StealthWave Disguised Antenna

StealthWave Disguised Antenna

StealthWave Disguised Antenna Product Image

The StealthWave series of concealed bumper mount antennas is our latest disguised antenna offering. These patented antennas are specifically designed to fit vehicles of any size, make and model. The modular design integrates all antenna components into a compact 2-inch by 3-inch (5.1 cm by 7.6 cm) waterproof housing, making it possible to install the antenna with minor modifications to the bumper. These adaptable antennas are universally mounted with ease beneath the bumper cover, completely  hidden from sight. A fine-tuning adjustment permits performance optimization during installation thus eliminating the need to cut cables. StealthWave has been successfully road tested and found to perform as well as any VHF 1/2 wavelength fender mounted antenna.

Compared to other disguised antennas such as AM/FM aerials, glass-mount cellulars and in-cabin mounts,
Sinclair’s StealthWaveTM antennas offer the following advantages:

  • Dual Unit Version for better Omni coverage: Dual antenna systems are ideal for certain
  • vehicles such as large trucks and car with uneven bumpers. These ensure better omni coverage.
  • Minimum RF Exposure: The StealthWave is not mounted inside the cab of the vehicle and therefore RF
  • exposure to the driver and passenger is minimized.
  • Universal Configuration: Modular design and universal mount enables the StealthWaveTM series antennas to fit in a variety of vehicles. These antennas can be easily fine-tuned during installation to achieve optimum performance for many different types of vehicles.
  • Perfectly Disguised: Unique design allows the antennas to be completely hidden inside the bumper
  • thus providing ultimate concealment without compromising vehicular safety.
  • Easy Installation: Unique, modular and compact design 2” x 3” (5.1 x 7.6 cm) antenna housing
  • enables easy installation in a wide variety of vehicles.

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Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU)

Product From RADWIN

RADWIN released its new Vehicular Mobile Unit (VMU), part of the FiberinMotion portfolio. VMU is especially designed for vehicle installations, enabling high-speed video, voice and data transmission for vehicles on the move.

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NCTx Encoder and NCRx Decoder

Product From Integrated Microwave Technologies LLC

Integrated Microwave Technologies, LLC (IMT), a Business Unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division, and a leader in advanced digital microwave systems for MAG (Military, Aerospace & Government) markets, introduces its

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Through-The-Wall (TTW) System

Product From ZISTOS CORP.

The Through-The-Wall (TTW) system was created specifically to support tactical missions and generate visual intelligence - as sensitive events are unfolding. Ideally suited for hostage/barricade scenarios, the TTW system also has value in support of breaching operations. It contains specially designed covert tools that allow observation into an adjacent interior room through a sheetrock wall. The TTW system can be applied when there are no other means available to visually assess a situation.

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Amplified Loop Antenna LA800

Product From AOR USA Inc.

AOR USA has added a highly sensitive and directional “loop” antenna to its product line.  The LA800 is designed for outdoor use by monitoring enthusiasts. It combines the proven and timeless characteristics of a loop design with modern low-noise amplification and tuning circuits, making it capable of capturing signals that may not be detectable when using more conventional antennas.  It is a "receive only" antenna it cannot be used for transmitting radio signals.

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MicroTracker III Mini GPS Tracker

Product From CovertTrack Group Inc.

Introducing the MicroTracker III miniature GPS tracker! The new sleek black design is even smaller than before, and features a completely updated GPS module for superior sensitivity and the most accurate GPS tracking.  Its miniature size presents users with endless possibilities for concealment while tracking people, vehicles or assets. The MicroTracker III is loaded with an array of advanced tracking and reporting features, making it the smallest, most versatile tracker available!

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MCU-30 4G Mobile Wireless IP Communications Device

Product From Mobilicom LTD

The new MCU-30 from Mobilicom is a miniaturized 4G mobile wireless IP communications device designed for public safety and homeland security that creates a secure and private broadband network supporting 4Mbps instantly without relying on existing wireless 3G/4G carriers.   At only 11 oz and approximately 4” X 3” X 1” for the fully ruggedized version, these battery-operated units, approximately the size of an iPhone, are lightweight and small enough to be embedded into compact security cameras, sensors, control and monitoring device platforms and form an instant broadband network.

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Product From Silynx Communications Inc.

Smart Tactical Headset System

The Silynx CLARUS is the world's smalles and lightest headset system.  The CLARUS simplifies the user's operation and accessibility to the PTT switches on the miniaturized control unit.

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iNoxCase for iPad mini


Columbia River Knife & Tool announced the launch of the iNox IMINIS/IMINIBK mini cases aimed at the iPad mini accessory market. Features include stainless steel construction and hardware, easy grip and an ergonomic rubber base, access to all ports and buttons with lid open or closed, an ultra-thin profile, easy insertion into case, lining for secure iPad retention, maximum clearance for input devices and chargers, stainless or Black finishes.

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Brad Thor Alpha Jacket


Representing the first collaboration between #1 New York Times bestselling thriller author, Brad Thor, and clothing innovator SCOTTEVEST, the Brad Thor Alpha Jacket looks like a stylish softshell jacket on the outside, but the difference is inside. The twist: more than 35 pockets and meticulous features are concealed beneath the surface.

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Universal Holster Concealed Carry Holster with Small Pocket


The Deep Conceal Universal Harness is the foundation of a fully customizable concealed carry holster system.  Combined with a variety of pockets for firearms and accessories of different sizes, the Universal Harness gives you complete control of your concealed carry experience.  Mix and match your firearm holster pockets as needed along with magazine pockets.  Many other accessory pockets are on the way and will be available in the future.

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