VITA-350P and TREK-305R

VITA-350P and TREK-305R

VITA-350P and TREK-305R Product Image

Advantech released two products to enrich its Mobile Resource Management product lines. The VITA-350P, an ARM/Xscale with Windows CE embedded mobile data terminal, and the TREK-305R, a 5.7-inch TFT vehicle-mount display panel. The combination of VITA-350P and TREK-305R makes a fleet management solution with real-time tracking, as well as an efficient dispatch navigation and vehicle data collection system, designed for fleet owners and drivers alike. VITA-350P, connected to an OBDII data streamer can monitor common vehicle performance data, such as vehicle and engine speed, fuel level, brake switch status, and odometer data. It can collect data from long haul trucks, private delivery fleets, waste disposal fleets, tank fleets, couriers, trailers, and utility fleets making fleet management smarter, easier, more efficient, and most of all, more cost effective. TREK-305R is equipped with a 5.7-inch TFT display panel with a resistive touch screen, and a VESA-compliant mounting kit for easy installation.

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Deluxe Auto Charge Status Center

Product From Kussmaul Electronics Co. Inc.

The new DELUXE AUTO CHARGE STATUS CENTER, 091-194-IND-WT introduced by Kussmaul Electronics Co., Inc. is a rugged watertight digital display remotely mounted that gives law enforcement fleet managers an accurate reading of the condition of a battery. Acting as an excellent diagnostic tool it can be made to match the Auto Eject with a watertight bezel that comes in 5 colors, Red, White, Black, Gray, and Yellow.

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Fleet management analysis


With budget cuts, “green” mandates, and aging, overworked facilities, how can municipal and private fleet managers not just cope, but thrive in today’s difficult economy?

Fluid analysis, of course, is vital to the health of all fleet vehicles and equipment. With results as comprehensive as an off-site lab, on-site oil analysis in minutes is helping to cut fleet operation and maintenance cost by enabling real-time diagnosis and repair, minimizing vehicle/crew downtime, and extending oil and vehicle life.

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G5 Live GPS Vehicle Tracking System


The G5 From LiveViewGPS, Inc. Features:

  • Live GPS Tracking With 10 Second Position Updates
  • Access From Any Computer Or Iphone/Droid Mobile Device
  • Compact Design - All In One System With Battery Backup
  • Historical Data Stored For 90 Days - Playback Exact Routes
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Mobile Video Patroller


Save time, space, and money with the only Windows

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FMS Fleet Central and GEOTrack


Fleet Management Solutions, Inc. has completed the integration between FMS Fleet Central and GEO Transport, Inc.’s secure prisoner transportation application, GEOTrack, which has been used to transport close to half a million inmates over the last two years for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the U.S. Marshals Service. FMS Fleet Central uses the Iridium global satellite communications network to deliver valuable, real-time position coordinates and other vehicle data to protect law enforcement drivers and improve resource allocation and efficiency.

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RoadRunner Mobile App for the iPhone and iPod Touch


Apollo Video Technology announces the release of the RoadRunner Mobile App for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone app allows transit officials to view live video feeds from buses, trains, police cars and transit facilities instantly through Wi-Fi or Cellular. 

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Mobile GIS

Product From Esri

Field staff can capture, update, and analyze geographic information for rapid decision making. ArcGIS Mobile and ArcPad

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Revolution Property Management Software


Control and track your department equipment using barcode or RFID technology. Allows officers to check out equipment in a snap.

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Product From FILEONQ

Using the QuartermasterOnQ for quartermaster needs answers, "What does this officer have? Where is this? How many are in stock? When do I buy more?" Law enforcement agencies are discovering the flexibilty and efficiency of using FileOnQ's QuartermasterOnQ to manage their officer issued equipment and even their fleet. The customized homescreen is designed to help track everything from uniforms, vests, and leather gear to weapons and radios. The system indicates whether it is in stock or assigned to a specific officer, while maintaining a complete history of each item electronically and unalterable. These reports are produced with a simple click of a mouse.

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PT-10 Professional


Live GPS tracking, from Liveviewgps Inc. Access from any Web enabled computer allows officers to watch vehicle position from any computer, Iphone or Droid mobile device with Internet access. Positions are updated every 20 feet or every 10 seconds when over 10 miles per hour. The PT-10 professioanl is motion activated and will last for 60 plus hours of actual drive time (unit auto shuts off when not moving). Unit also stores and records all data to server for 90 day historical playback. See exactly where the PT-10 was stopped at, for how long, etc. Receive alerts when the PT-10 exceeds predesignated set speed thresholds or geographic areas.

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