Laser Surveillance Defeater

Laser Surveillance Defeater

Laser Surveillance Defeater Product Image
Shomer-Tec's countermeasure device against laser surveillance Laser Surveillance Defeater was designed to be effective, inexpensive, compact, and portable. It interrupts, masks, and jams laser demodulation by transmitting human voice frequencies to a window to "drown out" typical conversation. Most laser receivers have a "notch filter" to isolate and enhance human voices; this device was engineered to defeat such filters by centering its frequency output at the middle of the human voice range so that if the notch filter is used, it will also filter out a major portion of the human voice range, making the results useless. The Laser Surveillance Defeater is ideal for government offices, corporate facilities, high-rise buildings, even homes. Completely portable, it installs and un-installs on windows instantly with its integral suction component. Powered by one 9-volt alkaline battery (included), which provides approximately 500 hours of operation. Equipped with on/off switch and bright blue LED power indicator. Deploy one unit per window.

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Mobile Body Bug

Product From Callyo

Turn any cell phone into a body wire, worldwide. No limit on listeners or distance

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Wasp Accelerometer - Audio Surveillance

Product From MAXSUR

Maxsur's Wasp lets you hear conversations through walls-- it is ideal for covert surveillance in motels, hotels, offices, and more. It’s also an excellent tactical tool for entry teams during standoffs.  

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Casper Connect

Product From SUR TEC Inc.

Complete Operation Control

Casper Connect does more than gather evidence -- it Iets you combine live audio, video, and GPS from whatever device you and your team are on. And it's built to be shared so everyone has the right tool right when they need it.

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Officer Patrol Camera Recorder w/ Infrared Night Vision

Product From DYNASPY INC.
Police Camcorder
Our Portable Video Event Recorder.

Completely portable color video and audio recorder is the must have camera for event recording. Keep a record of your interactions with suspects or criminals. No more worry about whether or not someone has told a different story or behaved poorly only to blame you. This miniature video cam with audio is the prefect device to cover your actions in the field or document a scene. Perfect for anyone who needs to capture video and audio on the go.

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Voxida Digital Communications Recording and Monitoring Systems


The Voxida Optimized Call Recording Systems

Voxida is offered as a comprehensive solution that combines the hardware and call recording software required to capture and monitor VoIP, digital or analog phone or radio communications in a single appliance. There are several primary models that may be used in your center. You can see the available systems here:

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Product From U.S. Communications Services

Orginally designed for the DOJ in 1978, we have been producing the original hidden microphone system for two way radios, patented in 1982 by our founder Arthur Garabedian, more than 25 thousand have been sold and installed in vehicles around the world. Frequently copied but never duplicated, our superior audio filtering and noise removal circuitry provides for a premium hands free operation allowing drivers to keep both hands on the steering wheel and prevents their surveilances from being 'burned' by suspects spotting a microphone in the officers hands. In use with FBI US Secret Service US Marshalls DEA US Customs and Border Protection, Dept of Homeland Security. Our System offers Plug and Play on many Radio Models with custom cables and universal wire in models available for all other applications, call us for details on how we can make one for you.

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Portable Network Surveillance Camera (PNSC)

Product From ZISTOS CORP.

Zistos' Portable Network Surveillance Camera (PNSC), as with the standard model, the Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) model is a battery-operated, self-contained wireless network camera in a rugged case. The PTZ features the addition of being remote-controlled—allowing the operator to pan 360 degrees, tilt from -45 degrees to 200 degrees with a 10X optical zoom.

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