MegaMatcher 4.4 Multi-biometric Technology Software Development Kit (SDK)

MegaMatcher 4.4 Multi-biometric Technology Software Development Kit (SDK)

MegaMatcher 4.4 Multi-biometric Technology Software Development Kit (SDK) Product Image

Neurotechnology announced the release of MegaMatcher 4.4 multi-biometric technology for large-scale applications and updates to its entire line of biometric Software Development Kits (SDKs) for fingerprint, iris, voice, face and multi-biometric identification. Neurotechnology also released updates to its similar line of SDKs specially designed for the development of embedded biometric systems for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Product updates include: VeriFinger 6.6 for fingerprint identification, VeriSpeak 1.2 for voice identification, VeriLook 5.3 for facial identification and VeriEye 2.6 for iris identification. MegaMatcher 4.4 includes all of these latest individual biometric algorithms, plus palmprint identification, to enable the development of fast, accurate large-scale multi-biometric solutions using any combination of fingerprint, face, iris, voice or palm biometrics. VeriLook Surveillance 2.2 for facial identification from surveillance camera video was also released.

Neurotechnology’s identification algorithms are used in millions of biometric system installations around the world and have consistently earned the highest honors in some of the industry’s most rigorous competitions.

The new releases provide a number of enhancements that improve accuracy and usability for both biometric system developers and end-users, most notably:

  • VeriFinger 6.6 comes with improved fingerprint segmentation for increased accuracy of all fingerprint scans, including scans from paper, and provides improved identification and verification.
  • VeriLook 5.3 now detects 68 predefined facial feature points and includes gender classification from face images – a feature that is also included in the updated VeriLook Surveillance 2.2 SDK.
  • VeriSpeak 1.2 for voice identification includes new voice activity detection. This improves recognition accuracy and makes VeriSpeak suitable for use in real-time online audio processing, as the application can listen constantly and react as soon as voice recognition is completed.

MegaMatcher technology is used in a wide variety of biometric solutions worldwide for national-scale projects, including border control, passport and visa documentation, election control, criminal investigations, duplicate searches in large-scale databases and a range of other government and commercial applications. The MegaMatcher fingerprint recognition algorithm is NIST MINEX-compliant for use in US Government Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program fingerprint recognition applications and it supports most biometric industry standards.

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FaceR API for Face Recognition Applications

Product From Animetrics

Animetrics released its first API (application programming interface) for commercial licensing, called FaceR.

FaceR makes it possible for software developers to write programs based on Animetrics’ leading edge technology, which is used today in law enforcement agencies worldwide and within the US Department of Defense. The FaceR API will yield advanced facial recognition applications in the commercial and enterprise market, and represents Animetrics’ first foray into the commercial space.

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Nuance Forensics Voice Biometrics Technology

Product From Nuance Communications Inc.

Nuance Communications Inc. released Nuance Forensics, a voice biometrics solution that assists law enforcement officials and forensic experts with criminal investigations, as well as with the prosecution and defense of suspects.  This powerful tool uses Nuance’s patented voice biometrics technology to assist in confirming or denying the identity of individuals based on audio files that are used during investigations. Unlike less precise identification techniques, such as a lineup, wherein suspects are identified based on a witness’ visual memory, voice biometrics delivers accurate and unique identifying characteristics, akin to DNA and fingerprint evidence, to help assist investigations.

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FaceSearch Facial Recognition

Product From Vigilant Solutions

Vigilant Solution's FaceSearch leverages Vigilant’s expertise in image recognition and cloud computing to deliver a facial recognition offering unlike any other on the market.  Available via the web, on mobile devices, and as a PC-based application,

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SCRAM Remote Breath - Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI)

Product From Alcohol Monitoring Systems Inc.

Known as Automated Facial Intelligence (AFI), the first-of-its-kind technology is part of a new system called SCRAM Remote Breath,  a portable, handheld breath test system that snaps an offender's picture during a test and digitally matches it to a baseline photo. Offenders sentenced to monitoring with SCRAM Remote Breath carry the mobile device 24/7 and complete unsupervised breath tests either on a set schedule, randomly or on-demand as required by the court. The AFI ensures only the offender sentenced to monitoring is actually taking the breath test.

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Tactivo Mobile Device Security

Product From Precise Biometrics Inc.

Technology Partners

ABnote’s End-to-End ID Management platform is secure, configurable, and scalable; and can manage the credential from enrollment to issuance via secure card and/or mobile device.

ABnote’s end-to-end vehicle registration solution combats vehicle theft and associated crimes by providing a complete solution that fits in seamlessly into law enforcement’s existing processes. Law enforcement personnel simply attach the Precise Biometrics Tactivo sleeve into their iPhone or Android phones, and they can read the card holder data from the smart card and verify that the card holder is the rightful owner of the vehicle.

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Fiber Duster Fingerprint Brush

Product From Lynn Peavey Co.

By far and away our most popular powder applicator! Each Fiber Duster Fingerprint Brush is handmade by us to ensure optimum results when dusting for prints. This brush actually breaks in like a pair of jeans...the longer you use it, the better it feels and performs.

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SEEK Avenger


Cross Match Technologies, Inc. launched the SEEK Avenger mobile handheld at the Security Document World exhibition.  Designed to provide immigration, customs, border control, and law enforcement and security personnel a truly rugged, portable identity management solution, the device incorporates Cross Match’s MOBS software, state-of-the-art biometric sensor technology, and secure credential reader and communication options.

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AOptix Stratus Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS

Product From AOptix

AOptix has released the AOoptix Stratus Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. AOptix Stratus is a comprehensive mobile identity solution “Made for iPhone” delivering iris, fingerprint, voice and face recognition in one integrated solution. The powerful new Client SDK for iOS unlocks the full potential of the AOptix Stratus platform’s open architecture, enabling an ecosystem of Smart Mobile Identity products and apps. 

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ID-Ready Facial Biometric System

Product From Animetrics

Animetrics' ID-Ready is a subscription-based online service for smaller law enforcement departments. 

The service takes a grainy, partial view, angulated 2D facial image, applies 2D-to-3D algorithms and corrects the pose of the face, and makes it ID-Ready for most any facial recognition system.

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FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle

Product From Fulcrum Biometrics

Fulcrum Biometrics, a leading international provider, distributor and integrator of biometric systems and devices, announced the availability of the FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle. This suite, which includes the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor, FbF Palm Vein bioServer, FbF Listener, and FbF Biometric Controls, reduces the cost and complexity of integrating and deploying the latest palm vein technology into biometric identification projects.

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