Multispectral Technology for whole-hand scanning

Multispectral Technology for whole-hand scanning


Lumidigm Multispectral Technology Extended to Whole Hand

Quick and complete capture of multiple whole hand characteristics now possible with a single sensor

Albuquerque, NM - September 17, 2008 - Lumidigm, Inc., the award-winning fingerprint biometrics company, has applied its multispectral technology to the capture of multiple characteristics of the hand. The ability to image concave areas that are not naturally in contact with the platen is a clear advantage that multispectral technology brings to the challenge of whole hand biometrics. Because the Lumidigm technology is a direct imaging process, all areas of the hand are imaged, easily and quickly, with no special preparation or configuration of the hand. This characteristic permits the operator to easily and quickly capture all of the available biometric data.

A further advantage of Lumidigm's whole hand technology is that it is capable of capturing the thumbprint, four fingerprints and a palmprint all with a single placement of the user's hand on a single sensor. These prints may then be compared to data contained in a variety of standard biometric databases for a wide range of military and forensic applications. The same multispectral technology can also be implemented as a physical access device that can perform multibiometric matching to provide an extremely high level of accuracy and performance, enabling true single-factor 1:N security applications.

"Our robust multispectral imaging technology is a natural fit for whole hand biometrics," says Rob Rowe, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Lumidigm. Lumidigm's initial whole hand R&D efforts were performed in collaboration with Biometrics Laboratory, Michigan State University, in response to the U.S. Army's call for multimodal biometrics systems under the SBIR program. "The ability of our technology to perform under conditions where other technologies fail is precisely what makes a multispectral whole hand sensor of significant interest to the Army," said Rowe.

Lumidigm will be demonstrating its multispectral and multimodal whole hand technology at the Biometrics Consortium Technology Expo in Tampa, Florida from September 23-25, 2008. A portable form factor is planned for deployment in the field by government and commercial partners and could be available in early 2010.

About Lumidigm
Lumidigm, Inc. deploys biometric systems that work quickly and effectively on all people in all environmental conditions. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lumidigm sensors are distributed worldwide. Lumidigm's initial venture capital investors are DFJ New England, Epic Ventures, and International Venture Fund. Other investors include Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Intel Capital, Methode Electronics, Motorola Ventures, New Mexico Co-Investment Partners managed by Fort Washington Capital, Solstice Capital, and Sun Mountain Capital.

Contact: Janine Kennedy, Lumidigm, +1 505 272 7082,

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Nuance Forensics Voice Biometrics Technology

Product From Nuance Communications Inc.

Nuance Communications Inc. released Nuance Forensics, a voice biometrics solution that assists law enforcement officials and forensic experts with criminal investigations, as well as with the prosecution and defense of suspects.  This powerful tool uses Nuance’s patented voice biometrics technology to assist in confirming or denying the identity of individuals based on audio files that are used during investigations. Unlike less precise identification techniques, such as a lineup, wherein suspects are identified based on a witness’ visual memory, voice biometrics delivers accurate and unique identifying characteristics, akin to DNA and fingerprint evidence, to help assist investigations.

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SEEK Avenger


Cross Match Technologies, Inc. launched the SEEK Avenger mobile handheld at the Security Document World exhibition.  Designed to provide immigration, customs, border control, and law enforcement and security personnel a truly rugged, portable identity management solution, the device incorporates Cross Match’s MOBS software, state-of-the-art biometric sensor technology, and secure credential reader and communication options.

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FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle

Product From Fulcrum Biometrics

Fulcrum Biometrics, a leading international provider, distributor and integrator of biometric systems and devices, announced the availability of the FbF Palm Vein Developer Bundle. This suite, which includes the award-winning Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor, FbF Palm Vein bioServer, FbF Listener, and FbF Biometric Controls, reduces the cost and complexity of integrating and deploying the latest palm vein technology into biometric identification projects.

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The Iscon GameChangeIR uses a patented Thermal-Boosted Infrared Detection System that only shows objects under clothing without any harmful radiation. It will reveal the thermal imprint of any material -- plastic, paper, wood, and ceramics as well as metal. But it will not scan under clothing, so there are no privacy issues. GameChangeIR is more effective than an X-Ray machine detecting objects hidden in “sensitive” hiding places. The device consists of an imaging display terminal as well as the specially designed hand-held infrared scanner and platform people stand on to be checked. It uses standard AC power. The Iscon system is also available in a larger whole body scanner portal, Iscon 1000D, for use in commercial security areas. A complete scan and detection takes 30 seconds so people can quickly move through security areas.

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MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0



The MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 software/hardware solution is available in both Standard and Extended versions. MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 Extended Version offers the highest performance for applications that require extremely fast matching with a large volume of data. The Extended version of MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 is able manage up to 10 million faces and achieve a speed of 100 million faces per second. The fingerprint/AFIS and iris capabilities maintain the same features as MegaMatcher Accelerator 5.0, with extremely fast matching speeds of up to 100 million fingerprints per second and up to 200 million irises per second. It can manage a database of up to 40 million fingerprints and 50 million irises. Multiple MegaMatcher Accelerators can be connected in a cluster to manage databases with billions of records for even higher volume applications. MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 Extended Version runs on an HP ProLiant DL360p G8 server with 128 GB RAM.

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MegaMatcher 4.4 Multi-biometric Technology Software Development Kit (SDK)


Neurotechnology announced the release of MegaMatcher 4.4 multi-biometric technology for large-scale applications and updates to its entire line of biometric Software Development Kits (SDKs) for fingerprint, iris, voice, face and multi-biometric identification. Neurotechnology also released updates to its similar line of SDKs specially designed for the development of embedded biometric systems for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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VeriLook 5.3 Software Development Kit (SDK)



VeriLook 5.3 now detects 68 predefined facial feature points and includes gender classification from face images – a feature that is also included in the updated VeriLook Surveillance 2.2 SDK.

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Biometric-Fingerprint USB Flash Drive


Sechtechbiz has rolled out a biometric equipped USB flash drive, keeping in view the increasing security concerns for protecting mobile data. Security on the USB drive is based on fingerprint recognition with different levels of security available for protecting personal data. Newer flash drives support biometric fingerprinting to confirm the user's identity. USB drives with fingerprint scanners uses controllers that allow access to protect data without any authentication.

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Public Safety System Software Suite


DaProSystems offers a complete suite of software and service solutions for Public Safety Agencies including Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, Mobile Data, Field Reporting, Civil Process, Data Sharing, Crime Analysis and Custom Solutions.

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AFIS on the MC70/75


The Motorola Mobile AFIS on the MC70/75 with biometric attachment enables the capture of fingerprints (up to ten fingers) and facial images (MC75 only) with speed and accuracy. The GSA FIPS 201 certified fingerprint sensor enables the capture of high quality images in most environmental conditions. The advanced Mobile AFIS quality analysis tools further ensure the capture of images that increase matching accuracy. Intuitive software enables easy auto capture and auto submission of fingerprint data enabling officers to focus on the individual and the situation at hand. The MC75's 2MP auto-focus color camera with illumination and user-controlled flash facilitates the capture of facial images in almost any environmental condition.

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