about law enforcement, commend an officer and more.

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Safety Town on Wheels


When former small town police chief Dennis Evers built a small scale railroad signal for his children’s miniature riding train twenty-five years ago, he never expected it to turn into a full time business making safety towns and signals for safety training that are used around the world.

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3VR VIP Network Video Recorder


3VRs Video Intelligence Platform™ (VIP) features the industry’s most advanced, comprehensive range of analytics, allowing customers to capture, index, catalog and search faces, license plates, objects, colors, motion, along with case management, system health monitoring, all in a Hybrid NVR.

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Safe Communications Inc. launched, a Web site where law enforcement officials can register to receive tips about bullying and other dangerous behavior from concerned students, parents and teachers. Completely anonymous, the new site gives bullied students an avenue to share information with authorities without fear of reprisal.  

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Online GIS

Product From Esri

Online GIS provides a common platform for ArcGIS users to discover, share, and build GIS applications, services, and content.

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LifeGuard Personal Breath Tester

Product From Lifeloc Technologies Inc.

The LifeGuard Personal Preathalyzer is intended for every consumer and family alcohol screening need including:

  • Family Testing
  • Home Bars & Parties
  • Morning After Testing
  • Office Parties

LifeGuard uses Platinum Fuel Cell Technology, the same alcohol sensing technology trusted by professional users worldwide.

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Custom fit filtered Earplug


Flashbang Gear's custom fit filtered earplug provides officers with 22 decibels of protection while still being able to hear 80 decibels. Filter is passive and does not require batteries. Custom earplugs are small and don't interfere with shoulder weopons, helmets, and gas masks.

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Face2Face system

Product From ABALONE LLC

Face2Face system has been developed for the Mendocino County (California) Sherriff’s request by Abalone LLC to fight the Methamphetamine epidemic by showing people at risk how their faces will look like in 6 months, 1 year and 3 years after using meth. By personalizing the drug awareness message, Face2Face is effective to educated and prevent meth use by showing the shocking visual changes meth causes. Face2Face combines hardware and software to capture and alter a human face in 3D. The hardware consists of two 12 Megapixel digital cameras, hardware mount, tripod and remote controller. Face2Face software runs on Windows XP or Vista computers, comes with unlimited tech support and upgrades. The software is fully automatic - with a single click the head is created. Buttons allow to view and print the 6 month, 1 year and 3 year images.

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Graffiti Hurts


Graffiti Hurts is a community-based graffiti prevention program of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. that provides resources to help communities assess the graffiti problem, initiate graffiti prevention activities, and educate youth and adults about the impact of graffiti vandalism on neighborhoods.

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