digiTICKET eCitation Solution

digiTICKET eCitation Solution

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  • digiTICKET product leverages Motorola Solutions’ RhoMobile cross-platform development environment to provide eCitation solution for Android, iOS, and Windows-based operating systems.
  • Public Safety agencies now have the freedom of choice to use a mixture of hardware and operating system solutions including Android tablets or the device of their choice such as the Motorola ET1 Tablet.
  • The powerful HTML5 cross-platform development environment provides law enforcement with groundbreaking options for deploying electronic

digiTICKET, by Saltus Technologies is an electronic ticketing solution that uses rugged handheld computers and/or mobile data computers (MDCs or laptops) to scan driver licenses and issue citations in the field. Once citations are issued, resulting citation data is then electronically transferred to the digiTICKET web based management system which can be provided as a hosted solution or can be installed on the City’s network.  Once in the web application, citations can be reproduced in PDF format so they can be reviewed and approved online. Citation information can also be reported on and graphed, and can also be integrated to Records Management or Court systems.  digiTICKET offers a very powerful and easy to use dashboard via the web for Command Staff and management to view metrics regarding citations.

Underlying technology

digiTICKET is built on the latest Microsoft based technologies. The mobile software is built in the latest version of Microsoft .NET and the web application is built using Microsoft’s latest web development tool – Silverlight. Silverlight focuses on providing a highly usable interface that is also pleasing to the eye. The web application is built on a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Interfacing to other Systems

Not only are these technologies highly usable, but they offer ease of integration with other systems. digiTICKET has a standard XML export format, but can easily customize data exports to match the requirements of any system receiving the digiTICKET data. digiTICKET currently has over twenty interfaces in production with several others upcoming.  .

State of the Art Reporting and Visualization Tools

digiTICKET provides the best dashboard reporting tools available among electronic citation vendors. This reporting includes a series of graphs and charts available via the web as well as maps to show where stops are occurring by officers (using the GPS coordinates). 

Scanning Capabilities

Most fundamental to the ticketing process is the ability to scan defendant driver licenses to initiate the ticketing process. digiTICKET has the ability to scan bar codes and magnetic stripes of driver licenses from all over the United States, Military and State ID cards as well as driver licenses from several states in Canada. Additionally, digiTICKET can scan VIN bar codes and registration documents from states that provide vehicle and owner information in a bar code on the registration document.

NLETS Lookup

Optionally, digiTICKET can also provide NLETS (person/vehicle) lookups. These lookups provide a quicker and safer way to issue electronic citations by populating citations automatically as well as providing warnings to officers as appropriate.  .

Peripheral Data Capture

digiTICKET also has the ability to capture several types of electronic elements beyond basic ticketing data. These include GPS coordinates, electronic signatures, voice notes, photographs and fingerprints.  Once captured, these elements are attached to the ticket record and uploaded to the web applications where they can be retrieved, reported on, shared as appropriate and reproduced.


digiTICKET is also multi-language capable. With this capability, an officer has the option of printing a citation in English or in another language such as Spanish. Not only can digiTICKET print tickets in multiple languages, but the mobile and web application user interfaces can be translated to display in other languages. It is believed that digiTICKET is the first solution in the market to offer this capability.

Saltus Technologies offers digiTICKET as a turnkey solution. It can be purchased outright or can be procured with zero up-front cost with a low monthly fee per unit. digiTICKET is currently being used by agencies in 11 states.  Agencies benefiting from digiTICKET currently range from small rural departments with 2 handheld units all the way up to 450 Troopers in the State of Kansas.

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N4CER Ultra-Rugged Device

Product From United Public Safety

Extreme weather conditions and demanding environments no longer need to be limitations for data collection in the Public Safety sector. United Public Safety's N4CER is the first in a series of ultra-rugged devices specifically designed for Public Safety; parking enforcement officers, police officers, fire marshals and building inspectors can finally issue tickets and citations, respond to, and send critical information efficiently in the harshest weather conditions.

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Officer Suite

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The Gtechna Officer Suite is the only Citations Software Suite to automate the entire citation issuance and management process from end-to-end.

