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P380 pistol

Kahr Arms' California-legal model of its P380, one of the most accurate pocket pistol of its caliber. The KP38233 will have two additional features, not present on the original P380, that allow it to be bought, sold and carried in the state of California. 

Loaded Chamber Indicator -The new model is designed to provide physical indication if there is a casing loaded in the chamber. The product is designed with a lever mounted on the top of slide. The lever is marked as Indicator in red lettering. When a shell casing is chambered the casing pushes the lever upward and out of position. The operator will visually see the lever as it is raised up. Also the operator will be able to feel the indicator as being out of its normal resting position as it will not be flush with the top of the slide, thus warning the operator that the firearm is loaded.

Magazine Disconnect -The new model has a magazine disconnect as an added safety precaution. When a round is in the chamber and the magazine is out of the gun, the trigger bar is disconnected from the cocking cam so that the gun will not fire.

The KP38233 is introduced to comply with certain state regulations for firearms and will be the only recent (released in the last 3 years) .380 caliber handgun on the California roster.

Kahr Arms also make available Crimson Trace Laserguards (pictured) now available on the P380 directly from the factory.

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