VisManager 4.5

VisManager 4.5

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In the last few years, the video visitation market has emerged from its humble beginnings as a means of eliminating the movement of inmates and visitors and reducing contraband inside a correctional facility to helping correctional facilities streamline their entire visitation process and significantly reduce operational costs.

The core functionality of Renovo’s Video Visitation solution is that it allows facilities to easily schedule, manage, automate and report on their visitation environment. Because this approach enlists software to do many of these jobs, facilities can reallocate human resources to more mission-critical tasks.

Now in its fourth generation, Renovo continues to expand VisManager’s functionality. 

Renovo’s newest software release, VisManager 4.5, offers several new features. One such feature provides a configurable station selection engine that enables facilities that have single-, dual- and/or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-classified stations to set assignment priorities for those stations. For example, if a person schedules themselves for a visit, they can be assigned to a single handset station, whereas a family coming in for a visit can be assigned a dual-handset station. This way, facilities can “right size” station features during the design phase — saving money and providing better service for the public.

VisManager 4.5’s most innovative feature is the ability to provide scheduling software to facilities that either do not have video visitation capabilities or the budget for a complete video visitation system. Renovo offers the unique ability to provide standalone software for scheduling and managing face-to-face visits for the corrections market. 

VisManager 5.0 is already in development, and promises to incorporate even more customer-centric features. 


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meshDETECT, Secure Cell Phone Solution

Product From MESHIP LLC

When meshDETECT was developed as a prison cell phone deployment and management system, every aspect of the perfect

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Two Way Rdaio accessories


earpiece, headsets,surveillance,remote speaker microphone,bone conduction

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ArcGIS Server

Product From Esri

ArcGIS Server is a complete and integrated server-based geographic information system (GIS). It comes with out-of-the-box, end user applications and services for spatial data management, visualization, and spatial analysis. ArcGIS Server offers open access to extensive GIS capabilities that enable organizations to publish and share geographic data, maps, analyses, models, and more. With ArcGIS Server's rich standards-based platform, centrally managed, high-performance GIS applications and services can be accessed throughout an organization using browser-based, desktop, or mobile clients.

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Product From Esri

ArcGIS, organizations can fuse complex, disparate datasets, including GeoRSS feeds, live traffic camera feeds, and live weather feeds with their existing data to ensure complete, high-quality analysis. Agencies can effectively manage both natural and man-made emergencies as well as collaborate with stakeholders and other response organizations. 

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Product From OMNIPHONE

Omniphone has combined two of its products, the ComLink Defender and C.R.U.I.S.E. Software, to create an economical visitation recording and monitoring solution. VisitLink is a flexible, all-in-one solution with a multitude of investigative and recording management tools accessible from both the local LAN and via the Web. Built on the same proven platform as the company's inmate telephone platforms, VisitLink is the best system available for sites where recording integrity and reliability can not be compromised. VisitLink will power visitation telephone booths on one wire pair per booth, making installation into existing facilities easy and economical.

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Video-arraignment and video-visiation systems

Product From AETHRA INC.

Aethra Inc, in conjunction with Palatine Technology Systems and M2 Technologies, has developed video-arraignment and video-visitation systems using the Aethra Video Payphone. The video-arraignment system allows law enforcement officials to perform first appearance and arraignment proceedings, eliminating prisoner flight risk and safety risks to deputies and court personnel inherent in prisoner transport by eliminating prisoner transport altogether. The Aethra Video Payphone provides a forward thinking video-arraignment solution by providing an "all in one" solution, eliminating the need for construction of videoconferencing kiosks with multiple components. The Payphone is a rugged, compact unit that houses all necessary components for videoconferencing, and hangs right on the wall of the cell block. Videoconferences can be monitored, managed and recorded by a deputy off site.

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Video Communications for Correctional Facilities

Product From TANDBERG

TANDBERG has introduced a comprehensive set of video-communication tools specifically designed for judicial systems in North America from courtrooms to correctional facilities. The suite of products, including the Judicator, Modular Video System, SL Series and Visitation Solution, provides inmates full access to their judicial rights, letting them communicate by video with their lawyers, judges and parole officers for sentencing and hearings. They also enable families and attorneys to meet with inmates by video without entering the correctional facility, which often can prove troubling for children and the inmates. The video systems also help improve public safety by reducing the opportunity for disturbances to and from court and the need for local police to disrupt their normal law-enforcement activities to help assist in the transporting of inmates.

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Equipment & Tool Tracking Software For Corrections

Product From DYNAMIC SYSTEMS INC - Barcode Tracking Systems

Track your equipment using barcodes

The cost of lost or or neglected? equipment and tools can add up fast. CheckMate tool tracking software helps reduce costs and increase profits by effectively managing tools and equipment. We have created one of the most affordable, user friendly tool tracking software applications on the market. The system is used in hundreds of industries including construction and contracting, manufacturing, restoration, law enforcement, energy and the United States Military.

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Sanosil Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Product From Stop Rubbernecking CC LLC

Sanosil, an odorless, colorless and tasteless formula, is a Hydrogen Peroxide based product that has been proven to kill almost every major bacteria, virus and fungus typically found in facilities with unprecedented success. Sanosil is an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that leaves no potentially harmful residue behind and is extremely cost-effective, setting a new standard for disinfectants. Not only is Sanosil suggested for a large variety of uses, the product itself is easy to use resulting in improved occupational safety.

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L.E.O. - Next Generation Fighting Light System

Product From Tact-Out Industries

The ability to use light to your advantage in a fight, not just in the dark but even lit environments, has arrived. Tact-Out provides a whole new level of concealment at the speed of light. The dual purpose next generation fighting light system - the "L.E.O." - is one of the most complete fighting light system available. 

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