Officer integrates ALPR data, as well as driver and vehicle information from CAD, RMS, and federal/state databases to issue an electronic citation, generate reports and transmit data to the courts in one simple workflow.

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LPR software in mobile traffic enforcement systems


Hi-Tech Solutions Ltd.'s (HTS) License Plate Recognition (LPR) software has been integrated with Sigmax's solutions for law enforcement: MobilePolice and CityControl. These digital solutions use the newest technology to simplify the tasks of law enforcement and supervision officers in police and in local authorities, using a mobile application on a handheld computer. HTS's LPR software uses a series of proprietary techniques to detect and enhance the number plate's image, and proprietary OCR to extract the license plate's alphanumerics. It includes self-developed Recognition Engine software for simple integration into other applications. Sigmax's CityControl for digital mobile enforcement its MobilePolice utlize the HTS LPR software, allowing capture of data integral to enforcement and record keeping. Mobile data are exchanged via GPRS so that issued tickets are immediately known at the police station. When an officer/inspector writes a ticket for a parking offense, the system enters the street name and thus speeds up the officer's work. The officers' locations can be seen in the emergency room, allowing the nearest colleagues to respond in case of violence.

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PlateScan Connect


PlateScan's PlateScan Connect is in use in agencies across North America, providing important data to help solve cases, provide leads and identify potential witnesses. It serves both individual agencies and regional groups. It accepts plate reads from every known ALPR manufacturer on a shared platform. It already meets or exceeds every anticipated or proposed standard for multi-jurisdictional license plate analysis.

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The Rockwell Collins iForce design integrates radio, electronics and computer functions into a single user-friendly system that answers an officer's on-scene needs for communication, control and security while enhancing situational awareness. The design leverages the company's expertise in providing ruggedized, highly reliable integrated electronics and communications solutions for military vehicles and aircraft.

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Visual Alert - Automated Law Enforcement Record Tracking


Metro Technology Services, Inc. announced major updates to its comprehensive Records Management System (RMS), Visual Alert. The newest version of Visual Alert 2 offers major enhancements to further support Pennsylvania's Law Enforcement Justice Information System (LEJIS), as well as provides other advancements to enable law enforcement agencies to streamline their processes and spend more time protecting their communities.

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ASPEN E-Citation


DataWorks Plus' Electronic Citation Software (E-Citation) gives patrol officers a secure, reliable, and fast way to issue and submit electronic citations. By using a wireless mobile device, MDT, or laptop, an officer can quickly enter all necessary information regarding an individual to a customized template that matches state, agency, and court standards and requirements. Data fields can be auto-populated in under a second by simply scanning an individual's driver's license or registration.

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Parking Ticket Management


Complus Data Innovations, Inc. is a full-service specialist for Parking Ticket Management Systems. Complus will provide agencies with state-of-the-art hardware and software to help manage the process, including handheld ticket writers. On-site training, delinquent noticing, nationwide DMV lookups, and web-based payments are also included. The Complus program is designed to increase the collection rate and minimize expenses. Complus clients achieve collection rates as high as 96-percent.

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eCite is an electronic application and ticketing process created by the Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) at the University of Alabama. It is part of MOVE (Mobile Officer Virtual Environment), a secure suite of mobile law enforcement software that integrates data queries, license scanners, and GPS devices with data entry software for ticketing, crash reporting, and incident and offense reporting.

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Critical Path Design Sciences offer an alternative to dash units and handheld RADAR guns. The RADARPC may be used in police and surveillance vehicles equipped with an existing PC by mounting the inconspicuous RADAR module on or in the vehicle. More than one illuminator may be used at a time allowing the monitoring of multiple targets at once. It may also be used while the vehicle is moving at full speed and display the speed of oncoming and departing traffic. It is very useful for movement or motion detection and recording at a distance, even movement inside buildings and allows user to characterize movement and observe the history of the movement yet there are trigger alarms in the computer when walking is recognized. Features include motion detection through most doors and walls, across-the-road angle compensation and saves to Excel-compatible file.

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