Zebra P47 and RP4T Mobile Printers

Zebra P47 and RP4T Mobile Printers

Zebra P47 and RP4T Mobile Printers Product Image

Zebra Technologies Corporation launches Zebra P4T and RP4T mobile printers, offering mobile RFID printing solutions. The easy-to-wear and carry Zebra P4T and RFID-enabled RP4T mobile printers are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications in government, manufacturing, transportation and logistics and mobile field service. The new Zebra P4T and RP4T printers offer unique capabilities for enhanced connectivity and productivity including:

· Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11g wireless connectivity options, and state-of-the-art WPA2 security for enhanced data protection and user authentication

· Dual print methods (direct thermal and thermal transfer) in a single printer

· Long-lasting, element-resistant thermal transfer labels, tags and receipts and RFID labels can be printed where and when customers need them, providing enhanced data and asset tracking accuracy and improved workforce efficiency


The new 4-inch P4T and RP4T mobile printers also provide easy design capabilities, larger memory and a host of other features that create a simpler, more productive user experience. The rugged Zebra P4T and RP4T mobile printers are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making them ideal for in-the-field construction or utility tagging applications.


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Autoscope Pn-120 Mobile LPR Camera

Product From Image Sensing Systems

Released in partnership with MAV Systems Ltd, the Autoscope Pn-120 uses high-grade zoom camera technology as part of an even more comprehensive range of LPR solutions for Image Sensing Systems' customers.

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Cloud-Based License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Product From Platesmart

PlateSmart announced its new cloud-based LPR technology that is hardware and camera vendor neutral. This announcement marks an industry first—the introduction of LPR in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model providing greater access and scalability than is currently available.

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L.E.O. - Next Generation Fighting Light System

Product From Tact-Out Industries

The ability to use light to your advantage in a fight, not just in the dark but even lit environments, has arrived. Tact-Out provides a whole new level of concealment at the speed of light. The dual purpose next generation fighting light system - the "L.E.O." - is one of the most complete fighting light system available. 

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REDFLEXred Radar Red Light and Speed Enforcement System

Product From Redflex Traffic Systems Inc.

REDFLEXred radar, the latest red light and speed enforcement system from Redflex not only utilises non-intrusive mapping radar technology, it is also the first enforcement system to feature true secondary speed verification capability.

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Smith & Wesson Personal Protective Equipment Line

Product From Radians Inc.

Radians, Inc. entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Smith & Wesson Corp.  The relationship “fits like a glove” since the use of firearms should be accompanied by Personal Protective Equipment that makes the work and sport experience safer and more comfortable for consumers, shooters and professionals.

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LaserCam 4

Product From Kustom Signals Inc.

Kustom Signals, Inc. proudly launched the LaserCam 4. LaserCam 4 is the fourth generation hand-held video LIDAR from Kustom Signals. Powered by the ProLaser 4 for superior performance, LaserCam 4 offers greater range to target, faster acquisition time, and image resolution of plates at longer distances providing a comprehensive video record of Speed Enforcement and target tracking history. 

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Guardian Angel - Wearable Lightbar and Personal Safety Device

Product From 425 Inc.

Bringing a new level of safety and security to the job for first responders and emergency personnel around the world, 425 Inc., launched its new Guardian Angel product line. 

As the first of its kind for the emergency responder industry

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3M High Resolution ALPR Camera (P382)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division

The 3M High Resolution ALPR Camera can provide up to 9.3 feet of horizontal traffic lane coverage while capturing multiple license plates in the same field of view. This fully integrated ALPR unit is designed to be “point and go,” and can be configured in minutes. Quality lenses used in the P382 provide customers with the sharpest IR image quality available within the 3M fixed camera family. No moving parts in a water-tight, rugged, plastic housing provide added durability in a variety of operating conditions.

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3M Mobile ALPR Camera (P634)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division


The 3M Mobile ALPR Camera is a dual camera that incorporates infrared illumination for effective license plate imaging and a color camera to provide a vehicle overview image. Using a multi-exposure technique, commonly referred to as “Triple-flash” technology, this covert camera can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight. This helps to reduce the image quality differences caused by plate-to-plate quality variations.

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3M Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera (P492)

Product From 3M Traffic Safety and Security Division

Our newest member of the 3M fixed ALPR camera family, the 3M Fixed Wide Lane ALPR Camera sets itself apart with its unique performance capabilities. This fully-integrated ALPR unit captures multiple license plates in the same field of view across 13.6 feet of US freeway traffic lanes. It is designed to utilize smaller, high power LEDs and provides the best color overview image resolution offered by 3M ALPR cameras.

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