Safariland now offers a MOLLE Locking System (MLS) and Quick Locking System (QLS) for law enforcement, SWAT, military and personal protection applications. The two locking systems allow users to quickly mount, reposition and remove many Safariland holsters or accessories to belts or MOLLE loop-equipped apparel.MLS allows holsters and accessories to be attached to any belt or MOLLE loop-equipped apparel using two locking forks. Squeezing the two forks together and pulling removes the MLS, allowing users to rapidly modify gear arrangements without the need for tools or removal of vests, leg shrouds or belts. The QLS attaches holsters and accessories on locking forks similar to the MLS, yet is designed for a duty officer to be able to slide the QLS fork onto the duty belt. The duty plate is designed specifically for the Universal Belt Loop (UBL) and will satisfy a Level I Retention pull test.

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Safe Cycle

Product From Warrior Tech LLC

The Safe Cycle was designed for officers who need to maintain a safe weapon in the cruiser or rack yet have the ability to quickly chamber a round under extreme stress.  Operation is simple and the device is reliable.  It does not inhibit deployment for the expert yet it provides a visual indicator that the weapon needs charged for all to see. In less than one second it can be cleared and chamber a round using gross motor skills!

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Solo-Vault for AR Rifles

Product From TruckVault Inc.

ShotLock, maker of the only solo-vault for shot guns and handguns, is introducing a solo-vault made specifically for full framed AR platform rifles..

Designed to hold a single AR style tactical rifle, the ShotLock AR Solo-Vault is perfectly sized and adjustable to house most AR platform weapons that have a carry handle or tactical rail mounted optics and up to 30 round clips. The solo-vault can be mounted on a wall, or any other stable surface either vertically or horizontally.

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Chamber-View Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI)

Product From Chamber-View

Chamber-View is pleased to announce that their groundbreaking, patent pending Empty Chamber Indicators (ECIs) for shotguns, AR / AK Type rifles and semi-auto pistols are available for special requests &

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TKL Trackr GPS Satellite Tracking System for Weapons and Accessories

Product From TKL Tactical

TKL Tactical introduces the TKL Trackr  the only GPS Satellite tracking system for your weapons and accessories.

·         Keep Trackr of your Weapons! The TKL Trackr GPS Satellite locating system with our Pro-Form M4 case to offers the most advanced protection and locating of any weapon or equipment with a system that is on call 24/7.

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Aluminum Sedan Gun Box 36 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 7 inches high

Lift-off lid with electronic lock & Foam Insert

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ATI 9G INPRINT Biometric Safe


American Tactical Imports is proud to introduce the ATI 9G INPRINT Biometric Safe.

The INPRINT biometric security device was first introduced in 2002 with one goal—to “provide a family of products that offer secured instant access through the use of your finger.” Now, with advancements in size, color, construction and interface, INPRINT continues to raise the bar in the industry.

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Chamber blockers

Product From AMMO-SAFE INC.

Ammo-Safe Inc. has developed a new line of firearm safety devices that not only render weapons safe, but provide immediate visual verification of safety. The device consists of a caliber-sized plastic chamber blocker with a bright flexible strip that extends out of the barrel to give the immediate visual indication of safety. Ammo-SafeTM Chamber Blockers require no disassembly or mechanical alteration of the firearm, and allow the weapon to be dry fired, cycled and holstered. Ammo-Safe Chamber Blockers are ideal for training and instruction, storage, display and for visually safe transport of firearms anywhere.

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5.11 Tactical Gear


5.11 Tactical offers a range of products for law enforcement professionals, including tactical gear, holsters, bags, training equipment, police, fire, security uniforms and more.

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Product From Brownells Law Enforcement

Designed to provide increased safety for shooters and gunsmiths working with AR-15 or M-16 rifles, Brownells has introduced the Safe-Port, which provides positive identification of an unloaded rifle. The Safe-Port installs easily on any AR-15 or M-16 rifle and ejects when the bolt is charged. It cannot be placed into a chamber while a round is loaded; however, it can be utilized while a loaded magazine is installed in the rifle. As soon as the bolt is charged, the Safe-Port ejects, indicating a live rifle.

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CS-100 Child Safety Device for Firearms


Unlike other firearm safety devices, the Child Guard CS-100 isn't a "one-size-fits-all" solution to keeping kids safe from unauthorized use of a firearm. The CS-100's movable safety posts allow the gun owner to fit the unit to his specific firearm, and to move the CS-100 from gun to gun takes only a minute or two. Its flexible design securely fits rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers. There is nothing in front of the trigger that can fire the gun, nothing down the barrel that can scratch or damage the barrel, and no floppy cable that can damage the finish of many firearms. The Child Guard CS-100 is lightweight and reinforced with tungsten carbide for exceptional cut resistance and strength without compromising the possible need for quick emergency use of firearms.

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