NetClock Master Clock (9483)

NetClock Master Clock (9483)

NetClock Master Clock (9483) Product Image

Spectracom, a company of the Orolia Group, announced it latest generation NetClock master clock for public safety organizations. The new model 9483 continues Spectracom’s legacy of highly accurate and reliable GPS master clock technology that is easy-to-install and manage backed by NetClock’s industry-leading 5-year warranty. While maintaining strict compliance to the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA) Master Clock Standard #04-002, the new NetClock has added features to support Next-Generation 9-1-1 initiatives, and has been tested against NENA’s Security for Next Generation 9-1-1 Standard #075-001.

• Meets NENA PSAP Master Clock Standard#04-002 and NENA Security Standard #75-001
• Stratum 1 NTP v2, v3, v4 Time Server
• Precision GPS time reference with available OCXO internal time-keeping
• Ideal for synchronizing 9-1-1 systems, computer networks, CAD, radio consoles, VOIP, voice and video recorders, ANI/ALI, display clocks
• Supports internal audits including: audit trails, time-stamped records, log fi les, data archiving
• Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (additional 3-network Gig-E option)
• Optional PTP master/slave
• IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
• Integral AC power (additional DC back-up option for power redundancy)
• RoHS compliant/UL approved
• Alert notifi cations via SNMP Traps and e-mail alert
• 5-year limited warranty

More than 4,500 public safety answering points currently use NetClock to synchronize time stamps for all 9-1-1 equipment: voice recorders, radio consoles, CAD systems, ANI/ALI devices, video, display clocks, and more. As more of these systems become IP-based, their manufacturers require secure networks due to the critical nature of the data they support. To that end, the new 9483 NetClock offers an option to synchronize up to 4 secure LAN segments in its compact 1 RU chassis without the need for additional boxes taking up valuable rack space.

The new NetClock, model 9483, features a lockable front panel interface for easy set-up. An improved browser-based graphical user interface and enhanced network management protocols and security features make it the most secure NetClock ever. A compliance report to the NENA security standard is available for download. It includes set-up guidelines for full compliance to the standard.

The new NetClock is a state-of-the-art network appliance with an option for supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP). Either factory installed, or available as a field-upgrade when needed, the PTP option can improve time synchronization accuracy by orders of magnitude when compared to Network Time Protocol (NTP) for the most accurate-dependent applications.

The model 9483 bridges the gap to legacy equipment through direct time synchronization interfaces including RS-232, precise 10 MHz and 1PPS, and a wide variety of IRIG and ASCII time codes. Additional options include dual (AC/DC) power supplies and T1 signals (DS1-framed) for telecom timing requirements. The new NetClock is backward compatible with all previous NetClocks for easy upgrade.

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