IPOD Remote Controlled Wireless PA System

IPOD Remote Controlled Wireless PA System

IPOD Remote Controlled Wireless PA System Product Image

AmpliVox Sound Systems' IPOD Remote Controlled Wireless PA System includes a self-contained IPOD docking station that recharges the IPOD as it amplifies music and plays video.
This easy to use IPOD PA System, which is compatible with all iPhone and most iPod models, delivers a multi-media venue while it gives the presenter a "personal" choice in music and video selections. It features 30 watts for a clear sound for audiences up to 500 in a 2,500 square foot room, and offers an 8-inch full-range speaker. The design also includes a simple to operate Voice Priority Switch which effortlessly mutes the music when the microphone is in use.
Both powerful and portable, the lightweight 15 pound IPOD Remote Controlled Wireless PA System with carrying case includes a built-in anti-shock DVD/CD/MP3 disc player USB and video-out that lets the audience watch DVDs with a projector or on another video device. It also includes karaoke capabilities, a built-in UHF multi-channel wireless receiver, a wireless hand held mic, and a rechargeable battery that runs up to 4 hours on a single charge, or it can run from the AD power cord. For even more benefits to the speaker, the battery charges both the IPOD and the PA system while in use.

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PlanView Multiple Track Cabinets

Product From Magnatag

Magnatag’s PlanView multiple track cabinets hold up to 10 sliding magnetic steel whiteboards, maps and bulletin panels, turning an ordinary wall into a flexible, easy to use visible information center. A Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue operation says, “Our PlanView boards give us an overview. They hold all the relevant details about the subject and search plan. Before, we kept everything on paper making it hard for multiple people to read and update. Having all the information in front of the planning group works much better and allows teams to self brief.” A Department of the Navy operations team leader from Virginia says, “We use it as a multi-purpose information center. We slide the boards out for briefings and use the front panel to cover sensitive information. It’s nice to be able to put our own maps on the boards and change them when we want. The fact that it can be moved is important if we ever have to change facilities.”

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Rechargeable Battery Pack for Mity-Meg Plus (2602M) Megaphone


AmpliVox Sound Systems is proud to introduce a new rechargeable battery pack option for its updated Mity-Meg Plus (S602M) 25-watt megaphone. The quick-charging S1405 lithium-ion battery pack replaces conventional alkaline batteries to maintain the Mity-Meg’s clear, powerful sound amplification for up to 40 hours of typical use. It also weighs far less than conventional batteries, making the Mity-Meg Plus lighter and easier to use for extended periods.

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SoundCommander SC1100

Product From IML CORP.

The new SoundCommander SC1100 portable Command Pack ruggedized loudspeaker system from IMLCORP, plays bigger in a smaller package. Two inches lower and three pounds lighter, the replacement for the SC1000CP unit features a new 120-Watt amplifier to drive more speakers louder, to over 1000 meters.

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LS-20M handheld HD video & Linear PCM recorder


Transforming everyday videos into memorable movies can be a challenge, but the Olympus LS-20M Linear PCM recorder makes it easy to add creative flair to any recording with the introduction of high-definition video. Record a live recital, create home movies and upload amazing linear PCM audio and high-definition video with the new Olympus LS-20M. Incorporating technologies much like those that debuted in recent Olympus digital imaging products, the new LS-20M is the first Olympus recorder that captures and edits 1080p HD video while recording 24 bit/96 hHz Linear PCM stereo sound. Combined with four different optional Magic Movie special effects features, the LS-20M enables users to create home movies that look and sound like professional productions in a device that’s so compact it fits in your pocket.

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Officer Patrol Camera Recorder w/ Infrared Night Vision

Product From DYNASPY INC.
Police Camcorder
Our Portable Video Event Recorder.

Completely portable color video and audio recorder is the must have camera for event recording. Keep a record of your interactions with suspects or criminals. No more worry about whether or not someone has told a different story or behaved poorly only to blame you. This miniature video cam with audio is the prefect device to cover your actions in the field or document a scene. Perfect for anyone who needs to capture video and audio on the go.

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Voxida Voice and Video Recording Software


Call and e911 Center Recording with the Voxida Software Suite: Record, analyze, monitor and report on your digital PBX, VoIP telephone and radio calls with Voxida

Voxida is designed to respond to your demands, accommodate your work-flow and efficiently capture, monitor, report and replay your calls. The primary Voxida Software Suite includes the tools you need to

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Modern Laser Pointer

Product From LASERLYTE

LaserLyte pioneers the Modern Laser Pointer that integrates laser pointer technology with Fisher Space Pen ink and aggressively styled defensive tool all in one compact and convenient instrument. Utilize the tool’s precision writing instrument or easily point out important details during a presentation with its laser pointer. In an emergency the LaserLyte Modern Laser Pointer can be used for self-defense. This versatile and multi-functional tool easily stows in a pocket, backpack or purse.

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GPS-4100P GPS Speaker Microphone -- 2010 Innovation Award & Paramount Award Winner

Product From Pryme Radio Products

The GPS-4100P Series is the next generation of PRYME’s patented location reporting devices. The GPSMIC operates as a remote speaker microphone, but also contains a GPS receiver and FSK modem. The GPSMIC can send data reports over any uncompressed voice radio channel, allowing the dispatch operator to monitor the current location of users in the field. It keeps track of assets down to the individual. It’s capable of reporting locations based on several different criteria and reporting modes can be combined to customize the system. Different GPSMIC units can use different reporting options. The GPS-4100P has been upgraded with an integrated USB port, programmable auxiliary button, and an internal GPS antenna. The GPSMIC includes PRYME’s CheckPoint mapping program and software for programming GPSMIC options. Additional features include an alarm button that alerts dispatch of the GPSMIC’s location during an emergency, and water resistant construction for long-life under heavy use.

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The Portable Megaphone


The wearable, lightweight (242g), hands free portable megaphone and portable PA System includes a long-lasting Li-ion rechargeable battery. This unit gives educators, instructors, civil defense managers, law enforcement, performers, public safety personnel and many others the ability to reach the audiences with loud, clearly amplified audio. 

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ARC T21 Single-wire lapel mic


The T21 is one of our favorite options for LE and hospitality. Astra Radio Communications located in Southern California is one of the few manufacturers who is trying to produce a better product. The T21 has a simple single-wire design which is perfect when wearing short sleeves.

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